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The Lost and Found. Dialog: Auf dem Fundbro. At the Lost and Found. The formation of the passive voice 2. The uses of the passive voice 3. Dry Clearung. Dialog: In der chemischen Reinigung. At the Dry Cleaner's. At the Bank. Dialog I: Die Kontoerffnung. Opening an Account. Dialog ll: Geldwechsel. Foreign Exchange. The stative passive 2. The Theater. Dialog: An der Theaterkasse. At the Theater Box Office. The subjunctive mood 2. The formation of the present-time general subjunctive 3. The use of the present-time general subjunctive 4. Dialog: Whlen gehen-ja oder nein?

Voting-Yes or No? The past-time general subjunctive 2. The past-time general subjunctive of modals 3. The conditional 4. The conjunctions als wenn and als ob almanii. Dialog I: KarnevaUFasching. A Parish Fair. The forms of the present- time special subjunctive 2. The Media. Infonnation Is Everything. Grammah"k und Gebrauch: 1. The past-time special subjunctive 2. The past-time special subjunctive of modals 3. Dialog: Im Museum. At the Museum. German equivalents of "to like" 2. The position of gern 3. Various uses of es 2. A few idioms XVll almanii. Countries, and Languages B.

Grammar and Verb Charts C. The camplete course consists of this text and eight houTs of re cordings. Vou can. With Ulh'male Gernum, you'U speak Gennan from the very beginning. Each lesson starts with a dialogue about common situations that you are likely to experience at horne or abroad. Vou'lI team the most common and useful expressions for everyday conversations.

Key grammatical structures introduced in the dialogue are c1early explained in aseparate seetion. Thc lessons build on one another. This method helps you gradually increase your language skills whiJe reinforcing and perfecting material leamed previously. In addition, brief notes on cultural topics will add to your understanding of Gemlan and Gennan-speaking people.

The review sections appear after every five lessons, and the reading sections after every ten lessons. Begin each lesson by reading and studying it in the manual hefore Iistening to the recordings. The dialogue is foUowed by a translation in colloquial English. Cultural awareness will ennch your understanding of German and your ability to communicate effectively. These Quizzes are similar to the exercises in format, but they integrate material from all the lessons you have studied to that point.

However, the material covered in the preceding lessons, along with the vocab- u1ary notes that accompany the reading, will enable you to infer the meaning, just as you would when reading a newspaper abroad. The appendixes, g1ossary. B This course provides you with eight haues of audio instruction and practice.

There are two sels of complementary recordings: the first is designed for use wilh the manual. Listening to and imitating the native speakers, youll be able to improve yOUf pronunciation and comprehension while leaming 10 use new phrases and structures. The dialogue of each lesson, the pronunciation sections of lessons 1 through 10, the yocabulary seetion, and parts of the grammar sectiOll are featured on these recordings. All the words and expres sians that are recorded appeae in boldface in youf manual.

YOll will heae native German speakers read Lhe complete dialogue without interruption at anormal conversational speed. Then you'lI have a chance Lo listen to the dialogue a second time and repeat each phrase in the pauses provided. Next, listen carefully to leam the sounds from the pronunciation sections.

By repeating after the native speakers, you will gradually master the sounds. Because they are bilingual, Set B recordings may be used without the manual wherever iL'S convenient to leam. The 40 lessons on Set correspond to those in the text. A bilingual narrator leads you through Lhe four sections of each lesson. The first section presents the most important phrases from the original dialogue.

You will first hear the abridged dialogue at normal conversational speed, You'll then hear it again, phrase by phrase, with English translations and pauses for you to repeat after the native Gennan speakers. The second section reviews and expands upon the most important vocabu- 3 almanii. Additional expreSSIons show how the words may be used in other contexts. Again, you are given time to repeat the Gennan phrases. In the third seetion, you will explore the lesson's most Important grammati- cal structures. After a quick review of the rules, you can practice with illustra- tive phrases and sentences.

The exercises In the last section integrate what you've leamed and help you generate sentences in Gennan on your own. You'lI take part in brief conversations, respond to questions, transform sentences, and occasionally translate from Engllsh into Gennan. After you respond, you'll hear the correct answer from a native speaker. The interactive approach on this set of recordings will teach you to speak, understand and think in Gennan.

Now it's time to begin.. Paul q qualllY Qualitt, Quiz. The letters a, 0, and 11 can also appear with two dots above them. The caIled "ess-tseu" is a ligature of the letters s and 2. Grectings and Good-byes. Wie geht es Ihnen? Gut, danke. Auf Wiedersehen, Frau Sleiner. Howare you? Fine, lhankS. Good-bye, Mrs. For now. JRG: Tag, Steffi. Wie geht's? JRG: Das tut mir leid. How are you? Onee you've mastered the sounds, it will be easy to pronounce German correctly just by reading it. Gemmn sentence intonation, the rise and fall of the voice pitch, is similar to English.

Gemlan words are generally stressed on the first syllable or, if they begin with an unaccented prefix, on lhe root syllable. These dative forms cl the per. For OOW. Ieam them as vocabulary. There are no gliding vowel sounds as in the English word "main. The vowels are generally long when followed by an h or by a single consonant, and short when followed by two or more consonants. The vowels 0 and u, as well as the consonants rand eh, have no real equivalent in English and should receive special attention. In this and the following lessons the individual Gennan sounds will be introduced and practiced.

Sie ;t os Ich bin krank. She is in Befli. Note: Never capitalize ich excepl at the beginning of a sentence. Sie polite is always capitalized. Sie is the formal fonn of address, used when addressing one or more strangers or adults with whom the speaker is not on intimate terms. Sie is both singular and plural. The familiar farms du and ihr are used when addressing relatives, e10se friends, and persons under fifteen years of age. Du and ihr are also frequently used among members of a group such as students, laborers, and soldiers.

Du is singular, ihr is plural. It is conjugated in the present lense as foUows: 10 almanii. She is in Berlin now. Ich bin krank. I am siek. Other examples are: Wo bist du? Where are you? Sie sind in Amerika. They are in America. These words are called "cognates. These are the definite articles. While English uses only one definite article. As we go along, we will give you same rules of thumb for determining gender. The nouns themselves fonn their plurals in a ntunber of ways.

From now on, when you encounter a noun, learn its plural fonn as weil. Plural endings will be indicated in the vocabulary seetion as weil as in the glossary. Nouns without change in the plural will be indicated thus: der Sommer, -. Nouns that takejust an umlaut will be written thus: der Vater. Nouns that take an ending only will be written thus: die Adresse. Guten Morgen. Guten Abend. Auf Wiedersehen. Danke, sehr gut. Was ist los? Ich bin mde. Ich bin kaputt. Mir geht's nicht so gut. Es geht mir schlecht.

Good moming. Good evening. Thank you, very weil. What's the matter? I'm tired. I'm not feeling so good. I'm siek. I'm not feeling weil. Formen Sie die Stze um. Benutzen Sie die richtige Form von "sein" fr das Subjektpronomen in Klammem.

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Transform the sentences. Use the correct form of sein for the subjecl pronoun in parentheses. When used as onn oI address. Monika ist in Berlin. Die Mnner sind krank. Berlin ist interessant. Wir sind in Amerika. Sie 5. Wo bist du? Nennen Sie den bestimmten Artikel. Give the definite article. Mutter 2. Sommer 3. Tag 4. Kind 5.

Bett C. Nennen Sie den Plural. Suchen Sie die richtige deutsche bersetzung. Choose the correcl Gennan translation. L Hello, Mr. I'm sorry. I'm sick. Fine, thanks. Oh, I'm not feeling so good. Das tut mir leid. Sie ist jetzt in Deutschland. Ach, mir geht es nicht so gut. Guten Tag, Herr Schiiler. Close friends and relatives, if they have not seen each other fr a while, usuallyembrace. Depending on the time of day, people say guten Morgen good moming , guten Abend good evening , or guten Tag literally: good day , whieh is used from about 11 AM.

