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Needless to say, with such an engrossing beginning, I had high hopes for this one. Yet, to my immense disappointment, Chapter 1 is as good as it gets. Dusty is whisked away, back to her boarding school and from there, everything just gets worse. One of my biggest issues with this debut is the dialogue. It is obvious that Mindee Arnett doesn't really know - or understand - teenagers.

Not only are the conversations in this story riddled with cliches, but the interactions with adults seemed too stereotypical and unreal to truly seem plausible. Dusty's mother, Moira, is cast in an utterly ridiculous light, failing to provide a foundation for a strong mother-daughter bond and Dusty's rivals in her school are just as predictable as your run-of-the-mill blonde cheerleader, from their expressions to the next words that come out of their mouth.

If all this wasn't bad enough, the romance set-up between Eli and Dusty is obvious - and far too boring - from the very beginning. As characters, Eli and Dusty bring nothing new to what we've already seen done time-and-time again and as a reader who went into this book looking for originality, I came across only the same old bland story lines, characters, and settings. From what I've heard from my trusted friends, it turns out that Arnett's debut has a love triangle to top this all off, one that seems wholly unnecessary since even I can already tell you who Dusty will chose, despite not having met the second guy yet.

Honestly, this book is just too simplistic, poorly executed, and unoriginal to be worth my time. I gave it nearly a hundred pages before giving up and simply have to arrive at the conclusion that it is not for me. I know plenty of readers who have found to be a fun and enjoyable piece, but I am unfortunately not one of them. If you don't mind a rather typical, but entertaining, paranormal mystery, The Nightmare Affair will most likely be your cup of tea, but if, like me, you were drawn to this novel because of its potential uniqueness in an overdone genre, look elsewhere.

You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Sep 02, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-fantasy , young-adult. I believe my first words were, "I want to have this book's babies. Filled with the delights of magic, mystery, adventure and friendship, The Nightmare Affair has integrated the best of both worlds.

However, I will not be hasty and categorize it as fan fiction, for it has shown originality in its own special way. Otherwise, I bet our beloved Marissa Meyer wouldn't have blurbed it. I dare you to contradict me, or her for that matter. For me, the most unique feature of this novel was its magic system, which was highly "parasitic" in nature. Furthermore, this might sound strange, but the political side of me was pleasantly surprised by the book's subtle delineation of Republican and Democratic ideologies.

After all, this is NOT supposed to be a dystopian story. Overthinking Sadly, it did take me more than a month to finish it, but this only happened because I had the nerve to read eight books alternately. Please trust me when I say that this book has blown my mind. Readers will surely have a brain workout trying to pinpoint the elusive killer. I had quite a number of suspects in mind, so I had a blast judging the diverse cast of characters. When I come to think of it, the only problem I encountered was the insta-love trope, but in the end, it actually turned out to be "justified.

I hope you would enjoy it as much as I did. I would love to be a student at Arkwell Academy! Oct 11, Victoria Scott rated it it was amazing. Arnett has a fresh, witty voice that keeps you turning pages with lightening speed. Eli was my favorite character and not just because he's smoking hot , and every time he and Dusty shared a dream I couldn't help holding my breath. There's definitely enough world-building to have multiple books, but this baby includes a knock-out ending that left me feeling wholly satisfied--a very hard balance to master--and Arnett does it with ease!

Mindee Arnett hits a grand slam with her debut, and I can't wait to get my hands on her next story! Feb 02, Christina Ensconced in Lit rated it it was amazing Shelves: net-galley. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I've seen the Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett around and the premise was enticing enough for me to pick it up. She feeds one night on a hot guy from her old school, Eli, but he notices her in the dream and forcefully wakes them up.

Turns out they are a Dream-Seer duo, and now both attend a magical school. From ther I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. From there, things get dangerous with a murderer on the lose, and they need to use their newfound powers to figure out the mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from page one when I met the fiesty protagonist, Dusty, and the very intense and sexy, Eli. Mix in some magic and a school setting with some mystery, and you have my Achilles heel.

