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I might glance out the window to see if there are flowers outside and what color they are and whether I know which one is a daffodil, but that is the extent of the research I can do. So much of establishing and maintaining writing momentum is learning to move forward in the face of inner criticism. And since it takes some effort and concentration to scroll back up to wallow in my disappearing talent, I do it almost never and the text remains untouched until the second draft and I move on. Writing distraction-free and viewing the most recent 4 lines at a time limits my focus to the present moment and helps me ignore what I could have done earlier or should do in the near future.

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If it does, you just might write more in less time and get through that project that has been lingering on the Word document hidden behind that open internet browser on your laptop. Sign in Get started.

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All in all, Scrivener is better than Word for writers. Do you use Scrivener?

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What do you like about it? What other word processors do you use for your writing? Let us know in the comments.

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Boost Your Productivity Scrivener also allows you to create word count goals for each section. Its use of color and an easy to read screen make it an attractive alternative to standard word processors. Yeah Write is so small that the entire program and all of its documents can be saved on a memory stick or flash drive. To see screenshots of Yeah Write, click here.

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Yeah Write's pre-formatted documents include:. Address Book. Address Book Kid's Drawer.

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