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Studying classic examples from great players allows us to create a personal library of standard ideas. This helps us recognize key positions, making it easier to determine the most effective ways to attack and defend. Crucially, it helps us find the right path much more quickly than we would by relying on calculation alone.

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We are the leading online chess store and we cater to the whole world. You can buy chess online, we also have a good selection of chess books. We provide safe and secure shopping and FREE shipping across the globe. Select Your Currency. More Views. For this reason, we will only be looking at the first five moves in this tutorial, and we will not be exhaustively covering every possible reply by the opponent.

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There are 20 possible first moves for white, but time and practice has whittled these down to a shortlist of seven or eight that are any good. The best starting moves are 1. Behind these are a second tier of decent starting moves which are sometimes played, and these include 1. So that's eight possible moves, which is still a lot to choose between.

What are the Best Chess Opening Moves? – The Definitive Guide

So, what should you play when you sit down with the white pieces? In this tutorial, we recommend that you play 1. While the other moves previously mentioned are perfectly fine, they lead to different types of positions which are more difficult to handle for less experienced players. Playing king-pawn openings is recommended for beginners and novices because it leads to exciting fast paced games where the play is easy to understand. It's okay to try out the other moves from time to time - after all, playing different kinds of positions will only help you learn - but 1, e4 is a move you can rely on and play for your whole chess career if you want to.

Greatest Ever Chess Strategies

Former world champion Bobby Fischer, who is widely considered one of the greatest ever chess players, was a devoted 1. Following the first move, you should bring out your kingside knight and bishop, and then castle. A common sequence might be like this:. Of course, don't just trot these moves out without watching what the opponent does. If they attack one of your pieces, you might need to play a different move to defend it.

For example:. Black has other moves besides copying white. Like white, black has 20 possible first moves, but only a few of them are good enough to be worth covering.

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  7. In general, if black plays some bad move that doesn't help develop a piece or contest the centre, then you should take the opportunity to occupy the centre with your own pawns and develop your pieces to good squares. Here is an example:. Of course, not all black's replies are as passive as this. Here are four of black's main defences, which you might see from time to time.