I actually tried to be good and read a book that I promised an author to read, but that didn't happen because I couldn't put this one down. The pacing is excellent, and the world building while not entirely unfamiliar, is sound and fascinating with its own unique twists. I had only one slight complaint-- there is a plot twist that I felt was very deus ex machina, which I'm not a huge fan of. But it wasn't the only twist, and it was the only one I felt that way about. Overall, a highly entertaining first book, and I really do hope we see more of Dusty and her friends. My rating: 3. Mare or Nightmare noun 1.

Dusty is a relatively normal 16 year-old girl, except for that whole "my mother is a Nightmare". In the most literal sense. Literal meaning she's a mythical creature that feeds on what dreams are made of. One night while Du My rating: 3. One night while Dusty is doing just that, she finds herself in a dream depicting a murder of one of her classmates that is vivid enough to leave her shaken.

She returns to her school that night only to find out that that was no ordinary dream, she had just witnessed a real murder. Nightmares aren't the only mythical creature in this vibrant and imaginative world Mindee has created. Dusty attends Arkwell Academy along with other magical beings such as warlocks, witches, vampires, sirens, mermaids, demons, and of course, nightmares. The purpose of the Academy is to teach all magical creatures how to function and live in this world undetected.

Considering there was so much to this world, there was a lot of information to be explained in detail for the reader and it was a bit of an information overload in the beginning. There was one particular aspect of this world regarding what was called 'The Will' which was a powerful magic that essentially acted as a 'Big Brother' and kept individuals from using their magic to harm. It played a huge part of the story as a whole but wasn't explained as easily as it could have been and I was left with unanswered questions regarding its functionality.

I dislike comparing books with out another because there is so little these days that is truly original. Some facet of every story has more than likely already been done time and time again, the part that becomes most important is how that author takes that used idea and molds and transforms it into something uniquely theirs. I could go on and on about how much the setting reminded me of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins with its supernatural school with various different magical beings. How the main character who is quirky and funny yet ultimately an outcast.

How her enemies are the beautiful popular girls and even the parental setup is similar with her mother being estranged and her father being non-magical just the other way around in HH. I could even go so far as to compare the seriousness and intensity of the mystery to a Dan Brown novel and the magical battles and ending worthy of a Harry Potter book. I could likely do this form of comparison with all my book reviews.

The point in all this, despite these comparisons that danced through my head while reading, is I loved those bits that were truly unique and given the authors special touch. Using a 'Nightmare' as a supernatural being was genius and I loved it. I also loved how she took a supernatural story and added a medieval twist two things that I would normally never put together in my head and really made it work for me.

I'd like to see some stronger character development in future installments and please, please, make that completely unnecessary love triangle go away. This book is one Nightmare you mind experiencing. Recommended for supernatural mystery fans looking for a bit of a twist. View all 8 comments. May 26, Maryam Dinzly rated it it was amazing.

I got this book at a book sale for a very very cheap price and I am SO glad that I bought it because this is one of those books that you guys have to read. It's totally underrated, but come on, I'm telling you to pick up this book so you'd better do so. Her name is Dusty Everheart and she breaks into people's houses in the middle of the night because she is a Nightmare. She needs to feed on people's dreams and give them nightmares. What's even worse was that Eli was dreaming about a very specific murder, which happened at Arkwell Academy.

Arkwell Academy is Dusty's current school and it's a school full of magic beings like herself. It became more horrible when the murder occurs after she saw it. Soon, Dusty has to find the killer fast, before he murders another person. Or before he realizes that Dusty knows. I was practically half-spazzing while I was reading this book, because Dusty is one of the coolest, smartmouth-ed girl I have ever met. She literally speaks without thinking but she has the coolest comebacks EVER. My new role model HA. The only drawback about this book which will not affect the ratings is that magical beings are banned from SUGAR.