Gute Nacht good night is used when somebody is going to bed to retire fr the night. Less formal greetings used among young people are Morgen morning , Tag literally: day , or Abend evening. Some younger peop[e might simply say Hallo hellal. In southem Germany and Austria many people greet each other with Gr Gott literally: God's greeting throughout the day and evening.

In the Gennan- speaking part of Switzerland people say Grezi Oiterally: greet you. When saying good-bye formally, people shake hands and say Auf Wieder- sehen literally: Until we see each other again. Wir sind in Bertin. Du bist interessant.

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Wo ist er? Ich komme aus Mnchen. Mein Name ist Eugen Wirkner. Ich wohne in Hamburg. Nette Leute hier, nicht wahr? Aber leider habe ich morgen viel Arbeit. Deshalb verabschiede ich mich. Ich wnsche noch viel Vergngen. My name is reunig, Fritz Breunig. I'm from Munieh. My name is Eugen Wirkner. I live in Hamburg. There are some nice people here, don't you think? But unforlunately I have a lot of work tomorrow. That's why I'm saying good-bye.

Enjoy yourself. Ich komme aus Kanada. At the Universily. J'm from Canada. These verbs appear with different enrlings; for example: ich wohne; sie wohnt. These enrlings depend on the subject. As in English, subject and verb must agree. The basic form oi a verb the form you find in the dictionary is the infinitive. Herr Breunig kommt aus Mnchen. Herr Breunig comeslis from Munieh. If the stern of a verb ends in -d or -I, the endings -st and -t become -est and -et, respectively.

Thus the verb arbeiten to work will have these forms: From now 00 tr he. I work in Munieh. Sie arbeiten in Hamburg. You work in Hamburg. If the stern of a verb ends in a sibilant s, SS, , z , the ost ending of the second person singular farn. My name is Breunig, Fritz Breunig. Meine Tochter heit Monika. My daughter is called Monika. Note: German has only one present tense fonn. Sie kommt can be translated as "she comes," "she is coming," or "she does come. In the preceding dialogue you have seen: Ich habe morgen viel Arbeit.

I have a lot of work tomorrow. Other example sentences are: Wir haben ein Kind. We have a dUld. Er hai eine nette Frau. He has a nice wife. Ich habe drei Tchter. I have three daughters. Fnf und vier sind neun. Five and tour are rune. Freut mich. Das stimmt. Das ist wahr. Ich verabschiede mich. Wie schade!

Gestatten Sie. I'm glad 10 meet you. That's right. That's true. I'm saying good-bye. Permit me; may I introduce myself. Amerika ich komme aus America I come from Beantworten Sie die Fragen. Benutzen Sie dabti den r,p i" Klammem. Answer the questions. Use the hint in parentheses. Wo wohnen Sie? Chicago 2. Hamburg 3. Wer kommt aus Kanada?

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Kirsten 4. Wer kommt aus Mnchen? He" Breunig B. Setzen Sie die Endungen ein. Fill in the endingsl. Setzen Sie die richtige Fonn von "haben" ein. Give the appropnate form of haben. L Herr Wirkner morgen viel Arpeit. Du Probleme. Das Jahr vierjahreszeiten. DU; Leute viel Vergngen. Choose the correct German translation. Pleased to meet you. Excuse me. May I introduce myself? Viel Vergngen. Entschuldigen Sie. Ich habe viel Arbeit. There is a great variety oi dialects. People from one region may have some trouble understanding people from another region, if they communicate in their re- spective dialects.

Newspapers, television, and radio use Hochdeutsch, unless it is a decidedly regional publication or broadcast. Hoch- deutsch is what this book is teaching. Ich wohne in Chicago. Herr Wirkner wohnt in Hamburg. Kirsten kommt aus Kanadfl. A Telephone CalL A. Es ist Montag. Herr Kraft ist im Bro. Er telefoniert. Ist dort siebenundzwanzig dreiunddreiig fnfundfiinfzig?

Falsch verbunden. Herr Kraft telejMJiert noch einmal. Die Leitung ist besetzt. Bitte, bleiben Sie am Apparat. Dauert es lange? It is Monday. Kraft is in the office. He is on the phone. Is this twenty-seven thirty-three fifty- five? Wrong number. Kraft calls again. Meyer, please. The line is busy. Please hold. Will it take lang? I'm connecting you now. Here are same statements you encountered before: Sie ist jetzt in Deutschland. She is in Gennany now. I am from Munieh. I have a lot of work. When YOll fann a question that requires a yes-or-no answer, t.

Here are yes-or-no Questions from the preceding dialogue: Ist das siebenundzwanzig dreiunddreiig tnfundfiinfzig? Is this twemy-seven lhirty-three fifty-five? YOll can also turn a statement into a yes-or-no question by raising YOUf voice at t. In lhese cases. Compare: Er kommt aus Kanada. He is from Canada. Er kommt aus Kanada? Is he from Canada? Finally, you can tann a yes-or-no question by adding nicht or nicht wahr to the end of the sentence and raising your voice. Du bist Kirsten aus Schweden, nicht?

You are Kirslen trom Sweden, aren't you?


When you wanllO get specific information. The Question word is in the first position. Here are same examples: Wie geht es Ihnen? Was wnschen Sie? What wauld yau like? Woher kommt er? Where does he come from? Wer ist am Apparat? Who is calling on the phone? There is no plural fonn. Numbers in the twenties, thirties, and so on follow the pattern of the nursery rhyme "four and twenty blackbirds.

Dreiig ends in -ig instead of the usual -zig. The week has seven days. The year has twelve months. Note that both the days of the week and the months of the year are masculine in Gennan: du Tog. Die Leitung ist gestrt. The line is out of order. Beantworten SW die Fragen. Benutzen Sie dabei den Tip in Klammern. Wer telefoniert? Herr Kraft 2. Ist das ein Ferngesprch? Who is on the phone? Where is a telephone book? Does Mr. Wirkner have a lot of work?

The people are nice, aren't they? Schreiben Sie die Zahlen. Wtite the numbers. Nennen Sie den unbestimmten Artikel. Supply the indefinite article. Woche hat sieben Tage. Wo ist Telefonzelle? Telephone books, located in a1l tele- phone booths, contain information in five languages. Herr Kraft telefoniert. Ja, die Leitung ist besetzt. Wo ist ein Telefonbuch? Hat Herr Wirkner viel Arbeit? Die Leute sind nett, nicht? The Weathcr. Heute ist es aber furchtbar kalt und nebelig, nicht? Gestern war es noch so schn.

Ich denke, es schneit morgen. Das sagt auch der Wetterbericht. Da lebt man gut. Die Sonne scheint oft, und man friert nicht. Und was machen Sie? Eine Freundin wohnt da. Bis bald. Today it's tenibly cold 2nd foggy, isn't it? Yesterday it was still nice. I think it's going to snow tomorrow. The weather report says so, too. Vou live weil there. The sun shines often aod you don't freeze. What are you going to do? A friend of mine lives there. See you soon. Cognaf; C. In the preceding dialogue you have seen: 35 almanii. Yesterday it was so nice. In this type of sentence the verb is usually in the second position.

The subject usually comes next, then alt other elements. If a word or phrase other than the subject is in the first position, that word or phrase is stressed. In the preceding dialogue you have seen: Heute ist es aber schn. Today it is really ruce. Hoffentlich stimmt das nicht. Hopefully that is not true. There you live weil. In winter it is cold. In summer it is nice. Der Sekretrdesignates a male secretary, die Sekretrin a female secretary. The feminine plural is fonned by adding -mn: die Freundin, die Freundinnen.

