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Many antivirus programs will attempt to remove or isolate malware for you. You may have to select an option and confirm that you want the antivirus software to tackle the malware.


For most users, this is the best option -- it can be tricky removing malware on your own. If the antivirus software says it has removed the malware successfully, you should shut down your computer , reboot and run the antivirus software again. This time, if the software comes back with a clean sweep, you're good to go. If the antivirus software finds different malware, you may need to repeat the previous steps.

How does a computer virus attack?

If it finds the same malware as before, you might have to try something else. If one antivirus program is good, two is better, right? Antivirus software tends to use up a large percentage of your computer's processing power. Running more than one antivirus program will slow your computer to a crawl and possibly cause it to crash.

How do computer viruses spread?

And not all antivirus programs are compatible with one another, which can make your computer even more unstable. How to Find the Right Laptop. This is the sort of infection you will be keenly aware of because you will not be able to use your computer.

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Quarantine The first thing you will want to do is to sever the connection this computer has with the network. That means physically unplugging it from your network, or turning off the wireless WiFi to your computer.

This will prevent the infection from sharing or receiving any information from its creator. This will also prevent your computer from spreading the infection to any other devices in your network. First, you will need an uninfected machine that has internet access. This will allow you to search the web for specific topics related to your issue. It is also extremely helpful if you have another computer that can accept another hard drive, although this is not mandatory. Diagnostics With your tools in hand you can now begin diagnosing your computer. Log into the affected computer and write down any symptoms, error messages, alerts, or suspicious looking activity such as programs you did not install.

Use your clean computer to search for these specific items.

How to Remove a Computer Virus

This may take some time, but you will eventually find information relating to your problem. Google searches will often yield a wealth of information. I would stress finding two separate websites with matching descriptions and resolutions just as a double check. Some may tell you to delete specific files as well as running multiple antiviruses to totally cleanse your machine.

How to remove malware from your Windows PC | PCWorld

This advice may sound vague, but there are tons of viruses out there, and covering the diagnostic process is far more valuable than covering the removal of any specific virus. Describing all of the different types of infections that could be at fault would be next to useless because malware changes and evolves constantly. Just like when you yourself get a cold, there is never one type of medication that will cure all your symptoms.

Resolutions After researching and corroborating information from many sources, then comes the moment of truth. That is to act upon your research. My favorite way to clean an infected computer is to remove the hard drive altogether.

How to remove computer virus/malware - Updated version + advanced steps

I then move this hard drive to an empty slot on my desktop. My desktop will then open the drive as a data drive similar to if you had plugged in a USB thumb drive. I can then use my computer to scan the contents of that drive. Now you may be worried that plugging an infected drive into a clean computer could run the risk of infecting your clean machine.