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A few astronomers have tackled the problem of moving planets, but not for dealing with emergencies on human time scales.

Earth's orbit

So processes that occur on geologic time scales work perfectly well. Instead, they must have migrated there from more distant birthplaces. That would be possible, they say, by changing the orbits of icy bodies in the distant solar system so they would pass close to the Earth, transferring some of their orbital energy to the planet.

The objects lie in a ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune called the Kuiper belt and in an even more distant shell of comets called the Oort cloud. Because they are far from the Sun, the objects have relatively low orbital energy, so they could be nudged using methods being developed to deflect asteroids away from the Earth. These range from the gentle pull of gravity tugs — spacecraft that fly near the object and gravitationally pull them off course — to the stronger push of mass drivers , which dig into and spew out pieces of the icy body, pushing it in the opposite direction.

Their orbits could then be fine-tuned in the inner solar system using jets of ices vaporised from their surfaces by equipment sent there. About a million such close passes would do the trick. If we spaced them evenly, that would mean about one close pass every to years, depending on whether we wanted to reach the orbit of Mars by the time the Sun started to vaporise the ocean, or when it hit its red-giant phase.

Luckily, the objects could be re-used if they looped around both Jupiter and the Earth, taking energy from the giant planet and transferring it to Earth. It would be a big job, and would take plenty of patience to move the Earth consistently outwards as the Sun grew warmer.

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This danger cannot be overemphasised. That danger could be avoided by using a giant solar sail, says Colin McInnes , a mechanical engineer at the University of Strathclyde. Solar sails are thin, mirror-like films that are propelled by the weak pressure of the sunlight that falls on them. He envisions building it in space by refining the raw materials in a 9-km-wide metal-rich asteroid.

Nickel and iron from the asteroid would be made into an 8-micron-thick film for the sail. But McInnes says it would require moving 10, times less mass than slinging objects from the Kuiper belt past Earth. But despite the practical difficulties of these scenarios, computer simulations by Laughlin also point out a real danger of playing with planetary orbits. Planetary orbits are shaped by the gravitational pulls of their neighbours, so moving the Earth would change the orbits of the other inner planets in unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways.

Environmental Damage

That may be the best argument for leaving the planets alone unless we have no alternatives. Humans cannot live on Mars without life support. The development of atomic power first represented a danger to communities surrounding a Soviet plutonium plant at Kyshtym in the Winter of This happened when the plutonium fallout from the inefficiently stored waste caused a blast which killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. As a result, a wasteland occurred which wiped more than thirty towns from Soviet maps and a declaration of 'off-limits' of the affected area continued until the contaminated soil could be covered with new soil and sand by groups of condemned prisoners, many of whom later died from radiation sickness.

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  4. More extensive publicity was given to the incident at Three Mile Island in and the Chernobyl meltdown of April and May which caused what threatened to be delayed death clouds over Central and Southern Europe, showing the danger of atomic meltdown with its resulting poisoning of the air, water, land, people, animals and food to be as potentially dangerous to the world and its inhabitants as atomic warfare. With increasing frequency we are informed of industrial accidents, some of which, like the chemical-insecticide disaster in Bhopal, India, killing thousands of people while they slept, rested, ate, or ran, resemble the sudden plagues of the Middle Ages.

    Another disaster, caused by cumulative chemical poisoning, took place at the Love Canal, New York State, USA, where a toxic chemical dump was insufficiently buried and was found to have been responsible for serious birth defects in infants which, in the event that the infants survived, could be transmitted, as with atomic fallout, to future generations. In Minamata, Japan, villagers developed brain and nerve damage and died as a result of eating fish already poisoned by methyl mercury, dumped into the sea from a nearby factory. Perhaps one of the best cover-ups was of the truth about the amount of environmental damage that was caused in the Gulf War of , when Saddam Hussein set-fire to over a thousand oil-wells and tipped tons of sticky black crude-oil into the sea.

    This disaster caused, and is still causing it has diluted and spread-out but it is still there incalculable damage and has been and still is a major factor in the acceleration of the ' green-house ' effect and the changing of global climate, with the havoc and destruction it is causing. The crude-oil in that region of the world is very heavily laden with sulphur and when you mix sulphur with water you get sulphuric acid.

    It rained sulphuric acid-rain for thousands of miles around that area, over wherever the wind blew the smoke-pollution.

    Planet Earth: Facts About Its Orbit, Atmosphere & Size

    Also the sulphur-gas in the smoke turns to sulphuric acid when it comes in contact with the moisture in our lungs and sweat and the people of Kuwait were having respiratory breathing difficulties early-on and the full details were never publicised. More recently, the bombing of fuel storage facilities and chemical plants and factories in Serbia and Kosovo by the NATO forces has had a direct and immediate impact on the world's climate and environment, with freak tornados ripping through central U.

    Indonesia is experiencing an onslaught of Tropical Cyclones, of far greater strength and ferocity than usual. Heat-waves through central Europe and Russia are causing forest fires which are destroying the last few areas of forest still remaining and Britain is encountering freak tornados and tropical storms, the likes of which have rarely been encountered there before. The scientists tell us that the flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet, but when they are being paid by governments to keep us in the dark , or actually to deceive us, they don't seem to think thousands of jet engines and bombs and millions of cars harm, or disturb the environment at all.

    Strange, don't you think? The animal food chain has been broken by the extinction of animal species by man. With the development of improved?

    Tiny change

    Large parts of the world, such as the Sahel Belt across mid-Africa, are in an acute state of starvation with little possibility of cure except permanent aid given by other countries. This same situation, the exhaustion of the soil and killing off of the herds, is being repeated in various parts of the Third World and represents an almost insoluble problem within the limits of present international co-operation. Hunger in the Third World has increased the slaughter of most of the worlds' remaining wild animals, whose population has decreased by 90 percent of what it was only fifty years ago.

    With all of these things and more that have happened, in just the past fifty years, it is obvious that we can't possibly go on living the way that we are and expect the Earth to support the wasteful consumer-based society we live in.

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    It is becoming more and more obvious that we have to change our ways immediately , if not sooner to avert the imminent destruction of the Earth at the hand of mankind. When we put all of the religions and cult groups aside and interpret them correctly, The Bible and The Koran are the perfect guide to teach us The Way we must live our lives so we can all live in peace and harmony, without destroying ourselves, other people, or the World we live in. The Bible and Koran are a Guide or Users' Manual for the Earth in 'The Way' and they teach us The Way we have to be so we can live in harmony with everyone else in the world and not cause anyone else or ourselves any unnecessary pain or suffering.

    Abraham proved his faith in God by being willing to sacrifice the thing that he valued the most in the world, which was his 'miracle' son that God gave him when Abraham was a hundred years old. Because Abraham proved that he was willing to go through with it, he was stopped at the last moment and told that it was a test. The forfeit was then not taken and Abraham didn't have to sacrifice his son.

    Naked Science - Birth of the Earth

    Abraham had to pass this test to prove that he was trustworthy and would never doubt or go against God's Will, no matter what the apparent cost to himself or others was. After Abraham, we must then become Isaac , who was prepared to give his life for God Good and then we must be Jacob, who held on to an Angel and refused to let him go while the Angel fought with him.

    This symbolises the way we must hang on to God's Truth throughout anything that happens. When the Angel finally gave-in, he blessed Jacob and gave him God's birthright which was originally given to Jacob's brother, Esau and made Jacob the Champion of God Isra-el. Then there is Jacob's son Joseph, who was the most righteous of his twelve sons and went to prison rather than commit adultery.