Aoompound ncun rnay coosist of several nouns or of nouns aod ether words. Note: The gender of lhe last noun in a noun compound determines its gender. Ich WOhtle in Hamburg. I live reside in Hamburg. You live weil there. In the preceding dialogue you encountered: Da lebt man gut. You live weJlthere.

It's raining. Beantworten Sie die Fragen zum Dialog. Answer the questions about the dialogue. Wie ist das Wetter heute? Wie war das Wetter gestern? Wer fliegt im Winter nfUh Mallorca? Schneit es morgen? Choose the correet Gennan translation. Ski laufen h. Setzen sie die richtige Fonn von "war' ein. Fill in the correct form of war. Im Sommer war es schn. L du gestern krank? Nein, ich mde. Wo En'ka? Sie she in Berlin. Nennen Sie die feminine Fonn. Name the feminine form. Schreiben Sie die Stze noch einmal. Beginnen Sie jeden Satz mit dem Wort in Klammern. Rewrite the sentences.

Begin each seotence with the ward in parentheses. Es ist furchtbar kalt. Es schneit am Montag. Wir waren in Berlin. Am Montag. The northem aod westem parts of Germany have fairly mild winters. The summers are usually cool aod rainy. In the eastem and southem parts of 40 almanii. Especially the southem Alpine regions see a lot of heavy snowfalls. Usually it is possible to ski there until the end of March. The summers in the east and south tend to be warmer and a bit drier than in the north. Es ist furchtbar kalt und nebelig.

Es war schn. Frau Meier fliegt nach Mallorca. Warst 2. Heute ist es furchtbar kalt. Vielleicht schneit es am Montag. Sabine zeigt Dons ein Familienphoto. Der Mann da ist natrlich mein Vater. Aber hier hat er keine Brille. DRIS: leh kenne den Mann da links. Das ist doch Max, nicht wahr? Ich hoffe, er kommt wieder zu Besuch. Einen Wagen hat er leider nicht. Wer sind denn der Mann und die Frau hinten rechts? Leider waren keine Vettern und Kusinen da. Sabine shows Dons a family photo.

Here you see my parents, my brother, my sister, my grandmother, myaunt, and my unde. The man here is of course my father. But he's not wearing glasses here. Who else do yOll know? That's Max, isn't it? I hope he'U come for a visit agam. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a car. Who are the man and woman on the light, in the back?

Unfortunately, no male or female cousins were present. Kein means "not a," "not any," or "no. Lesson 6 will deal with the negation with P1id1t. Ist das ein]unge? Nein, das ist kein]unge. Ist das ein Familienphoto? Is that a family photo? Nein, das ist kein Famifienphoto. No, that's not a family photo. Ist das eine Kusine? Is that a cousin female? Nein, das ist ke;"e Kusine. No, that's not a cousin female. Sind hier Vettern? Are there any male cousins? No, there are no male cousins. No, there aren't any male cousins. Vou can always find the subject of a sentence by asking wer who?

Der Mann wohnt in Berlin. The man lives in Berlin. Wer wohnt in Berlin? Wilo lives in Berlin? The woman is American.

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Was ist die Frau? Wha is the woman? The nominative is also used for the predicate nominative. The predicate nominative refers back to the subject: Der Mann ist ein Amen"kaner. The man is an American. The predicate nominative is used after the verbs sein, bleiben to remain, to stay , heien to be called , and werden to become. Er heit Bob. He is called Bob. YOll can always find the accusative object by asking wen whom? Die Frau kennt den Mann. The woman knows the man. Wen kennt die Frau? Whom does the woman know?

The man knows the house. Was kennt der Mann? What does the man know? Ich kenne einen Mann. Ich kenne keinen Mann. He doesn't have a car. A car he doesn't have. WASI The nominative of the question word "who" is wer. Philp, head of the school of household science, Macdonald College, Quebec, Hon. Dillon, Mrs. A band of French-Canadian trouba- dors will present a program of music.. There will also be some attention paid to the h ighways of the country, which are now such an intimate con- cern to many thousands of the motor - ing public.

More Space Sold Though this is regarded through- out the world as a year of business depression, the Exhibition does not show it. Reports to date show that there is actually an advance in the total of space sold to exhibitors, which means an advance in the ren- tal revenue f o r the year. This evening sees the opening of the horse show in the Coliseum, which continues until Saturday, with the exception of Thursday night, when the Exhibition Chorus gives a con- cert.

Many of the best horses in Canada are bille dto compete in this classic horse eVent. Decrease to date—, This has become an an- nual feature of the fair, encouraged by the provincial government. More Entries This Year There were farmers under the age of 26 entered, an increase of 65 over the number taking part last year.

Bronzed by wind and sun, 68 husky iroung men surveyed with critical eye i quartet of Clydesdale horses lined ip for their inspection in the Coli- seum. Bell of Kemptville, md M. Staples of the Ontario Agricultural College at Guelph. Each competitor in each :lass must judge two breeds in that :1a ss, but no boy can ente" in more ban one class of livestock.

Duncan md his assistants, J. McPhail , have arranged the :ontest, the C. It is also Prince Edward Island's ay in the roll of the provinces, and he island province is represented by ts premier, Hon. Lea, who rill be one of the two speakers of the ay. Ferguson, who poke on Labor day. To-day being 'ublic Utilities Day also, the premier ill be the voice of the Hydro and the ublic services.

Giris' Competition Girls' judging competitions commenc- d at nine o 'clock, tjie open competi- ions "being held in' a tent behind the overnment building and the teams contending in the music building. Over girls and 34 teams have entered. These young ladies f rom the rural districts will be tested on their knowl- edge of school lunches, proper menus for the pre-school child, living room furnishings, kitchen plans, proper wardrobes—fashions in a parade sup- plied by Toronto shops. The national resources committee of the national council of women has charge of the program in the west wing of the women's building.

The speakers will be Mrs. Wilson, Ottawa, and M. Burnaby, maritime trade commissioner. In the east wing Mrs. Pratt, president of the Quebec institutes, will be the speakers. The women's institutes luncheon in honor of the maritimes will be held in the committee rooms of the women's building, and at the tea hour the wives of the Exhibition directors will again be hostesses there.

The members of the North American gasoline tax conference, now in ses- sion in this city, have been invited to attend the big fair to-day. Hold Four Iiaces To-day The racing section of the horse com- mittee decided after yesterday's down- pour to hold four races to-day. An early start will be made and the horses in the first race will go to the post at 1 o 'clock. The three races arranged for yesterday will be run o f f to-day, and in addition the 2. It is expected to conclude the meeting on Friday as originally intended. Singing; Pri7. Marcia Keils, Weiland 80 marks.

Tallman, Beamsville 77 marks. If the weather continues to prove as favorable as the average the attractions of this year will probably soon make up the difference. The record shows a constant progress forward in the matter of attendance, although those who were there on Wednesday of this week, for instance, must have felt convinced that the attendance this year jfould not well have been greater.

Quite a change in recent years come over the scene as regard! Of late the mounting! The motor car and good roads have brought multi- tudes to the Fair from long distances. Not only the private autos, in thousands have brought people, but streams of motor buses have been rolling in from all directions.

The rail- way trains are crowded, but they are not, as they once were, the only means of travel. At one time it used to be said that the Exhibition drew its great crowds because it was, for the people of Ontario, the event which brought- them on their one annual visit to the city.

