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It was a warm feeling and I think I may have enjoyed it. Which I leave on when I am asleep. I then became fully awake perhaps I had been all along but I was unable to move or speak. I was able to keep my eyes open and I can even recite what program I saw on the television. I then felt it begin to touch me again and explore my body as it had done earlier. I tried to move but it was fruitless. I looked down and noticed my kitten I just recently got her about 4 weeks ago and she was sound asleep.

I tried screaming her name I could even feel my voice in my throat screaming but no sound came out. I could feel my lips moving but there was no sound. I was finally able to sit up and it went away.

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However as soon as I lay back I would feel it again, and that ringing noise and warming tingly feeling came back and I would be paralyzed yet again. It became a pattern, I would fight the paralysis and sit up but then lose control once I lay back down and the entity came upon me. How is that possible? Did it make me have that hallucination so I would feel safe enough to become vulnerable to its effect again? I do not know. I felt safer in the living room with the two cats which began to play and I felt better knowing that they both we awake.

One Night Incubus

I eventually fell asleep and I only felt it once more when I eventually went back to sleep in my own room. One last piece that bothers me a bit: I remember opening my eyes during the sexual part and seeing a stream of light coming from my mouth as if it were sucking energy from me. I had read that they need energy to sustain and that it may have been using my energy but I never once felt drained, I actually felt well rested and stronger when I awoken. Was it giving something to me or taking it? Now here is a bit more info: I have argued with myself that I just have sleep paralysis after much research and having many similar symptoms.

I did get shortness of breath during these ordeals and sometimes there is a bit of weight on my chest but much different from what is associated with sleep paralysis. So what I ask of you is what could this be? Is it a demon, incubus or simply my imagination? Should I fear it even though I have never felt threatened? Please help me with your answers.

Thanks so much.

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Sent in by mulattospirit, Copyright TrueGhostTales. You say you have a boyfriend? Sucking energy from you without your consent is not cool. Why are you consenting is the real question? Are you lonely? Those the sprit seem familar in anyway. Maybe someone you knew? Or someone you know but cannot be with except this way? The answer is with you, because you are allowing it to happen. Try denying it and see what happens. Dear Coral: I have extensive knowledge and experience with both the Incubus and the Sucubus, the Incubus preys on women and the Sucubus preys on men.

They are demonic energies that should be feared and in some cases have caused death of their victims. No matter what others have told you, you could be in grave danger if the incubus visits very often. Be afraid, be very afraid. These entities are very dangerous and must be stopped at all costs. I have over 30 years of personal experience dealing with just about every type of haunting, demonic entities, and other types of evil energies that exist in the world. I have extensive knowledge of the Lesser Key of Solomon, ancient grimories, invocations, evocations, and far too many others to list.

Thank you and good luck. Sincerely, Nathan Coleman. OMG, get over yourself, Nate. Get real. And YOU know better? I have had the same experience since I was in my preteens like 7. I use to wake up just as soon as I went to sleep or even wide awake in my bed to: intense french kissing, the kind you only get from a passionate lover but I was only 7.

In my later adult years I woke up with hands running threw my hair, and my hips off the bed as this entity slept with me, I woke up being held down by the throat with a very firm tight bur more sensual grip or sometimes by the wrists, while feeling a warm definitely erotic touch all over my body.

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It appears as a big black hooded shadow always near by me. He also growls like a cat strangely enough. If you saw the thing sucking your energy out, then it probably was — I would trust your own experience and not doubt yourself — as to the fact that you felt well rested and stronger, that might have been just that you slept well due to the paralyzing influence. However, I would strongly urge you to keep this thing away away from you.

This thing is manipulating you and invading you and making you helpless without your consent. That is a very evil thing to do. The candy continues until the child has given all control to the predator, then the hidden evil nature of the predator comes out. Yes it was an incubus and those things are not good. I would learn to pray and get divine aid and find a group of people who are spiritually powerful and can help you fight this thing off before it takes too much of your energy and gets any more power over you. Dont sleep on your back for one thing.