The story line is really really smooth. There weren't any awkward transition between each scenes. I especially loved every scenes between Dusty and her mom, because those parts are always so vulnerable for Dusty and it's quite unique to see her not hide behind her tough-act attitude. And I am so happy that this book is a series ; May 06, Lindsay Cummings rated it it was amazing Shelves: debutauthorchallengeread.

Love the main character, love the writing style I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes a book doesn't need to be award worthy to be entertaining and good. So this isn't going to be a very in-depth or thought out review because it's not the type of book that needs one, if that makes sense. Starting off the book, I had a really hard time getting into it, and I think that had more to do with my mood and the stress of my summer program than the actual book itself.

But once I had time and I actually really started it, I was sucked in. At first the really simple nature of the writing didn't attract me, but I learned to like it. Sometimes a book doesn't need to be stellar writing quality to still be entertaining and good.

The ease of reading sucked me in and I really appreciated that. It also helped that I quite enjoyed the main character, Dusty. She has a real snarkiness to her that I liked and she wasn't perfect and knew it, something I can relate to. When it comes to the plot, it was pretty damn predictable. Like I predicted the bad guys really early on, but I think that's just me being an awesome judge of character more than the book. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the plot, the magic, and the world-building, but it grew on me. Overall, it was exactly the kind of book I needed to read this month: light, quick, and with a sarcastic main character.

I wasn't planning on continuing the series, but I think I will now just because I want more books like this in my summer reading. Nov 06, I Eat Words rated it it was amazing. This was So. Magic, romance, mystery, suspense--I was on my toes the whole time! Feb 26, Heidi rated it really liked it. Three and a half stars: A fun introduction to a magical series featuring a unique protagonist!

Dusty sneaks through the window, anxious to get her dream feeding over so she can return to her dorm. She tries to ignore the boy's sexy, half naked body as she straddles his chest and prepares to walk into his dreams. You see, Dusty is not exactly an ordinary girl, she recently came into her magical abilities and learned that she was a Nightmare.

As a Nightmare, she feeds off others' dreams. As Dusty e Three and a half stars: A fun introduction to a magical series featuring a unique protagonist! As Dusty enters Eli's head, she realizes something is different this time. She witnesses a murder of a classmate at her school, and then to her horror, Eli can see her in the dream. He awakens and shoves her off his chest. When Dusty attempts to do the forgetting spell, it backfires so she makes a beeline for the window and escapes.

The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett Book Trailer

Her troubles are far from over as she learns that what she saw in Eli's dream is reality. It gets even more complicated when Dusty discovers that she and Eli have a special connection. They are dream seers.

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Eli, a non-magical, is brought to her school, and Dusty is supposed to walk his dreams three times a week. Can the unlikely pair learn to work together and catch a killer? This book features a protagonist who is a Nightmare: a magical entity who feeds off dreams. Dusty during her feedings enters and walks through other people's dreams. It was fun to watch her uncover her powers and learn to change the dreamworld. I especially enjoyed the ideas of how the imagination and fictus work and all the parts that pertained the dreamworld, they were exciting and fascinating!

If you are a big paranormal junkie, and you want something unique definitely give this book a read. She is an unlikely heroine as she is a bit of an outcast amongst her peers. She is unsure of her abilities and uncomfortable with her identity. As the book progresses, Dusty begins to unlock her powers and take charge. She is brave and refuses to back down as she tries to solve the murder, even it that means being a bit daring and reckless.

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She certainly has gumption. By the end, she has grown and become a bit more comfortable with her identity and powers. It is a bit of a love square as Dusty and Eli enter into relationships with other people, but you just get the feeling that they are destined to be together as corny as that sounds. Dusty and Eli have a complicated and antagonistic relationship. They are drawn together through unique circumstances, but they aren't exactly friends, but there are those looks here and hints of a brewing attraction, that they don't want to admit.

Needless to say, this is a slow burner and it is fun to see how it all plays out. The love triangle or square, doesn't really become an issue because it is rather obvious from the get go how the romance will really turn out.