This is no longer true. The good roads and the universal use of motor cars causes a vast deal of motoring to Toronto. People motor in to conventions on a day's notice. To the young, especially, distance no longer serves as a barrier; it is at most only an obstacle to be reckoned with on its merits. People used to come in for a week, stay with relatives and go by street car to the grounds, day after day.

Many do this yet, but a great new attendance is made up of visitors by motor who leave home at dawn, motor in for a day at the Fair and arrive home at midnight. They do this, some of them, two or three times during 1 the continuance of the Fair, and they like it, because, although they use a great deal of gas, they retain control of their own goings and comings. They come when they like and they do not have to stay if they don't want to.

All i this, however, marks a growing change in Exhibition attendance and good weather, always important, becomes increasingly so. On the last Friday of the fair there were , people on the grounds and it is hoped that to-day will see an increase on that figure. It is New Brunswick 's day in the suc- cession of Canadian provinces, and the Hon. Richards, minister of mines f o r that province, is one of the speak- ers. The other is Hon. Robert Weir , the new federal minister of agricul- ture.

The main feature for the afternoon will be the immense parade of all prize- winners and classes of horses and cat- tle in the arena of the Coliseum at 2. It has been stated that never in the more than 50 years' history of Toronto 's famous annual fair has so large an entry list for all classes of live stock been recorded.

First Sprint Swim Another big feature of the day is the first of the sprint swims—the open event for men swimmers—which is to be put on at 6 o 'c lock, late enough f or the public to get away f rom their o f f i ces. There promises to be a large and interesting entry, with some fast swimmers competing. Other events in the day 's doings in- clude the final showing of the poultry and pet stock exhibit, continuous band concerts, trotting trials on the track, the afternoon vaudeville show and dinghy races on the lake.

Allan Lancefield of Hamilton, will be speakers in the west wing of the women's building to-day during the national council of wom- en's program, which will be followed by a demonstration of new Canadians work. A Saskatchewan luncheon is scheduled for the women 's institutes in the women 's committee rooms at high noon, to be followed at 2 o 'c lock by an interesting program downstairs in the ' a s t wing.

Welling HuycK of Strome. Oxner and on "simple des- serts" by Miss E. Hopkins will be given. John Pawley, Brampton, R. Etherington, Beamsville, R. Everett Oxby, Rothsay, R. Swain, Cavan, R. Not folding their tents like the Arabs and silently stealing away, but doing the getaway stuff with considerable noise and clamor and hammering and shouting, spluttering of motor car en- gines and shrieking of horns and sirens.

To-day sees Exhibition City in that condition which afflicits many house- holders about May 1. It is moving day. The hundreds and thousands of exhibitors are packing up their goods and freighting them back to their places of business or factories o f warerooms. All but one. There is a python missing. Rogers, owner of the jungle show in the Coliseum, is preparing to take his depar- ture without the thirteen-foot snake which has set all Toronto by the ears and scared many from venturing into the Coliseum.

It is Mr. Rogers' view that the reptile is dead; these cold nights being sufficient to kill a tropi- cal snake accustomed to hot climates. Now that the Exhibition is over, the C. SgTjOOO in the attendance as compared to "fast year. That drop is 14J5 per cent, of the total, and as President Sam "Harris" points out, there were predictions that the fair would be down 30 to 40 per cent, this year. This is not the first time in recent years there has been a decrease. There was a drop in from the previous year 's total, though only 28, The figures show an increase on only one day of the fourteen, and that was on the day of the men's marathon swim, which drew ,, as against , the previous year.

But on the Wednesday of the first week in the swim was not held because oonditions were unfavorable, so a com- parison is hardly fair. However, swim day of last year drew only ,, as against , this time. It is worth noting that there have only been three years in the fair's his- tory when the attendance was higher than in Following are the figures for recent year: 1, 1,, 1, In fact, it is declared that ad- vantage is taken by various amuse- ment enterprises of the C.

There were boxing bouts and wrest- ling bouts. Mann Cup lacrosse games and baseball games, all competing with the C. But the C. The estimates were carefully pared, alld therefore the finances of the fair are expected to be quite satis- factory. There will be a good surplus on the year, it Is- said, when the figures are totalled up and all the bills paid.

But the "Exhibition cheque" does not repre- sent profit to the city. What the real deficit will be is not yet mown. The annual statement of the exhibi- tion was presented to the mayor to- lay. The attendance showed a decrease of only 13 per cent. None of the other great fairs and ex hibitions throughout the world showed so satisfactory an attendance record in The statement follows: Year Year In addition to this the Exhibition has added new eastern gates of impressive beauty, and entrance from the east is this year being facilitated by the reconstruction of the Bathurst St.

The Exhibition marches on. Year by year, in times of prosperity or in times of depression, it offers new features and new advantages to its patrons. It has a unique record for orderliness and freedom from crime. In no other city is a comparable exhibition held with such an absence of graft and such a freedom from extortionate prices.

Montreal, den Anliegendes Schreiben uebersende ich mit der Bitte um Aushaendigung an den Adressaten, falls dort keine Bedenken entgegenstehen. Abschrift fuer die dortigen Akten ist beigefuegt. August - Dear Sir: I should be obliged if you would kindly let me have two programs of the Canadian National Exhibition and advise me of the cost, if ony. Kenpff German Consul General. October 9, Dear Sir: Eeferring to ay letter of September 14th, I should be obliged if you would kindly let me have two programs of the Canadian National Exhibition at your earliest convenience.

Kempff, German Consulate General, St. Montreal, Que. Kempff:- Your letter of the 9th instant to hand. We note that you wrote us on Sept. Mit Bezug auf den Bericht vom September -J.

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Auf Ihr Schreiben vom 4. August bis Die Baukosten haben eine Mill ion Dollar betragen. This sum, however, is not nearly sufficient to meet the city's own obligations with re- spect to the Fair, including the debt charges on the remaining buildings. For many years past the balance has been on the wrong side. It is operated for service rather than profit. September 9, Mr. Yours truly for L. Kempff German Consul General, St. Dear Sir:- We have forwarded under separate cover two official programmes of the Canadian National Exhibition.

Montreal, den Auf Ihr Schreiben vom I. Sep- tember stattgefunden. Nr, Betr. Kemp f f. Nr, Der Generalkonsul gez. Z9 Betr. August - 9. October IS, Dear Sir : 1 should be obligeu. Ixaprf , German Consul General. Decrease on year—19, Dear Sir:- Following the reqiiest contained in your communication of October 12th, we are forward- ing today, under separate cover, two copies of the Canadian National Exhibition Official Programme for There will be no charge.

Oktober If Mit Bezug auf dan Bar loht worn Juli d. August bis 2. I fancy that the general run of the spectators were, like myself, aston- ished as well as delighted beyond measure. Thatik could have been no body of "Old Contemptibles" and "Old Originals" to give dignity and pathos to the display in as they did to that of Toronto Thursday. Nor could Quebec in , a little city though an ancient one, and with few colonies from Europe, have con- tributed the extraordinary variety of beauty and historical interest em- bodied In Thursday's parade by the picturesque and resplendent com- panies representing the many nation- alities that have come to enrich our city's life and culture.

FOR sheer beauty Toronto streets, I should suppose, have never various new features could be added under such conditions and after the experience of Thursday. X think such spectacles as that pre- sented Thursday can do nothing but good.

Richard Biaggi Public records

Some Canadians unfortunately have a very imperfect idea of the artistic culture and of the historical greatness of some of the smallei nations some of whose rtiembers we are glad to welcome to Canada. There is too, I am afraid, perhaps, a touch of arrogance in our Anglo- Saxon stock. But I cannot conceive any Canadian with the slightest spark of imagination thinking patronizingly or contemptuously of the Chinese or Armenians or Greeks or Italians or Bulgarians or Ukrain- ians or any others of these resplen- dent companies.