Get saved and rebuke the demon promptly! In Nepal u can have many more tales like that which are real. Whatever you like to acknowledge is up to you but I am here to share my view, and I believe that there is more then just logical evidences that some times cannot be fully explained and it seems that you have consider most mundane alternatives to your happenings. Do a lot more research!! All the best!! Place blood stones around your bed. I believe you are creating scenarios from fantasies that have emerged from your subconcious. Due to the fact that you mentioned you where aware of the physical enviroment this is common of someone not only interacting and feeling phyical sensations from a dream when lucid the dreamer is also very much aware of their surrounding enviroment and can easily recall their physical enviroment and mistake the dream as having been real as when in the first states of unconciousness beta and theta waves physical sensations feel very real, this is the state erotic dreams occur.

From someone who has experience from quite a few lucid dreams, I can seriously say it is nothing compare to what she is describing! I have had experience with ghosts however before you jump to conclusions about what I wrote a you should do some research not just about entities but dreams scientific and brain patterns. True believer. Um…excuse me, maybe you should read my comment again. I have read what you wrote but you can blame me for thinking that you were stating, rather than viewing an idea?

Incubus and Succubus night demons

I believe you are creating scenarios…. Anyhow if I seem to be contradicting you, I was…only because I miss interpret your point, and I do apologise. I absolutely concur, Pixie. If your pets reacted in any way, then it might be an outside influence, but this sounds like a combination of sleep paralysis and subliminal erotic dreams. I think perhaps that you are half asleep and are hearing stuff from the tv and drifting off into a dream …. Whether the situation is actually happening or, you are just haveing dreams it never hurts to say a prayer and ask God for guidence and protection.

Haha the ringing sound xD Yes that would be something taking advantage of you…. Honestly please, remove this post involving names the power that they derive from it is unexplainable. I have had the same problem but in a different way.. I only have one animal, and old cat, and she doesnt come in my room because if she does, I always shut the door and she immediately wants out, and sometimes I dont bother to look for that simple reason.

The incubi were said to seduce unsuspecting women by appearing to them in the guise of their husbands or lovers, and as one might suspect, the incubi played an important role in the history of the Inquisition. Even pious nuns appeared before the tribunals, attesting to their affliction by persistent incubi that tried to persuade them to break their vows of chastity.

Epidemics of demon possession and erotomania swept such convents as Loudon, Louviers, Auxonne, and Aixen-Provence. In his book Eros and Evil, R. Masters remarked on the scant amount of records from the Inquisition concerning the experiences of men who succumbed to seductive succubi in contrast to the enormous number of recorded instances in which women yielded to the sexual attentions of the incubi. Such lack of reports did not imply that succubi were less seductive than incubi, but rested on the belief of the inquisitors and clergy of the day that women were "naturally inclined to vice…and would always put up defenses more feeble than those offered by males.

By sharing this, you might be saving a soul and guess who gets credit for that before God? Article credits: Rev. Ezikel King.

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  • All rights reserved kingreads. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Incubus and Succubus Incubus demon Incubus: An evil demon spirit that lies on people in their sleep; a demon that has sexual intercourse with women while they are fast asleep. Often called the incubus demon. Succubus: A demon spirit that assumes a female form to have sexual intercourse with men who are asleep.

    Incubus and Succubus Incubus demon The male and female demons of the night. Incubus and Succubus are demons of sexual perversion that take advantage of human weakness. Do not take these demons lightly or the topic as unreal. If you are a person that feels that demons do not exist, then answer this simple question. Have you ever had intercourse in a dream and actually felt like it really took place, you even climax in reality?

    If the answer is yes, then you have been a victim of one of these demons. All through the Bible, there are many references and evidence of supernatural beings of high order taking on some type of physical form and functioning correctly as such. Simply put, supernatural beings came down from heaven and had sex with human women. Satan, who is a spirit, a fallen angel, in fact, took on the physical form of a snake serpent and to tempt Eve. A process which entailed his speaking to her Rev , Gen There is even some mention of God and some angels also taking on physical forms and function as human beings.

    In the text, The living God and two angels manifested themselves as human beings and functioned as such in a visit to Abraham. This is proof apparent that spirits can indeed manifest themselves in physical form. Going through the scriptures, other references to this point are to be found as well.