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  • Dusty and Eli attempt to unravel the clues and catch a killer before it is too late. Of course, there are plenty of leads and lots of suspects, including Dusty's own mother. The finale reveal was thrilling and action packed, even if there was a bit of predictability. The pair have never gotten along or seen eye to eye as Moira abandoned Dusty as a baby. Dusty doesn't trust her own mother and there is lots of tension between them throughout. I was happy to see movement by the end toward a better relationship in the future, even though, I suspect it will still have its moments.

    You would think as a siren she would be sexy and shallow, but surprisingly she is level headed, intuitive, and very adamant about sirens being seen as more than empty headed, sex symbols. She is an admirable best friend and very supportive of Dusty, definitely someone you would want to have your back. There were plenty of paranormal entities from fairies, witches, werewolves, sirens, demons and more.

    One of the more interesting characters was an old hag who worked as a janitor. She was creepy and all kinds of interesting. I really wanted to know what was the deal with all the chocolate? This was an unexpected surprise and it is always nice to see a character who you thought was evil redeem himself. I hope to see more of this character in the next book as well as his trusty dog.

    It is so refreshing to enter into a new series and reach a satisfying ending! No dramatic cliffhanger in this one, but there are threads laid out for future story lines. I wanted to know what happens if Dusty doesn't feed regularly? Does she lose her magic or something worse? How are the victims chosen? Does the nightmare feed off only bad nightmares? This was such a fascinating idea and I can't wait to see how it unfolds in future books.

    I was expecting more on this angle, he is just dropped into the school and there is really not much discussion on how he feels about it all as he struggles to adapt. I really wanted Eli and Dusty to have a heart to heart about the whole situation, granted they have a brief chat, but I was hoping for a lot more depth. I really wanted to know what made Eli tick. I am also curious on the whole seer thing, and I am wondering if Eli will develop some magical abilities over time. It is hard for me to believe that he is a dream seer and that he will always be ordinary.

    Though, it isn't exactly original it was still a fun read. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself drawing comparisons to other books you have read that have similar plots. I was also confused about how the villain awakened, did someone do it, or did he rise on his own. The Nightmare Affair, all in all, was a quick and pleasant read. This is a book that features a unique protagonist: a Nightmare. It has a magical boarding school, a murder mystery and a bit of romance. I enjoyed the magical world and the many different paranormal entities I encountered.

    If you are a fan of books set in a magical school with a protagonist growing and coming into their powers you should like this book. Favorite Quotations: "Looks shouldn't matter when it comes to judging a person. So not true. It is one of the few powers in the world that is truly wild. You've got to have rules and guidelines for things to work proper. Otherwise people get hurt that don't need to. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. Posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

    Oct 22, Adrianna [SypherLily] added it Shelves: dnf-skimmed. If I had read this when I was 18 I would have adored this. The story is great, it's about a 16 year old girl who is a nightmare, which is a type of magic kind who feed on people's dreams to survive and feed their magic. She feeds on a boy's dream and witnesses a murder that just happened in real time, so when higher ups in her society find out about this, they use her powers to find the murderer. But then there is the corny part where she has to sit on the sleeping person's chest, and the first "victim" in the book is a "super hot" guy from her old school, who appears to be a seemingly-bad-boy-but-really-nice-guy trope.

    I'm just at the point in my life where reading about kids in school has to be extremely well written and unique in order for me to enjoy. But this IS geared toward younger readers, so I'm certain they would find this super fun! Nov 10, Lili rated it really liked it. This book is truly an adorable gem. If you're look for a paranormal private investigators type book for a young adult audience, this would be your pick in a heartbeat. Keep in mind it is not for little kids because there are some sexual innuendos. I mean, Dusty has to kneel on a guys chest to feed of of his dreams!

    Even she refers to the positioning as awkwardly kinky! I don't know about you guys, but I love magical schools. The Arkwell Academy is ranked up there with Hex Hall if you ask me, thou This book is truly an adorable gem. The Arkwell Academy is ranked up there with Hex Hall if you ask me, though neither can compare to the illustrious Hogwarts. Magical schools create this competition among creatures that's fascinating. A good prank war like what goes on between Dusty and Lance is awesome reading material and horrible charms being thrown about in the hallways of a school housing classes that give you tests by making you float apples into trash cans is pretty awesome.