I was delighted to see a company of Germans, which included, I thought,""" some representatives of those charming people—the moun- taineers, either of Bavaria or of the Tyrol. But one ramy hope that known anything' like the long line I w e s h a I 1 h a v e the ppportunity to witness in August even larger that passed through banks of admir ing spectators. An eye like my own, and more representative review of more'given to dwelling lovingly o n [ a I1 the races and nations now making a pleasing or interesting.

It Was in part exotic and weird and its prevailing loveliness seemed to light up even the sunshine- filled street. Very beautiful too and historically very impressive, was the display made by the Greeks. A tip for our sister riifebpolis. I am sure that the unique spectacle left everyone who saw it eager to see it again and a keen regret on the part of those who missed it.

Surely we must not be condemned to wait till the sesqui- centenniai in before we can have a similar thrill. There must be many thousands of Toronto people who were out of the city Thursday or otherwise unable to witness this unrivalled pageant. There will be many thousands of people outside Toronto who will hear of this and be rejoiced to see it. The long walk through the streets must have been found trying by many of the marchers. Would it not be possible to have all the companies taking part yesterday some afternoon or evening at the Exhibition pass in review before the grandstand?

This would be physically less exhaustive and might permit a larger number to take part in some of the groups. May, 38 Redwood. Avenue, Toronto, Ont. Auf Ihr Schreiben vow Mai vor. Al lg. Toronto September 18, Hughes, Secretary, Canadian national -inhibition jiss'n, Lums-. Dear Sir: I shoulu be obliged i f you.

Yours truly, f o r Jr. A decided improvement in busin turnover was noted by svho had exhibits at the "IhMV, closed for. Although minjrnarrad a number jf days, 83, more persons en- ured the grounds compared with ast year's attendance figures. Last year the num- ber was 1,, Practically every line of business iescribed the exhibition as reveal- ng a brighter future in the business vorld. Bet- er returns were obtained in the irst week of this year's show than n the two weeks last year, an- lounced a foundry official, and a bicycle manufacturer declared re- sults showed " times the total the head office expected.

Gourlay, Trade Commissioner for Ceylon which had a tea exhibit at the show. In the official closing ceremonies 50, people took part and with right hands raised repeated, the oath of allegiance made by the Canadian Corps at the re-union here. It wae the largest closing asembly in the exhibition's history. The famous Kneller Hall Band of Twickenham, England, gave its last performance, playing national an- thems while thousands sang. The exhibition chorus of 2, voices, several hundred members of the Canadian Corps, boy scouts carrying Union Jacks and city and exhibition officials attended the ceremonies' that brought the exhi- bition to a close.

And this year it is claimed h'at, in every instance the high quality of the ISaa exhibits will be well maintained and the attractions will be greater through an enlarge- ment of the British Empire section of the fair to give accommodation to exhibits from almost every country in the British Commonwealth. Regarding the exhibition as a whole, the members of the directorate- will be able to boast of something accomplished, something remarkably done if they succeed in the amibitious task which was set for them, namely, " to do things that are " different to what has been done in the past " and to show things that are new.

Sir William told the gathering of notables the British Government's policy held no serious menace to the Dominion's trade interests. He referred to increasing competition between Empire countries in the agricultural field which produced critical conditions for British far- mers. The British Government's restrictions on trade, however, con- tained no menace but would benefit the British farmer and all pro- ducers.

Entries from various parts of the continent have appeared for. Canadians need not be afraid the present policy of the British Gov- ernment affords any serious men- ace to the trade interests of the Dominions, Sir William Clark said. The effect of growing competi- 1 tion between Empire countries could not be ignored, he said, touching Imperial trade.

This type of competition created critical condi- tions for the farmers of Great Britain especially after the onset of the depression and before Eng- land adopted a tariff. Remedial measures Great Britain had to take involved sorrre restrictions ot trade. British Government affords any serious menace to the interests of the Dominions. They will benefit indeed, since my Government's major objective is to raise prices in the United Kingdom for the ad- vantage not of the British farmer only but of all producers alike.

In a country like England that could only be attain- ed at a ruinous cost and through a ruinous reduction of the standord of living of the people. On the other hand it would be no less dis- astrous to allow the agricultural population to be deprived of their livelihood and driven into the tr". Sometimes he had been asked, con- tinued the High Commissioner, why such and such goods were not ob- tainable in Canada from the United Kingdom or again why more British manufacturers did not ex- hibit at the Canadian National Ex - hibition. It was sometimes sug- , gested it was.

But these are the exceptions, few really and far between, though, as usual in such matters, they are the ones you hear about. The great majority are first-rate business men, accustomed to gp after trade in all parts of the world, with plenty of dash and enterprise. Can- ada's configuration makes it a dif- ficult country to serve for those who can only bring in their goods by sea at the extreme east or the extreme west as against their rivals in the United States who can send their goods across at any point in your long frontier; and Canada, quite legitimately, like Australia also and South Africa and India, is determined to maintain her own industries, and will not allow them to be swamped by competition from outside from whatever source it may come.

Britain has largely increased her imports from the Dominions over an important range of commodities, and even where she has had to impose some restrictions in order to stabilize the price level at home, the re- strictions have been devised so as to give the Dominions an expand- ing share of the trade. The growth in industrial exports by Great Bri- tain to the Dominions has not been so large or widespread, but some of our industries have great- ly benefited, particularly in some classes of yarns and piece-goods, and we look for further advan- tages from the operations of the Tariff Boards in Canada and Aus- tralia, a matter which must take time.

Within the British Common- wealth of nations we have made a beginning, and a very notable be- ginning, through the Ottawa agree- ments. Toronto, August His Excellency declared the exposition showed "the energy and inventive genius" of the British Empire and "its iibility not only to make the most of its pwn native resources, trut jtlso to fedapt these to the needs o f civilization. Acc'ompanled by a guard of honor from the scarlet- coated Royal Canadian Dragoons, the Governor-General arrived with his party in the downpour.

The Governor-General noted that the exhibition's opening this year coincided with the celebration at Gaspe of the th anniversary of the first contact of this country with the culture and civilization of Europe. The Governor-General said it was the first time he viewed the exhibi- tion which he said, justified its claim as a national exhibition. As this was Toronto's centennial year he hoped the exposition would be a great success. Gillies Rooquart, Intendant of New France, promoted the first Canadian exhibition on record early in the 18th century, Earl of Bessborough continued, and he expressed the be- lief the Dominion owed a debt to France.

The Canadian National Ex- hibition was a striking example of how a population of varied stock, of varied characteristics and interests could fuse itself into a harmonious whole, seeking to advance on a basis of the greatest good for the great- est number. Deacon, president, wel- comed the Governor-General and declared the exhibition had been a barometer of the business and in- dustrial trends in Canada.

Numer- ous exhibits, especially the large number from parts of the British Empire, indicated the Dominion was on the uptrend. Musical contributions from the famous Kneller Hall Band of : Twickenham, England, were a fea- I ture of the opening ceremonies. The - band members were forced to don their raincoats but despite the j downpour they continued playing. It was a con- travention of a time-honored rule that only the King's representative should speak at any luncheon which he attended.

Sir William expressed regret over his imminent departure from the Dominion. When he came to Canada six years ago, he said, it was a changing period in the E m - pire's history with Canada and Britain pursuing "capital policies which sought different ends. It was the "beginning of another new era," he concluded. Colonel Deacon declared that two months ago there was more space sold for the exhibition than there was on the opening day last year. Never in the history of the ex- hibition have British Empire dis- plays been so extensive and im- pressive, declared Colonel F.