    Incubus Attack | Psychology Today

    So there is no need to be mystified by the prospect of spirits; taking human form. However, if you have to be mystified or even doubt that these evil demons of the night exist then consider this point. Ever heard of Saint Augustine? According to Wikipedia, he was one of the first Saints of the Christain church to bring to light the secret activities of certain spirits that specialized in sleeping with human beings, particularly women, in abusive ways. In his day they called these spirits Incubo meaning nightmare and soon, it became the custom that women who got pregnant right after such experiences were burned alive.

    The term incubus demon originated this way. Yes, indeed, sex demons do exist. The encounters that people share about sex demons having serious phenomenal sex in dreams are actual experiences and not schizophrenic episodes, which is how highly trained doctors shrinks try to de-validate these strange occurrences. In very severe situations, these demons reveal themselves clearly to their victims during night-time hours and sometimes, even during the day.

    There have been quite a number of reports with people claiming to have actually seen spiritual beings with physical abilities that come and subject them to various kinds of sexual acts and abuse. These spiritual beings are often violent and can attack you — choking, beating and restraining you. They sometimes even disturb things around you, even break certain objects in your home. This is one of the easiest ways to discover if you are being attacked by these demons. The sexual urges brewing within you are so strong that they completely take over your entire mind.

    This can occur at any time of the day but it happens mostly when you are lying down all alone. You simply cannot think of anything else at that point in time and it seems like nothing you try or do to make the urges go away works i. It would appear that the only relief for the terrible urge is to have an orgasm by any means whatever. Most often than not, you will have the orgasm spontaneously and they turn out to be usually strong, better than normal. Incubus and Succubus Incubus demon This particular class of demons are also responsible for sex dreams: dreams in which you become engaged in spectacular sexual acts that has your body undergoing spontaneous orgasms like never before.

    According to Genesis 6, the purpose of these demons of the night is to impregnate you and nothing good comes from such a thing…. In that way your natural body is weak and tired fatigued after normal intercourse with a real partner so also will an encounter with an incubus or succubus demon leave you feeling spiritually and emotionally drained, usually because they steal a lot of things from you including, spiritual strength, purity of soul, and virtue.

    In place of what they have stolen, they impregnate you with their evil seeds of perversion and lust. A more important consequence of this fear is that it robs Christians of faith and the willingness to present themselves before God. This perversion of your faith, the fear and shame, mean that your entire relationship with God and the ultimate purpose for your life have been effectively undermined. Without faith, what can Christians accomplish? In our subconscious state of perversion, nothing is possible, particularly a connection with God.

    Lust is a deep set desire for illegal pleasure. Nothing good comes of such. For example, it is necessary for every human being to eat food; but to fulfill that same need through gluttony the act of overeating is lust. As long as these spirits are able to afflict your body, there is an open door of sin in your life. Unfortunately, too many people in our world today fall into this category and, interestingly, the majority of them consider worship God in truth and in spirit a waste of time.

    These are people who actually enjoy being the victim here and have no intention of participating in any manner of deliverance. You have to be one to know. Activities Fueled By Lust Below are a list and explanations of all activities fueled by lust, the number one weapon of the Incubus and Succubus demons.

    The word, fornication, can cover any kind of act of sexual perversion, including incest, adultery, homosexuality, etc… You actually give up your authority over sexual lust when you willfully indulge in sexual perversion. Incubus and Succubus. The lone Incubus demon 3. Spending a lot of time on non-spiritual activities — even if they are not sinful activities, can be harmful. Remember, we are most vulnerable during the night hours or in times of fatigue because of the weakness or complete shut down of our minds.

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    This is the one period we must totally rely on our spiritual strength in God to keep us from evil. Bitterness alone will give every demon out of hell a special ticket to invade your body and turn it into their temple. Your life will be in their power! Fear and Doubt. Incubus and Succubus Incubus demon Witchcraft. The Bible describes rebellion as witchcraft. There are so many manifestations of witchcraft that are completely overlooked and these include — astrology, hypnosis, superstitions, chain letters, etc… However, the most common but terribly overlooked form of witchcraft is plain old manipulation.