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Added value Topics: 1. Importance of life aspects: family and children, occupation and work, free time and recreation, friends and acquaintances, kinship, religion and church, politics and public life, neighborhood, volunteer work. Personal and collective values: basic personal goals law and order, standard of living, power and influence, fantasy and creativity, security, help marginalized social groups, ability to assert oneself, industry and ambition, tolerance, political engagement, hedonism, faith in God, occupational achievement, self-realization ; opinion on various deviant acts with reference to their reprehensibility.

Attitudes towards abortion: abortion because of health risks for mother or child; abortion because married woman does not want more children; abortion after rape, due to financial situation or by single women not wanting to marry; permitting abortion without restriction; until when to allow an abortion if baby will be severely handicapped, if mother does not want more children, if there is a serious health risk for the mother, if there is not enough money, if the mother does not want to raise the child alone, if the father is against an abortion, if children are not part of lifeplan, if the mother does not give a specific reason.

Political attitudes: confidence in public institutions and organizations public health service, federal constitutional court, federal parliament Bundestag , churches, judiciary, television, newspapers, universities, federal government, the police, political parties ; political interest; postmaterialism importance of law and order, fighting rising prices, free expression of opinions, and influence on governmental decisions ; self-placement on a left-right continuum.

Religion and world view: attitudes towards the role of churches in society promote faith, take political positions, do social welfare work, promote interfaith understanding ; trust in churches; belief in God; the meaning of life; self-assessment of religiousness and spirituality; frequency of meditation; attitude towards religiousness; religious indifference; thinking about metaphysical questions; frequency of talking about religion; talking about religion with whom; experience with and attitude towards different forms of belief, parabelief and superstition; religious doctrines; religious tolerance; participation in religious life; religion vs.

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Ethnocentrism and minorities: scale of attitudes towards foreigners; contacts with foreigners living in Germany within the family, at work, in the neighborhood, or among friends; support for the teaching of Islam in public schools; support for the building of mosques in Germany; attitude towards person with different faiths marrying into the family; items on anti-Semitism; attitudes towards Islam in Germany. Other topics: Self-assessment of social class; opinion on various deviant acts with reference to their reprehensibility; social pessimism and orientation towards the future anomia ; authoritarianism; trust in fellow men; attitudes towards the role of women in the family; assessments of the present and future economic situation in Germany; assessment of present and future personal economic situation.

Excess direct medical costs of severe obesity by socioeconomic status in German adults

Description of household: size of household, number of persons older than 17 in household reduced size of household , household income, type of dwelling. Details about household members: family relation to respondent, gender, month and year of birth, age, marital status, baptism, religious affiliation. Details about children not living in the household: number of children not living in the household, gender, year of birth, age, baptism, religious affiliation.

Data on the interviewer: gender, age, school education, experience as interviewer, identification of interviewer. Added value: Inglehart-Index; Body-Mass-Index; occupational metaclassification according to Terwey ; classification of households according to Porst and Funk ; family typology; migration between East and West Germany; transformation weight for analyses at househehold-level; East-West-weight.

Personenstichprobe: Zweistufige, disproportional geschichtete Zufallsauswahl in Westdeutschland incl.

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West-Berlin und Ostdeutschland incl. Person sample: Two stage disproportionate random sample in western Germany incl. West Berlin and eastern Germany incl. East Berlin from all persons German and non-German who resided in private households and were born before 1 January In the first sample stage municipalities Gemeinden in western Germany and municipalities in eastern Germany were selected with a probability proportional to their number of adult residents; in the second sample stage individual persons were selected at random from the municipal registers of residents.

Targeted individuals who did not have adequate knowledge of German to conduct the interview were treated as systematic unit non-responses. Respondents from the area of the new federal states are oversampled. The consequences of flexible work for health: are we looking in the right place?

J Epidemiol Community Health — How do types of employment relate to health indicators?

Excess direct medical costs of severe obesity by socioeconomic status in German adults

Findings from the second European survey on working conditions. Bollen AK Structural equations with latent variables. New York: Wiley. Google Scholar. Alternative job stress models and the risk of coronary heart disease.

Gesundheit Institute: Patch Adams at TEDxUtrechtUniversity

Am J Publ Health 68— Berkman LF, Kawachi I, eds. Social epidemiology.

"Gesundheit!" translation into German

New York: Oxford University Press. Influence of life stress on depression. Influence by a polymorphism in the 5-HTT-gene. Science — Do changes in effort-reward imbalance at work contribute to an explanation of the social gradient in angina? Occup Environ Med — Dohrenwend BS, ed. Stressful life events: Their nature and effects. Labour market changes and job insecurity: a challenge for social welfare and health promotion. Geyer S Die Konsequenzen belastender Lebensereignisse. Weinheim: Juventa. Stress, health, and the social environment. Berlin: Springer.

House JS Work stress and social support. Reading MA: Addison Wesley. Johnson JV, Hall E Job strain, work place social support, and cardiovascular disease. Am J Public Health — Combined effects of job strain and social isolation on cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in a random sample of the Swedish male working population. Scand J Work Environ Health — Long-term psychosocial work environment and cardiovascular mortality among Swedish men.

Am J Publ Health — Karasek RA Job demands, job decision latitude, and mental strain: implications for job redesign. Administration Science Quaterly — Karasek RA, Theorell T Healthy work: stress, productivity, and the reconstruction of working life. New York: Basic Books. Knesebeck vd O, Siegrist J Reported non-reciprocity of social exchange and depressive symptoms: extending the model of effort-reward imbalance beyond work. J Psychosom Res — Knesebeck vd O Psychobiological mechanisms of socioeconomic differences in health.

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