Deacon extended a welcome to the Governor-General. For the second successive year, the Canadian National Exhibition Medal, presented on the. His Excellency, the Earl of Bessborough. Governor- General of Canada, is the recipient this year. The medal, which is ap- proximately 2 Vi inches by 1V2 inches, carries the head of Lord Bessborough on its face.

The re- verse side carries the official crest j of the Canadian National Exhibi- tion, superimposed on a design of i the entranee of the Exhibition grounds. Emanuel Hahn was the sculptor and the medal was struck by Roden Brothers of Toronto, who also made the presentation case of sterling silver. Hepburn Too Busy- Toronto, August Hepburn, is too busy to attend the Canadian Na- tional Exhibition. Writing to the president of the C. Deacon, the Premier stated he would be unable to be present at any functions.

Deacon and ex- plained that it was a physical im- possibility for me to accept the nu- merous invitations 1 have received," said fhe Premier. Oktober J. Kanadische N itionalausstellung Toronto Die August bis 8. Die Handelskommissare von Australien, Neuseeland und Ceylon sollen mit den erzielten Resultaten sehr zufrieden gewesen sein. Adverse weather conditions are believed to h? There were also increased expenditures for the fine arts ex- hibit and for newspaper publicity. J u l i betrifft : 5 7. Mai - Z. Sep tem- be r d.

A, Toronto Mr. Dear Sir: I should be obligod if you would kindly let me have two programs of the Canadian National Exhibition for official use. Kempff German Consul GeneralHa. Kanadischen Nationalen Ausstellung, die vom August bis 7, September d. Die entgehenden Unkosten werden Ihnen von hier erstattet werden. Mit deutschem '"russ Der Generalkonsul I. Unfortunately he is not in a position to come to Toronto, sinee urgent affairs will be keeping him at Montreal.

Montreal, August 28th, Signet Address If it is your intention to attend this luncheon kindly return this card as soon as possible. Vertrauensmann, Toront,Ont. Catharine St. Sehr geehrter Herr Konsul! Toronto, den September German Consulate General St. Catherines W.

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  • Montreal, Q,ue. Anbei die Berichte, die in der letzten Zeit an den Eildienst zur Absendetag kamen. Den Bericht ueber das Tauschgeschaeft habe ich mit Vor- behalt durohgegeben, da er einmal veraltet ist und ich zum anderen die Richtigkeit nicht kontrollieren kann, Fuer er- waehnenswert hielt ieh ihn lediglich wegen seiner prinzi- piellen Bedeutung. Mit deutschem GrussA. Montreal, den 9. Ein Exemplar des offiziellen Ausstellungs- katalogs ist beigefuegt. Kerapff All das Auswaertige Amt B e r l i n.

    Catherine Street, West, Montreal, Que. Herrn Konsul Dr. Schllmpert, Sehr geehrter Herr Schlimpert, Betr. Unter Bezugnahme auf die letzhin mit Ihnen gehabte Unterredung freut es mich heute Ihnen nach Durchsicht meiner Akten sagen zu koennen, dass es sich hier um in Verbindung mit der Canadian National Ausstellung gehabte Auslagen des B. In Ihrem Schreiben vom August ds. Jahres baten Sie B. Dezember Herrn C.

    Kropp, 45 Richmond St.

    [Trailer] Motorradreisen USA & Kanada - MR Biketours

    Sehr geehrter Herr Kropp! Schlimpert, den Herrn H. Heil Hitler 1 Anlage C. Kemp, German Consul, S t. Catharine S t. Thursday, September 3 rd , i s German Day and we would be glad to have your a s s i s t a n c e i n the fo l lowing d e t a i l. Will you, as German Consul, broadcast a shor t message both i n German and English? May I hear from you a t your e a r l i e s t convenience. J g J k Aitken telephone - Wav. Aitken, Director, C. Cooking Sohool, 7th Floor, Luinsden Bldg. Sincerely yours, L. Juli betrifft : 5 8. Kanadische Nationale Ausstellung Toronto vom Mai -Z. August September in Toronto stattfindenden Canadian National Exhibition ge- beten.

    Da ich annehme, dass Sie die Ausstellung verschiedentlich besuchen werden, wuerde ich Ihnen sehr dankbar sein, wenn Sie mir nach Beendigung der selben, Ihre Eindruecke mitteilen wuerden. Gleich- zeitig bitte ich um Uebersendunp eines Abdruckes des offiziellen Ketaloges. Die Auslagen erden gern erstattet. In Erledigung Ihres Schreibens vom August ds, Jahres sende ich Ihnen heute unter separatem Umschlag eine Sammlung der verschiedenen auf obiger Ausstellung zur Verteilung gelangenden Drucksachen.

    An auslaendischen Ausstellern d. Bei den drei letzgenannten war der Vertreter des betreffenden Landes beinahe taeglich persoenlich anwesend. In Anbetracht der grossen Besucherzahl ca. Montreal, September 23, Ellwood A. Hughes, Esq. Dear Sir : I shall be grateful if you will kindly let me have the attendance figures for this years exhibition and a collection of your principal press releases, if still available.

    Thanking you in advance for your courtesy, I am, Yours vary truly, for L. Kerapff, German Consul, Montreal Que. We are enclosing a general press release which we hope w i l l prove sat is factory fo r your pur- pose. The Exhibition is operated by nn Association coir osed of representatives of every branch of ooraneroe, industry and agriculture through- out the Dominion, The grounds and buildings are under the direct supervision of the Parks Department and are available to the citizens for recreational pr -roses, conventions, etc.

    Ten miles of pa ed boulevard afford comfortable passage between the twenty-five permanent buildings which are constructed chiefly of steel, stone, concrete, and brick, which with plant and equipment are valued at over twenty- one million dollars. Having gained recognition many years ago as the world's greatest annual exposition, the Canadian National Kxhibition is celebrating its 58th consecutive year.

    Its pre-eminence is due to the utmost care with hi oh it ha- been developed over a period of almost six decades and its altogether unique and desirable combination of business and pleasure. It has no counter- part anywhere. The Canadian National Exhibition serves a purpose which In turn has transcended national and intra-Empire scope and requirements and is now definite ly world-wide. The tourist revels in the graat variety of mtertalnment features—pageantry on a tremendous scale, with 1, performers n the world's largest stage; music of foreign bands; t o art galleries; stpaeteH sport afloat and ashore, and a mile-long midway make an enjoyable and profitable tllday.

    Industry, education, scienoe, music, travel, fashions, sport, engin- ring and agriculture are presented in concentrated form. The annual attendance 0; the record one-day attendance , Throughout the chaotic years of economic depression from to , the Exhibition forged steadily forward, a fact that attested quite definitely the fine courage and confidence of the Canadian people.

    She question has been asked ". The answer is its strict adherence to the ethics of sound business plus its policy of steadfastly keeping faith with the public plus the determination of the administration to not only keep abreast of the times but to assume the qualities of leadership. The generous support and unfailing goodwill always accorded this International exposition will be Jealously guarded. It should be remembered that the Exhibition is not privately owned or operated and is not conducted for private gain. That is one of the reasons it takes on the aspects of a public service. Deutsches Generalkonsulat fuer Kanada Montreal, den 1.

    Mit Bezug auf den Bericht vom 9. Aufstellung hat in der Zeit vom September stattgefunden, oie wird von den Veranstaltern als sehr erfolgreich bezeichnet. Die britisohe Abteilung wurde vom englischen Secretary of the. An das Auswaertige Amt Berlin. Neben Neben den Ausstellungen von Industrieerzeugnissen kanadibcher, amerikanischer und englischer Firmen gab es of- fizielle btaende der brit sehen Dominions, i uedafrika, Australien, Neuseeland, Indien, Ceylon.

