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When you're drumming, you may have a little bitty part, but you have to pay attention, because it matters that you get your part right," she explains. He joined Pitt African Drumming Ensemble while earning his master's in composition and started applying what he'd learned to worship. When a Western congregation uses African drumming and worship music, I think it helps us take on those values-even if only momentarily. The more we do that, the more we're able to love God and others beyond the confines of our own culture.

In songs accompanied by hand drum, we all play a significant role in music making and worship, regardless of which side of the drum we're on," Scheer says. Meulendyk says that spontaneity is a value in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, so it was easy to identify about 20 ways to fit drumming into or between liturgical elements.

For example, drumming can accompany hymns and Bible readings. It can also be used in a song added between the congregational prayer and communion or between the final prayer and blessing. Five Zion members who attended "Heartbeat of the Drum" continue to play during worship. Before a recent baptism, the pastor asked people to bring in jars, bottles, and vessels from garage sales. Everyone who wanted to was invited to bring some water in their vessel and pour it into a huge saucer used for a baptismal font.

The drummers drummed while each group walked up to pour in their water. So many people came forward that the font overflowed.

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Ben Allaway, music director and composer in residence at First Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa, learned about drumming's worship potential while working on a commissioned choir piece in East Africa. They all used percussion. People make shakers of bottle caps on coat hangers. Seeing how making music together strengthens a community, hearing it every night. At First Christian Church, little kids hand around baskets of instruments, including homemade noisemakers, such as dry beans in a Hershey's Cocoa can.

He has no rhythm at all. Percussion can help people pay closer attention during scripture readings. That's why conga drums punctuated this reading of Isaiah 60 during a worship service at the Calvin Symposium on Worship? Allaway likes using body percussion to improvise with scripture. For the Ezekiel 37 passage on how the Lord will restore the valley of the dry bones , he asked people to do an earthquake with their feet.

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They hissed- sssssss -for the words "hot" and "dry. And they used car keys or shakers when Allaway, the scripture reader, said "bones. Greg Scheer uses hand percussion fairly often in college chapel services and worship at Trinity Reformed Church.

He says it's easy to ask a congregation to sing a capella and then "add a little rhythmic vitality and distinctive flavor" such as a djembe with African songs, finger cymbals on Asian songs, or a doumbek on Middle Eastern songs. Of course, learning from, appreciating, and using other cultures' percussion patterns in worship isn't a quick-fix solution to make your congregation reflect the Revelation vision of every nation, tribe, people, and language. Meulendyk says that introducing drumming and dancing is part of a long-term plan to include liturgical elements that Zion members feel comfortable with and that visitors can connect with.

We wonder if we're still too white for them to feel at home. But maybe in three to five years, if a visitor says, 'I really connected with those drumming songs,' then people in our congregation will say, 'Oh, yeah, we've been doing that forever,' " he says. Hear how St.

The Hispanic congregation at Christ Church Cathedral Episcopal in Springfield, Massachusetts, uses bongos, tambourines, and other Latino instruments in worship. Attend a workshop on hand drumming in worship, to be held April , , in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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The Iona Community is sponsoring a week-long drum and percussion program, June , , in Scotland. This informative online guide to world percussion explains that the frame drum a handheld drum with a thin skin stretched over a shallow frame is used in Indian, Middle Eastern, North African, Celtic, Native American , and South American traditional music. Mennonite Central Committee sells relatively inexpensive frame drums, similar to the timbrel described in Psalm 68 KJV. Enter the Worship Circle writes worship music that's easy to learn.

Much of it, such as "Those Who Trust in the Lord," is designed to be sung accompanied by hand percussion, whether drums, cookie sheets, gourds, or whatever. It may spark your ideas on how to use hand drumming with hymns that grow out of the American folk or bluegrass cultures. Consider joining a drumming circle. Many offer excellent ways to build friendships with people who are not yet Christians.

The Psalm Drummers can connect you with networks of Christian percussionists in the U. Students at Calvin College who are interested in learning more about Sankofa, a drumming group that participates in chapel services and also professional events, may contact Asher Mains. Allaway suggests that to sing or play in solidarity with the people who composed a certain body of music or kind of instrument, it makes sense to learn more about them.

Learning about apartheid while watching the movies "A Dry White Season" or "Sarafina" will help you understand music from South Africa.

Sources for drums and hand percussion include Rhythmtrade U. Many music teachers recommend synthetic drums made by the manufacturer Remo. Read an interview with Paul Neeley, a missionary who explains how Christians in Ghana use "talking drums" to call people to worship.

Sermon | The Power of Worship | Psalm 40, John 12

In addition, they must demonstrate an attitude and lifestyle of worship as it is their role not only to sing, but to lead others in the worship of our Lord. Members must possess a certain level of musical skill and music reading ability. Praise Band Our praise band is the instrumental group which supports our weekly worship experience.

We practice on Wednesday evenings after church and again on Sunday mornings before church. Choir The Voices of Praise choir practices weekly on Sundays at p. Members are comprised of students and adults from the 6th grade on up. We focus on worshiping God and loving one another above singing.

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Worship Dance Central to our relationship and closeness with God is our understanding and practice of worship. This is not only done through Bible reading, prayer, songs, and offerings, but also through body language. Worship dance is one way we can visually show Jesus how much we love Him.