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Ze zullen altijd blijven bestaan. ID-referentie: Referanse-ID: Who would wear what? The line of models was long and feisty, but in the end our favorite femmes fatales won out. All these Mel Odom and Jason Wu gals have a certain timeless period look.

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The average Thirties woman used her own knitting skills to vary the monotony of mass-produced clothes and add a little individuality to her apparel. Fashion from the s is such a classic look that it never really goes out of style. Most material during this time was in short supply, so fashions had to use less and knitting took off as the pastime of choice — as it was both creative and economical of fabric.

Since the men were off at war, women even began turning male suits into suits of their own. A useful discipline today for dressing fashion dolls. Colors were relied upon for style to avoid using too much cloth.

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Hues of the decade were deep, rich, and intense. Popular color combinations used vivid contrasts. For example, green and turquoise shades might be matched with maroon and rusty-orange. The natural female shape continued to be flattered in this decade, partly because less available material encouraged the look. There was an emphasis on the shoulders and bust, small waists, and skirts tailored to enhance the look of womanly hips. Think of Joan Crawford during this era and you get the picture. When the war ended in , fashion saw an explosion of creativity.

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Skirts became much fuller, tops began to be more figure hugging with less drape. Skirts became full enough for petticoats and blouses were sleek, tailored, and very form fitting. You will both be together for many hours and it would be a shame to fall out after the first few rows. Wool is warm and elastic. As an animal product it has its own inherent characteristics depending on the source.

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Cotton is cool and inelastic, which makes for a slightly less forgiving finished garment — although the knitting itself will introduce its own elasticity. Cotton used to be pretty hard on the hands, like knitting with a load of old string. But not any more, the newest organic cottons are so soft and silky, even the most exacting Hollywood starlet could not object. You can get gorgeous blends of cotton with silk, tencel, lycra and acrylic. But beware, some cotton-acrylic blends can knit up like a kitchen scouring pad, so be sure to ask advice in the store.

Nothing can knit up a faux fur better than nylon. Straight needles come in different lengths.

Circular needles are the pointy end of straight needles connected by a flexible cable, and also come in assorted lengths, some people prefer using these to straight needles. Double-pointed needles for knitting small circular things, [like doll dresses]… come in sets of four or five. And sticky yarns will make you crazy on anything but the smoothest needles. Experiment to see what you like best. If you want to travel with your knitting [you can even get] airline-safe needle sets.

Needles sold in North America are often marked in both US and metric sizes an inexpensive needle gauge will allow you to check sizes easily. As an illustration, a 4 mm needle matches a US 6. As a southpaw myself, I know how unfair life can be in this respect! Many lefties will have little trouble with the pattern, especially if, as I was, you were taught to knit by a righty.