    Von niohtbritischen Laendern hatten Finnland und ie Tscheohoslovakei besondere Ausstellungen veranstaltet. Die Gesamt be sucherzahl von 1 ist um etwa 50 geringer als im Jahre Das wird darauf zurueckgefuehrt, dass das regnerische Wetter au manchen 'lagen eine grosse Zahl von Torontoer Einwohnern davon abgehalten habe, die Ausstellung so haeufig wie in frueheren Jahren zu besuchen.

    Oktober 19;5 - J. Ausstellung hat in der Zeit vorn JJie Aus- stellung wird von den Veranstaltern als sehr er- folgreich bezeichnet. Ueber die einzelnen Veran- staltungen, die das grosse Publikum zum Besuch der Ausstellung veranlassen sollten,gibt der in zwei Abdruecken beigefuegte Katalog Aufschluss, insbe- sondere die Seiten 15 - Von nichtbritischen Laendern hatten Finnland und die Tschechoslovakei besondere Aua- Stellungen veranstaltet. Die Jesamtbesucherzahl von 1 ist um etwa 50 geringer als im Jahre Das wird darauf zurueckgefuehrt, dass das regnerische Wetter an manchen Tagen eine grosse Zahl v m Torontoer Ein- wohnern davon abgehalten habej: die Ausstellung ua so haeufig wie in fruejaeren Jahren zu besuchen.

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    August Ottawa, Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Umso wich- tiger erscheint dagegen der Besuch der grossen Industrie- Ausstellung in Toronto. Ich waere Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn Sie mich hinsichtlich der Sweokmassslgkeit des Besuchs der Aus- stellung in Ottawa und einer besonderen Heise aus diesem Anlass mit entsprechender Weisung versehen wuerden. If it is your intention to attend this luncheon kindly return this card as soon as possible so that the necessary accommodation may be arranged.

    I wish to thank you sincerely for this very kind invitation. Un- fortunately , I shall be in Toronto only this week so that I shall be unable to be- present on September 7th. I, therefore, regret not to be able to accept the invitation with which the President and Directors of the Canadian National Exhibition Association have honoured me. Otherwise its character is indicated by the symbol appear- ing after the check. Of course, the arrival of the Em- pire flying boat, Cambria, over- shadowed all other events.

    As te graceful giant of the transatlantic skies soared over these acres and settled to its water f ront anchor- age, few eyes of Exhibition sight- seers had room for anything else. Press Has Good Time. Later at. But the newspaper "boy," many of hern grizzled by long years of wrtjstling wit! They were out to have fa good time. Their faces showed they did not fail. Old journalists achievements, and merrymaking, generally with a po- litical tinge, were retold, old ac- quaintanceships revived. A favor- ite meeting-place was the spacious Press Building. A few of the old-time scribes took the occasion to relate how the Ex- hibition was "covered" in the days before when the reporters had no luxuries like a well-equipped of- fice in which to centralize their ac- tivities.

    The matched swim between Ralph Flansgan, Miami, and Bob Pirie and Gordon Devlin of Toronto; the track r events in f ront of the Grandstand and the race between a team of Arctic huskies and track stars were followed with rapt attention. The big sports menu also included model yacht tests, junior track events, motor-boat races, tugs-of- war, Softball, waterskiing and aqua- planing, high diving and the open- ing of the horse show.

    Rain threatened from time to time during the day, but the hoped-for relief f rom this quarter failed. Another outstanding sports pro- gram is scheduled for today, which will be impressively known as "Manufacturers', Athletic and Flor- al Day. Harness Racing' Tuesday. One event that is being awaited impati- ently by thousands of fans—the motorboat races, will s tar t on Thursday, Sept.

    Crowds, due to the excessive heat, have been exceptionally good at the evening performances of the United States Navy Band. The last few evenings, the entrancing lighting effects, harmonizing with the music, and the cool breezes off Lake Ontario have combined to make the band shell one of the most appealing centres on the grounds. Sie ist nicht so gut besucht gewesen, wie man erwartet hatte.

    Der Grund ii dafuer liegt vor allem darin, dass im Augu-1 die Kinderlaehmung in der Provinz Ontario ausbrach und ein betraeohtllches Ausmass annahm. Infolgedessen gelang es auch nicht, durch die beson- deren Veranstaltungen und Vergnuegungen, die mit der Ausstellung verbunden waren, die Besucherzahl zu ver- mehren. Ueber die Veranstaltungen gibt der Katalog der Ausstellung Aufschluss, der hier belgefuegt wird.

    Es darf besonders auf die Selten verwiesen wer- den. Die Schirmherren der Ausstellung waren wieder- um der Generalgouvorneur von Kanada und die Gouverneure der einzelnen Provinzen Kanadas. Ehrendirelctoren waren der kanadisohe Premierminister King, die Premiermini- ster der Provinzen, der High Commissioner fuer Canada, die Praesidenten der beiden grossen Eisenbahngesell- schaften, der Praesident der Universitaet Toronto, der 2, Landwlrtsohaftsmlnlster und andere bedeutende Per- soenllchkeiten.

    Rowell, eroeffnete die Auastellung am Freitag den 27,August Am Vorabend fand die Eroeffnung der britischen Abteilung der Ausstellung statt, bei der Malcolm Macdonald, der englisohe Secretary of State for the Dominions, von Lossiemouth in Schottland telephonisch eine Ansprache hielt. Aus demselben Anlass wurden Nachbildungen des englischen Kronsohatzes ausgestellt. Die Provinz Nova Sootia zeigte eine Ausstellung von Fischereierzeugnissen, sowie die Nachbildung eines neusohottlaendisohen Kohlen- bergwerks, Die grossen Warenhaeuser Torontos und Mont- reals hatten ebenfalls ausgestellt.

    Das International Building enthielt eine Ausstellung fremder Laender, die vor allem der Reisewerbung diente. August bis 1 1. I s darf besonders auf die Seiten 1 5 - 1 9 verwiesen verdeu. Reiches zugegen, die saemtllch Anspra- chen hielten. Die Zusajumengehoerlgkelt Kanadas und des uebrigen Reiches wurde aus Anlass des KroenungsJahres besonders stark betont. Aus demselben Anlage wurden Nachbildungen des englischen Kronschatzes ausgestellt. Die Mehrzahl der Ausetellungsgebaeude enthielt Staende kanadischer und amerikanischer Firmen. Ein weiteres Oebaeude enthielt Ausstellungen von elektrotechnischen Erzeugnissen und Maschinen, Haushaltungseinrichtungen, Kuehlschraenken, Waschma- schinen, Bueroiaaschtnen usw.

    Die grossen Warenhaeueer Torontos und Montreals hatten - 3 - hatten e b e n f a l l s a u s g e s t e l l t. Das International Building enthielt eine Ausstellung; fremder Laonder, die vor allem der Heise- werbung diente. Dl Ausstellung war zugleich eine Vergnuegungsstaette, die fuer zahlreiche Bewohner der Provinz den Hauptanziehungspunkt dar- s t e l l t e. Eine Reihe von Zeitungsausschnitten ueber die Ausstel lung l iegt dem Bericht bei.

    Eine Samalung von Drucksachen, die auf der Ausstellung v e r t e i l t wurden, f o l g t gesondert. September Ottawa. August in Toronto stattfand, waere ioh Ihnen nun noch dankbar, wenn Sie die Freundlichkeit haben wuerden, die Ihnen befreundete Bijouteriefirma zu der in Aussicht gestellten Aeusserung ueber die Ausstellung zu veranlassen.