    I mean, anyone who denies that is just crazy pant. Arkwell Academy delivers on all fronts with the addition of some never before seen magickind concepts and an awesome mystery. Arnett's debut paints a vivid world for magickind whose kids attend Arkwell Academy to keep them separate from the ordinaries. Under the rule of the Magi Senate, all of magickind are controlled by The Will. This is an invisible magical force that propels teens to do things that are necessary to their survival, but also stops them from maiming one another using magic spells.

    So, while The Will forces Dusty to feed off of Eli's dreams on a night that will forever change their lives, it only stops her from using magic every now and then. Nightmares tend to find ways around The Will because their power comes from dreaming and imagination.

    Arkwell Academy, book 1: The Nightmare Affair | Livraddict

    While all the faeries, demons, werewolves, hags, wizards, sirens, and everyone else suffer from The Will's control, Dusty slowly learns that she can get around it. Nightmares are rare nowadays and the book only speaks of three in existence. Dusty and her mother--who is known for bending the rules--and Bethany who can only be compared to a gorilla that has a human shape.

    They must go into people's dreams at night and observe alongside them to gain energy. While there is no shortage of paranormal creatures in this one, I thought that the creation of the Nightmare creature was totally awesome. However, it gets even better. When Dusty witnesses a murder while inside Eli's dream that comes true mere hours later, they realize that they are a dream-seer pair. While Eli dreams, Dusty sees them and analyzes them. Eli the ordinary who is obsessed with private investigating because his Dad is the head of the police force is the shipped off to Arkwell Academy to work with Dusty to uncover the murderer before it's too late.

    Initially resistive, they eventually become friends and with the help of Paul, Dusty's crush, and Selene, her siren best friend that is so totally against a siren's beauty making them a sex object, they take us on a journey of a life time. I really enjoyed Selene and Dusty's relationship, just as much as I enjoyed Eli and Dusty's relationship. Selene is almost like a siren feminist which I found to be incredibly entertaining. As roommates they immediately hit it off despite the rest of Arkwell hating on Dusty because her species is so rare, feared, and misunderstood.

    Selene is always there for her, never batting an eye. Through Selene, we get to see the true realities of high school. There's always that one friend that is going to be there for you no matter what while the evil popular crowd tries to take you down. All of the intricate relationships, both good and bad, formed among peers and faculties and high schools were somehow exemplified in this book.

    It was a refreshing touch to read a book that somewhat understood the reality of teenagers these days. But I did have on problem with this book, and that would be the big reveal. I don't really know how to describe it. As determined early on in the story, there are several people involved in this murder spree. The person involved that shocked Dusty the most was very obvious to me from about half way through the book.

    It's one of those cases that involved said individual always being at the scene of the crime when there was no reason and you can't help but go, "yeah, that's not right. While I guessed one person in the scheme of things and than could infer some things once others were revealed during the final showdown, the drive behind such decisions and desires were not foreshadowed at all, and that is something that slightly made up for the anti-climactic reveal of the first betrayal.

    All in all, this was a great debut. A quick, humorous read good for young adults that like paranormal mysteries, I recommend this to nearly everyone. Arnett is an upcoming force to be reckoned with on the young adult paranormal mystery front. So, that's why we begin this story with Destiny Dusty Everhart breaking into a house ready to sit on her subjects chest and enter his dreams. See, she's a Nightmare. Literally, and needs to dream-feed to live. Only she wasn't thrilled with the idea when she learned that the subject is no other then Elijah Booker, the really cute popu 3.

    Only she wasn't thrilled with the idea when she learned that the subject is no other then Elijah Booker, the really cute popular guy at her old high school. But 'The Will' has an elastic pull and Dusty has no choice but to do what she came for. When she enters Eli's dream, it's much more alive then most of the other ones, in fact she recognizes where she is, which is impossible since Eli is just an Ordinary. Not only is Eli dreaming of a murder, but that murder comes true and it's at Arkwell Academy.

