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VEIL Solutions. Blade Rigs. My two cents Here are some facts No Court in the United States recognizes any one the right to carry a knife for self defense period. I know over 20 knife instructors who teach the subject while there are less then 10 documented cases of Police using a knife for self defense. The majority of civilians that used a knife in self defense and thought they were justified ended up with felony charges that most stuck, out of all the knife Trainers in the country only one Knife Instructors Lesson plan has been approved to be in use for a Major Police Department That is Bram Frank Know the law becarefull.

Why not feature Blade Rigs for custom carry options as the article clearly uses pictures of their work and they are one of the best custom carry designers for blades or firearms out thereā€¦.. There is 1 picture of a BR sheath with cut spring steel clip of my GryphonM10 that I got from them a couple years ago. I contacted Nich about this via Facebook. When the site is fixed I will put a direct link. Those are some sweet SFBs! MDTS Training. Post Views: 25, Paul Pawela says:. February 16, at pm. February 18, at am. Mike says:. February 18, at pm. March 16, at pm. March 21, at am.

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James says:. September 19, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Mail will not be published required. I took the Practical Pistol Skills I training last weekend and I can't say enough good things about it. Chris and Dan are very knowledgeable but also very approachable, the class was extremely educational and I learned more than I even thought I would. I feel so much more comfortable with my firearm and I am inspired to continue training using the lessons I learned.

Thank you!

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The instruction was both extremely informative and presented in a practical way that anyone can engage with. It was helpful to me to learn some of the skills I thought I was comfortable with in a new way that made me rethink how to train more effectively. The malfunction portion of the course was so valuable. Thank you again to Chris and Dan, two first class instructors. This is an excellent instructional block that builds upon the Practical Pistol Skills 1 class also highly recommend and adds the considerations needed to be safe in low and no light situations.

Chris has a teaching style that is concise and avoids any skill that is unlikely to be of value under stress. He maintains a class cadence that maximizes the use of time while still allowing for adequate breaks. We started with some fundamentals, allowing the instructors to get a measure of our skill levels.

By the end of the day, fundamentals, hand light use, malfunctions in the dark, barricades, threat assessment in the dark and several other skills were practiced. This may sound like a lot but you simply must go to an MDTS class to understand how effectively these programs are executed. If the sun sets where you live and you have the basics down, take this class! Thanks again MDTS! It was informative, interesting, challenging, and just plain fun. I was extremely satisfied by the amount I learned and was able to take away to train on my own. I have carried this knife daily for a few weeks as a concealed self-defense knife.

It conceals well and I forget that I even have it on my belt. The only thing I would suggest is to not use plastic for the belt loops. Overall, it is great for its intended use. This knife is not worth the money. Tip actually broke off. I didnt know about the warranty. I ended up calling them but they need the knife sent back for a refund or exchange. I wore the knife for under 6 hours, and while showing it to a friend on my lunch break, I noticed that a hefty chunk of the "Rubberized Diamond Texture Grip" has ripped and was hanging loose.

The one pro was that it was very slim, concealable, and comfortable. For all the people who are inexperienced and give bad reviews this is for you to read I totally recommend it for those sticky situations when you need it fast and the horizontal setup, concealment, steel type and blade steel is sufficient it has a sharp enough tip and edge to get the job done I see no flaw in this product for its intended use its a secondary possibly disposable blade and for those who rely on it as their primary edc knife do some more research and observation I carry one or the strongarm per even both of them depending on my mission and I feel safe knowing I have one tucked away behind me hell I can even throw and land the thing so i don't know why the poor ratings are even there.

I wouldn't carry one on my vest in a molle setup except the strongarm that things a beast and thick enough to pry with anyways that's my 2 cents happy hunting and survival ops out. Great little knife for everyday use. Pros: Great Concealment, easy to unsheathe and sheathe, fun to hide under jacket or shirt cons: dulls super fast, takes getting use the sheathe attached to your belt, small blade, could be a bit bigger.