    Fuer die Ihnen hiermit verbundene Muehe spreohe ioh Ihnen im voraus meinen besten Dank aus. Wagner, In Erledigung Ihres Schreibens vom Monats betr. Ich habe den betr. Herrn hier gebeten mir einen Be- richt zu machen, doch ist der Herr wegen einer anderen Ausstel- lung augenblicklich sehr stark beschaeftigt, wird mir aber den Bericht so bald als nur moeglich zugehen lassen. Mit vielen Gruessen und Heil Hitler Ihr1 den 5. Ausst eilungen. Lieber Herr Kroppi Es tut mir leid, wenn ich Ihnen noch einmal wegen des Beriohts ueber die Schmuck- und Geschenkwaren- Ausstellung schreiben muss, die in Toronto vom August stattfand; ich waere Ihnen dankbar fuer Mitteilung, ob der Ihnen bekannte Herr, der den Berioht in Aussicht stellte, inzwischen eine Aufzeichnung ueber die Ausstellung machen konnte.

    Herrn Dr. Anton Wagner, Handelsattache, St. Betrifft: Schmuck- und Geschenkwarenausstellung. Unter Bezugnahme auf Ihr Schreiben vom 5. Sowie dieser Bescheid bei mir eingeht, wird er Ihnen weiter gereicht werden. Oktober Der Handelssachverstaendige A. Lieber Herr Kropp! Seien Sie mir nioht boese, wenn ich Sie noch- mal nach dem Bericht ueber die Schmuck- und Geschenkwaren- auastellung frage.

    Mit besten Gruessen und Heil Hitler! Oktober Herrn Dr. Wagner, Betr. Leider ist aber der Inhalt so kurz ausgefallen, dass Sie meiner Ansicht so gut wie nichts damit anfangen koennen. The show organizer, we find merely had a temporary office which was closed Immediately after the Jeweller's exhibition. We are pleased to report to you, however, that we found both the Gift and Jeweller's ehibitions materially beneficial to us.

    The Gift exhibition, if anything, being the better than the Jeweller's. We have no hesitancy in stating that in our estimation such exhibitions are excellent for business and the means of develo- ping a more solid Business relationship with the customer. Linke has been out of town a great deal. Catherine Street West, Mont r e al 0 anada. C 3f te.

    Von der vom Ferner bitte ich zu gegebener Zeit um tunliohst beschleunig- te Uebersendung eines Berichts ueber den Verlauf, die Beschickung und den Erfolg der Ausstellung. Ausstellung Toronto. In Beantwortung Ihres Schreibens vom Zwei Exemplare gehen Ihnen an vorgenanntem Tage zu. Canadian National Exhibition August t e i l e ich Ihnen mit, dass zwei o f f i z i e l l e Kataloge der obigen Ausstellung heute an Sie abgegangen sind.

    September Br i t ish Empire Day. Im Auftrag, Einlagen. While the gods of war thundered in Europe, while guns were massing on the German borders, Czechoslo- vakian girls in their national cos- tumes danced with German boys on the polished floor of the Italian ex- hibit; Consuls, Vice-Consuls and people of half a dozen nations link- ed hands in friendship and told re- porters: "Let your papers tell the world there is friendship here to- night.

    The party was the spontaneous outcome of the Exhibitors' Association, a party just for themselves, to cele- brate that association after the building closed. But when we got it started, why every one wanted to be in on it. So with the Kropp boys as her "right hand men" the party,was organized, with contribua tions from every one in the build- ing. Stapells, chairman of the International Build- ing, and when an enthusiastic affir- mative was received took charge of the plans. That was why after the impressive closing of the Canadian National Exhibition those who had the "password"—three knocks on the door, "Hey, it's me," and perhaps the doorman believed you—should par- take of Italian and German wine, Finnish cheese, fish and rye bread, Polish ham, German sausages and "chocolates" provided by Mr.

    Sta- pells as his contribution. Anna's apron tied about his middle, Hubert Kropp of the Hamburg- American Line stood in the Czecho- slovakian booth, the picture of Czech village, war threat hanging over it, forgotten behind him, and took charge of the catering. There were the Polish girls, flirt- ing merrily with the dark eyed Italians, the Netherlanders going into a folk fling. Aliman, League of Nations in himself, as he was born in Turkey of Spanish parents, mar- ried a French girl in Belgium and had five children born in England, and was in charge of the Eastern exhibit, was sponsoring an Indian student, Hassan, who had an un- canny gift of reading palms.

    And then f o r ' a moment the din subsided while the guests of honor spoke. Stapells i took the stand. I'm glad they did now. Yes, thank you, 1 like to dance," and off she went on the arm of Norbert Kropp who was wearing a Netherlander straw hat and had a mark of very Polish look- ing lipstick on his cheek.

    The consuls of the different coun- tries joined enthusiastically in the fun. All in spirit of adventure the consul for Netherlands from Mont- real, G. Luden, put the arriving guests through strict examination, gazing at them sternly through a slit in the door. When he found them "good and wholesolme" he kissed them on both cheeks—"What can you expect, I have lived next door to Poland for two weeks! Buzek, in charge of the Czecho- slovakia exhibit; Consul for Poland. George Sawicki from Montreal, "I- like-Shakespeare-Jerzy - Sumowski,"' representing Polish trade and a little slow on his English except for the one remark about "his friend" Shakespeare—all of them talking away at a great rate and if a re-!

    The refrain of the evening, and the key by which each will know the other in the years to come, was a ; remark by Hon. Howard Ferguson, made at a dinner a few nights pre- viously and quoted by R. Stapells until out of sheer repetition every- body adopted it as a motto, "We will never again speak of foreign nations —but of friendly nations!

    Besucherzahl: 1,, Z c Ausstellung der Welt bezeichnet wird und dieses Jahr bereits zum Der Raum war dunkel gehalten und brachte v die elektrisch arbeitende Tafel sehr zur Geltung. Die Ausstellung wurde gut besucht, jedoch wurde von den meisten Besuchern eine Ausstellung deutscher Erzeugnisse vermisst. Die einzige deutsche Firma, welche auf der Aus- stellung vertreten war, war die Pa. Zwei Kataloge sind Ihnen bereits am August zugegangen. Aus den drei einliegenden Fotografien ersehen Sie die Hauptobjekte der deutschen Ausstellung.

    Die Au Stellung wurde ut besucht, Jedoch wurde von den meisten Besuchern eine Ausstellung deut scher Erzeugnisse vermisst. Zwei Kataloge sind Ihnen bereits am S6. Lieber Dr. Stapells, unser Buero auf und schlug vor, die deutsche Ausstellung im naech- sten Jahre zu vergroessern und wenn moeglich auch deutsche Industrie- Produkte zur Ausstellung zu bringen. Da ich damals noch nicht zurueck war, beabsichtigt Mr.

    Stapells mich gelegentlich hier aufzusuchen und ich wuerde Sie dann gegebenenfalls benachrichtigen, damit Sie an unserer Unterredung teilnehmen koennen. Inzwischen uebersende ich Ihnen einige Unterlagen ueber Mr. Stapells zu Ihrer Orientierung. Ich freue mich Sie in den naechsten Tagen wiederzusehen und verbleibe bis dahin mit bestem Gruss und Hitler! Vice-president, J. Gibbons Limited, Bay Street, Toronto. At the annual election of officers following the regular business ses- sion, R. Stapells, Toronto, was re-elected President, and W. Rob- ertson was re-elected Secretary- Treasurer.

    Gibbons, Ltd. MAI Sagtb. An das Deutsche Konsulat M o n t r e a l. Ottawa, den JO. Ich erinnere ergebenst an gefaellige umgehende Uebersendung der mit Erlass vom Ig. An das gez. Windeis Deutsohe Konsulat M o n t r e a l. Auf den Erlass vom 30,Mai d. Juni September und Ha. Februar heraus. Mai ds.