    Dusty's school, the school for all magical-kind. The Nightmare Affair is one of those really cool books that has my name written all over it. It has all the fun and wonderful things I like in my books. Academy setting, magical and paranormal beings, witty well developed characters, a whodunit mystery and a light bubbling romance. I had a lot of fun with this one. Mindee Arnett manages to spin something completely new and refreshing in a genre where I thought I'd read everything.

    Bestselling Series

    A Nightmare as a paranormal being? That is such a wicked concept and very well delivered as we learn what it entails. I also loved that this is also a whodunit mystery story. I guessed one of the culprits but the other half surprised me.

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    You wouldn't no it, but I'm a big mid-evil fan and thought that particular twist was very well placed and made it even more fascinating. There are a lot of wonderful sassy characters that made this book really standout. Dusty has always had to live with the knowledge that her mother isn't a person that is well liked within the magical community and being a Nightmare doesn't exactly give you cool points, but through it all, Dusty raises her head high and tries not to let it get her down.

    Eli wasn't a character I liked right away. He was very cold, distant and bitter in the beginning, but I guess I would be to if I didn't understand what was happening and thrown into world that wasn't technically suppose to exist. As the story moves on I started to like Eli a lot more. The dream-seeing connection between him and Dusty was pretty cool stuff to see and I found myself re-reading each one to see if I can catch any clues. Selene is one of those really awesome best friends. She's tomboyish despite her Siren beauty, she supportive and funny and stands up for Dusty like a true friend would.

    She also has a spunky personality that I found contagious. She's one of the few good people in a magical school filled with misfits, mean girls and bullies. Now, while I enjoyed a lot of what this book had to offer, my only issue was the flow of the story. The writing is well done and the pacing was fine, but the flow of information we got felt overloaded. There are so many different thing happening, it felt like we were learning it all in one breath.

    This world is very original with lots of wonders to learn about, but it felt overwhelming at times making it hard to just sink into the story. With that said, I still had a lot of fun with this book. It tuned out to be quite the entertaining experience. It's fun and creative and filled with colorful imagination.

    I'm not sure if this is a standalone but I could see all the possibilities for more, which I think would be great. I'd love to see what happens with Dusty and Eli and their Dream-seer abilities next! A fun read! This review and more can be seen at WinterHaven Books; View all 6 comments. Jan 16, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: read I received this book as an ARC.

    I was so excited to get it. I have been counting down the days until its release. I am sure if time and family would have allowed, I would have read it all in a day or 2 at the most. It was such a fun read. It wasn't at all what I was expecting.

    The Nightmare Affair

    I liked the different take on Magickind. I loved that the author focused on magic characters that are usually in the background. She brought secondary magickind creatures to I received this book as an ARC. She brought secondary magickind creatures to the forground and put the witches, vampires and werewolves more in the background. I found it refreshing. I really liked the main character Dusty. She wasn't your typical angst-ridden teenager and that was refreshing also.

    This book was a nice change of pace from the more recent young-adult fantasy books. No foul language, no sex, no drinking or drug use. I would definately recommend this book to anyone. Sep 27, Hiba rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , urban-fantasy , romance , reviewed , I had no idea why this was in my to-read list, but it was, and honestly, from the blurb, it did sound orignal. But I was wary of it because most of the early 's ya novels are total shit, but I wanted to try this, bexause idea of nightmares as humans sounds really interesting, but unfortunately, this turned out to be very fucking boring.

    The writing was extremely mediocre and childish. It was so fucking emotionless. Even the ending, which could've been great, was destroyed by the writing. It seemed the author wrote this book in two days, because she wanted to give it to publisher as quickly as possible. Their dialoges were dumb.

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    Their actions were dumb. Dusty was such an embarrasement to read about. She never made smart move. She judged every other girl except her best friend. She fell in love way too easily. She did everything she was not supposed to do and then disn't take responsibility for it. Seriously, this love triangle was so fhcking pointless. Everything could've worked out without it easily. There was no chemistry, no tension, no emotional attachement between any of these characters.

