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This is a mistake because it risks way too much for very little gain.

Play Short Stack Poker Like a Pro

In such a spot an all-in raise that gets everyone to fold would only earn me around 2. Instead, I should take my chances with more standard raises if I expect the players behind to respond in a way that is profitable, or just fold if I expect those players to give me trouble with effective responses to my raises.

Instead of taking marginal open-steal spots vs. If you have not played your BB stack well, you will soon find yourself with a BB stack once the blinds increase.

Cash Games or Tournaments – Which is Best?

At this point, even the tightest of players will realize that they are slipping closer to the desperation zone. But had they made the same move when they had just a few more chips, I could not have called.

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This is probably the worst mistake of all to make when short-stacked. If you have not played your BB stack well, you will subsequently find yourself with less than 10 big blinds more than your fair share of times when the blinds go up.

Book Review: Automatic Poker: A short Stacker's Guide to Winning Poker

At this point, your options become very limited. You basically have to pick any decent hand and shove it. If you do not get a decent hand by the time you are down to around 5 big blinds, you may have to shove any two cards whenever there is a very tight player in in the big blind. I remember a friend once telling me how he had folded -offsuit from middle position when he had 8 big blinds. Later when the blinds increased, he finally picked up and shoved his last 3 big blinds into a guy who called without even looking at his cards.

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He lost to and could not believe how badly he had run. At some point, almost every poker tournament becomes shallow.

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If you want to improve your play, you must learn how to play a short stack well. In my opinion, short-stacked play is the most important aspect of tournament poker. Get all the latest PokerNews updates on your social media outlets. Live Events 1 World Series of Poker.

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    Home Strategy Poker Tournaments. Within these pages you will find all the information required to build a strong and repeatable poker game.

    How To Build A MASSIVE Stack In Poker Tournaments

    Imagine a hobby that can one day make you more money per hour than your "real" job. The author has broken down the game into a few core fundamentals that, when mastered, make winning within any dedicated player's grasp. Through comprehensive explanations of theory and tactics, you will learn the essentials of: 1. Key fundamental poker concepts necessary for winning poker.

    A chart-based core short-stacking strategy from which to grow. A profitable and easily repeatable 3-bet shoving strategy. A sound pre-flop and post-flop strategy that seeks to maximize profit in every situation.