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Loew's Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Why I watched this one?

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Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn made 8 movies together What is this one about? A national hero dies in a car accident. Tracy plays a newspaper writer that receives conflicting reports and tales that make him question what the truth about the hero is. The truth is being kept by the hero's widow, Hepburn. What I thought about this one? Wow is this one dated movie Loosely based on Charles Lindbergh and his close relations with Germany.

When Keeper of the Flame was released in , it seemed as though everybody was lining up to hate the film. The head of MGM was incensed that they had financed such a picture. Republicans decried it for its leftist politics, leading them to calling on the head of the Production Code to ban such a picture from being made for how it equates being rich with being fascist.

Of course, Keeper of the Flame does nothing of the sort, Hepburn is brilliant, and the ending….

Keeper of the Flame had that special aura, but it kind of went too slow. Lurking for the longest time as to what wasn't feeling right about the situation and then bang!

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All at once. The end. It was just the pacing of the reveal with very few hints before the ketchup bottle effect. Could have been so much more. Tracy and Hepburn team for the second time in this political thriller with a Fascist theme, in which he plays an investigative journalist and she the widow of a national hero. Although I prefer to see this team in more romcom films, this is nicely done and very well-acted by both, and Tracy is especially believable as he finds himself embroiled in a mystery which exposes some ugly truths about the dead man.

A fascinating and sensitive account of Amnesty International's organizational development, it is also a penetrating reflection on the practice and practices of moral and political authority, of the 'commodification of moral concern under globalization,' and of the possibility of universal values.

How can AI govern itself, and on what basis does it make choices about its campaigns?

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How distant is the initial focus on Prisoners of Conscience from the statement that Guantanamo would be the gulag of our time? Throughout the narrative, Stephen Hopgood never lets the reader off the hook, presenting to us the strongest possible arguments for all sides of impossible choices so that by the book's end we are with him in trying to think through our own morality in the face of the quandaries he has opened up for us.

There are points of pure brilliance and sparkling insights, especially when he discusses how the tensions between the sacred and profane, moral and political authority, play themselves out in a changing environment. Title Keepers of the Flame. Subtitle Understanding Amnesty International.

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Edition First Edition. Author Stephen Hopgood.

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