    There were mentions of few magickind creatures but none of them played an important role. There was a Hogwarts like school but it was so boring. There was something called Senate which controlled the Will which is in the school but nobody questions that something so important and powerful like The Will is in a fucking school. I cannot think of any other fault, because it was so forgetfull. I'm in long lonnnggg slump since April. It seems that almost nothing can fix my slump. And this book had further dwindled my will to read. This was very stupid. If you come across this book, then please don't read this.

    Mar 22, Sharon Mariampillai rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , books-i-have , suspense , recommendations-from-sj-finished , favourite-heroines , ya , e-books , marchteam-merlin , must-read , 5-stars. Thank you Sharon J for recommending this series to me. This was an incredible read. The story was a fast-paced paranormal mystery. The world was intriguing and different. The dreams were really creatively done and beautifully written. I thought that the characters were fantastic. Dusty is year-old, who breaks into houses at night, and is a dream-seer aka a Nightmare.

    She attends Arkwell Academy, a boarding school for the magickind, and is the only Nightmare in the school. Eli is another favou Thank you Sharon J for recommending this series to me. Eli is another favourite character. I really loved his personality and I really love how he interacts with Dusty. I think they have chemistry. Eli is hot, and I want more of him.

    I hope we can learn more about him as the series progresses. I loved the plot as a whole, and I cannot wait to see where Book 2 will take us. I am really excited to see what happens to Dusty and Eli's character. Overall, an amazing read. I spend my Valentines with The Nightmare Affair, get it? It's lame I know.. Like most people, what intrigued me about this book was the nightmare concept.

    I always love it when I discover a whole new type of paranormal species or a whole new idea of paranormal. Basically Nightmares sit on you and eat the stuff your dreams are made up off, namely fictus. Dusty just came into power a few months ago and had her world turn upside down, she had to join the Arkwell Academy, leaving behind her old school and friends. Talk about awkward. I think one of the things I really liked about this book was her reaction when she was told she may be a potential dream seer.

    People criticize her for the deeds her mother did and take their dislike of her mother out on her. Besides that, the small amount of magic she does have is hard enough to handle, add the extras she will get from the increased feeding. She is messed up. I have a hard enough time handling what I do have. She is a really funny person.

    She is her own person. Although, she does judge her mom a bit too quickly. I actually liked the relationship between the two, her mother is hilarious. She tries to kidnap her own daughter!!! I liked her best friend. She is a siren rebelling against the sexual objectification of sirens. How cool is that? From what Dusty says occasionally, I can see the relationship between the two would account for a good child-parent relationship that is hard to find in YA. Eli and Paul happen to be the two guys.

    Arkwell Academy

    About this product Product Information Sixteen-year-old Dusty Everhart breaks into houses late at night, but not because she's a criminal. No, she's a Nightmare. Being the only Nightmare at Arkwell Academy, a boarding school for magickind, and living in the shadow of her mother's infamy, is hard enough. But when Dusty sneaks into Eli Booker's house, things get a whole lot more complicated.

    He's hot, which means sitting on his chest and invading his dreams couldn't get much more embarrassing. But it does. Eli is dreaming of a murder. Then Eli's dream comes true. Now Dusty has to follow the clues - both within Eli's dreams and out of them - to stop the killer before more people turn up dead. And before the killer learns what she's up to and marks her as the next target. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. The Nightmare Affair is brimming with wit and charm, along with plenty of mysteries that kept me guessing to the very end.

    Mindee Arnett has created a brand new school of magic to delight and enthrall us, and I'm sure I won't be the only reader impatiently awaiting the next adventure at Arkwell Academy. The world of Nightmares, Sirens, Wizards and Demons at Arkwell Academy is wondrous and strange, yet so human and well-drawn that you get the feeling you might stumble into it by accident if you go out wandering too late. I read it too fast. What's next, Arnett? Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all