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Handy Man's Workshop and Laboratory by A. Format: Paperback. This book I believe deserves much praise. The Astragal Press have here reprinted a book written in which highlights skills that in my part of the world have essentially disappeared. With the technological progress that has sweep across the western world since this book was written you would I suspect have to travel to India, Iran or maybe Eygpt to see this sort of hand skill in use today. In the authors day copper was the metal of choice for making the Glue Pots, Tea kettles, Stock Pots, Frying Pans, Tallow Coppers and Brewing Coppers to name just a small array of items listed in this book.

Today the vast bulk of these would be manufactured from either Aluminium or more importantly Stainless Steel. So the author describes and illustrates with some excellent drawings how these items could have been constructed during this period. Pattern Development of some of the items is also covered. The universal subjects of Soldering and Brazing do get good coverage as does the subject of Tinning a copper to be used for cooking purposes. He has included formula for working out some of the blanks required to start from and offers some good descriptions of the hand tools and stakes to form the work with and on.

A previous reviewer has said that this book is mainly a historical text and of little practical worth today. This is valid only up to a point.

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It is my belief that this book does have a practical worth and anyone who is looking at this book will be looking precisely for what this book delivers on. That is that this book is about crafting and the art of working metal. The skill to plastically deform a metal to a desired shape is very well covered here and I think that there is a movement, even if a small one, to relearn some of the skills lost in the last few decades with the march of technology.

Art of Coppersmithing

I work in a sheetmetal fabrication shop and no one has these skills anymore and some will say "so what! But when a job comes in with compounding curved surfaces it is to books from this generation that we must return. The book itself has been well manufactured though I would have preferred a hard cover.

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Both the Table of Contents and the Index are clear and concise. I therefore give this book 5 stars and believe that if you want to do some serious metal working in your job or at home as a hobby then this book will serve you very well. See all 3 reviews.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. As a technical manual for a 21st century student, don't get your hopes up. Where you or I might reach for any of several torches, Fuller relies on coal fires - but I never imagined how many ways you could build a furnace for, or in, or around a workpiece.

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I admire these guys yes, all guys so much more for the blunt instruments they made such fine work with. Forging, moving metal, hasn't changed since metallurgy hasn't changed, and the student looking for technique might find some novel approaches. Well, not 'novel' exactly, but ready for resurgence. The second reader that might benefit is the one working large - like a sculpture I once saw, saw, a deep-relief figure maybe a meter by two or a bit more, raised from heavy-gauge copper.

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Beautiful, but way beyond the dinner-plate sizes most modern authors address. This book divides work loosely into three scales: kitchen-sized, up to ten liter capacity very roughly ; ten to a hundred, for stills, dyeing, and such; and a thousand liters or more, for big industrial applications. I know I left a gap there - that's where steam locomotive and similar works fit in. My own interests lie in the size range you can hold easily in your hands, so the others interest me only academically. But the third reader - perhaps also one of the other kinds - reads the history of technology.

Native copper gave the most primitive metal-workers their start, and metalworkers have advanced every other technology since the start of the Bronze Age. This book reveals some of the trade secrets of the time, and shows how these master artisans developed the craft that enabled industry, transportation, and the advancing days of the Machine Age.

The scientists of that era stand out in history; the engineers gave that science a job, but the tradesmen and skilled makers brought the engineering to life. This book gives some idea of how the blue collar men yes,men made all of that real. But, books like this assume the reader knows things that have since been forgotten.

For example, what is 'Spanish brown'? It seems to patinate and maybe texture the metal, but I have not yet learned the chemical how and why. The amazing mix of knowledge recovered and knowledge lost keeps me coming back to books like these. Verified Purchase.

This book was written by a master copper smith. He was apprenticed as a child and grew up with his trade in the traditional manner. He wrote the book so that the art could be available to able people whose families did not give them the opportunity to learn it firsthand. There is a full description of a traditional smithing shop, the tools and processes. He starts with the simplest tasks and takes the reader on a multi-year journey to the most complex ones. The language is sometimes archaic. For instance he uses the word sal ammoniac, which is the 19th century word for ammonium chloride when he discusses fluxes used in copper smithing.

So it might be helpful to keep a dictionary on hand while reading. I'd recommend ignoring that and getting the hardbound! Kindle is too small to make the photos and diagrams easily readable, I don't care what Amazon says. As another reviewer has noted, this is not a DIY guide. What it is is a reprint of a late 's book on how to make things in copper that were in demand back then.

It has a plethora of old ink drawings, including a good number of patterns for things to be made. It also includes arithmatic formulas used for figuring certain proportions, long before the days of pocket calculators or computers. If you've taken just a bit of sheet metal instruction, say in high school, then this book is useful as a guide and enabler to teach yourself more. But if you're just starting out and want, say, a list of cools and a demonstration of basic skills in the order you should learn them, this is not that book I'm still looking for that book. I bought this as one of 4 other books on metal working to give me a small library as I start to learn coppersmithing as a hobby.

It fills a useful niche in that library and I expect that if I get more into coppersmithing I will go back to this book more and more. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Makers , this has great info on metal working. Dayspring Technical Support Services. I was looking for a practical guide using torches in conjunction with copper fold-forming. This book is more useful for historical reference, but not for what I sought.