All and all, easy to use, if you dont mind practicing your sharpening skills and practicing pulling it out of the sheathe. If you dont mind these things, this knife is for you!

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It is a good looking butter cutter. The one I got can't cut a piece of paper. POOR quality control. Had the knife for a few week and it wouldnt stay sharp then after a bit of use the tip broke off. Poor excuse for a tactical knife. This is a great knife but it dulls very quickly after you sharpen it. I think this is the only place you need to improve. I think it could be improved by adding a sharpener to the sheath, in the belt loop by the bottom screw. I feel that that is a way to sharpen it easily, But that would mean that you could only sharpen it when you have the sheath off, so another way is to put a sharpener in the sheath, like in a pampered chief knife counter sheath.

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I would buy it again. I was very rough on it and the rubber at the top cracked my fault. I sent the knife back expecting them to say "sorry there is nothing we can do", or just fix the top. What do you know 2 weeks later a brand knew knife at my door no questions asked. Don't get me wrong. The sheath is great. Quiet, holds strong, and low profile.

However, the tabs that hold the knife in place have metal rivets for a strong hold and long wearing. Couple this with the soft hc steel and every time I draw my knife out of or into the sheath and the edge strikes one of the rivets the blade is instantly dulled. But putting an edge on this knife is very easy. Just don't expect that edge to last. Changing the edge angle still does not remedy this issue. The steel is just much too soft to keep a fine edge when it comes in contact with hard material such as the pins in the sheath.

The main gripe most of us knife guys have with your products is not the concept, functionality, or design of most of your products. It's the steel and it's ability to hold an edge and stand up to abuse. We will happily pay the premium for a better quality, and longer lasting edge. Because, for the most part everything but the steel is carefully and meticulously designed for ease of use, great performance and versatility. Budget knives are great, but we want better steel.

Sincerely, a knife guy wanting to give you my money for a better product. It appears to be configured for a right hand draw. Since I am left handed how does this benefit me. I really like this knife. The blade itself is a bit small, but I realize that's because they had to make space to put two small grooves which are the snap-ins for the ambidextrous sheathe. The sheathe is excellent. Small, thin, lightweight, and makes no noise. I found putting it horizontally on the back of my belt to be a bit too uncomfortable, and wearing a plain t-shirt it would easily pop through if I lifted my arms - so I actually put it horizontally at the front of my belt.

The blade is sharp and sturdy, but I would definitely prefer a over the they used. Overall, I like the feel of the knife, and the sheathe is one of the best concealed-carry sheathes I've seen. I bought this about a week ago and have carried it everywhere. It's light, and feels good in my hands. When I received it, I was the size surprised me; it was much smaller than I had expected.

It's true when they say it doesn't print, I couldn't see anything in the mirror.


The sheath is cool and the adjustability comes in handy, not to mention the MOLLE compatibility, I could see some good uses for that. It's very light and you'll forget its there. I own several Gerber knives and this has got to be my favorite. I own the Instant which is very durable but the blade jingles. I have pried staples with the Instant, but I wouldn't trust the blade quality of the Ghostrike like I would the Instant. The handle has good grip and does not sweat like some knives. Overall this is a good knife and I would recommend it for any who wants the weight, size, and feel of a pocket knife, but have the strength of a fixed blade.

The concept for the knife is remarkable, but just like everything it's not built perfectly.

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  5. Here's my review after wearing it every day for half a year. CONS: - The belt loops on the sheath are made out of a rubber-like material, which wear out and eventually tear in about two months of everyday carry I had custom aluminium replacements made a week after purchase, I saw it coming. Under everyday carry I only include paper, cardboard and rope cutting, also use as a crowbar for small covers of electronics etc.

    The only purpose of this knife for me is self-defence and minor everyday tasks. Would I buy it again, although I doubt I'll need to? Yes, absolutely.

    This knife is sweet. I holds an edge and it fits real nice on your belt or pack.