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Wells en , par George Charles Beresford. Henry James , fusain de John Singer Sargent , Pour les articles homonymes, voir Gissing. George Gissing. Chronologie de George Gissing. Passe cinq mois de bonheur en Italie , savourant les paysages, le climat, les habitants. Les ennuis domestiques redoublent. Termine Will Warburton en mars.

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Condemned for ever to associate with inferiors - and so crassly unintelligent. Never a word exchanged on anything but the paltry everyday life of the household. Never a word to me, from anyone, of understanding, sympathy or of encouragement. You never find people labouring to convince you that you may live very happily upon a plentiful fortume.

Far more artistic, I think, is the later method, of merely suggesting, of dealing with episodes, instead of writing biographies. I don't know what it is, certainly not a sensual or passionate nature… there's that need in me - the incessant hunger for a woman's sympathy and affection… Day after day we grew more familiar…. I didn't persuade myself that I cared for Emma, even then.

Her vulgarisms of speech and feeling jarred upon me. But she was feminine; she spoke and looked gently, with sympathy. I enjoyed that evening - and you must hear in mind what I have told you before, that I stand in awe of refined women. Perhaps I have come to regard myself as doomed to live on a lower level. I find it impossible to imagine myself offering marriage - making love - to a girl such as those I meet in the big houses.

I value the book really more than anything I have yet done. Don't you like to hear that? Doesn't it do you good -- when you think of the maudlin humbug generally talked by men to women? We can't afford to disguise that truth.

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All the same, we are friends, because each has the other's interest at heart, and each would be ashamed to doubt the other's loyalty. A significant part of the IEML lexicon will be produced by communities having decided to use IEML to mark out their particular areas of knowledge, competence or interaction.

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Our research in specialized lexicon construction aims to develop the best methods to help expert communities produce IEML lexicons. Marcello Vitali-Rosati. Based on a determination of their economic and social importance, other specialized glossaries can be constructed, for example on the theme of professional skills, e-learning resources, public health prevention, etc.

The same glossary should also facilitate data navigation and analysis. There is a whole program of development in digital library science here. I would particularly like to focus on the human sciences because the natural sciences have already developed a formal vocabulary that is already consensual. This will be done by specifying special character-tools to implement logical functions. It should be noted in passing that, in IEML, grammatical expressions represent classes, sets or categories, but that logical individuals proper names, numbers, etc.

In anticipation of practical use in communication, games, commerce, law smart contracts , chatbots, robots, the Internet of Things, etc.

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  • Logically, the first multi-user IEML application will be dedicated to the development of the language itself. This application is composed of the following three web modules. Indeed, a Git database makes it possible to record successive versions of the language, as well as to monitor and model its growth.

    It also allows large-scale collaboration among teams capable of developing specific branches of the lexicon independently and then integrating them into the main branch after discussion, as is done in the collaborative development of large software projects.

    A large number of applications using IEML can be considered, both commercial and non-commercial. Among all these applications, one of them seems to be particularly aligned with the public interest: a social medium dedicated to collaborative knowledge and skills management. The semantic profiles of users and datasets will be arranged according to the three levels that have just been explained. If successful, this type of medium could be generalized to other areas such as health, democratic governance, trade, etc.

    Mais ces principes incontournables sont encore insuffisants. I put forward in this paper a vision for a new generation of cloud-based public communication service designed to foster reflexive collective intelligence. I begin with a description of the current situation, including the huge power and social shortcomings of platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baidu, etc. Contrasting with the practice of these tech giants, I reassert the values that are direly needed at the foundation of any future global public sphere: openness, transparency and commonality.

    But such ethical and practical guidelines are probably not powerful enough to help us crossing a new threshold in collective intelligence. Only a disruptive innovation in cognitive computing will do the trick. I conclude this paper by evoking possible bootstrapping scenarii for the new public platform. At the end of the 20th century, one percent of the human population was connected to the Internet. In , more than half the population is connected. Most of the users interact in social media, search information, buy products and services online. The big techs are the most valued companies in the world and the massive amount of data that they possess is considered the most precious good of our time.

    Silicon Valley owns the big computers : the network of physical centers where our personal and business data are stored and processed. Their income comes from their economic exploitation of our data for marketing purposes and from their sales of hardware, software or services. But they also derive considerable power from the knowledge of markets and public opinions that stems from their information control.

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    Despite their well known limitations , machine learning algorithms have effectively augmented the abilities of digital systems. Deep learning is now used in every economic sector. Chips specialized in deep learning are found in big data centers, smartphones, robots and autonomous vehicles. The tech giants control huge business ecosystems beyond their official legal borders and they can ruin or buy competitors.

    Unfortunately, the big tech rivalry prevents a real interoperability between cloud services, even if such interoperability would be in the interest of the general public and of many smaller businesses. As if their technical and economic powers were not enough, the big tech are now playing into the courts of governments. Facebook warrants our identity and warns our family and friends that we are safe when a terrorist attack or a natural disaster occurs.

    Google Earth and Google Street View are now used by several municipal instances and governments as their primary source of information for cadastral plans and other geographical or geospatial services. Twitter became an official global political, diplomatic and news service. Microsoft sells its digital infrastructure to public schools.

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    The kingdom of Denmark opened an official embassy in Silicon Valley. Some traditional functions of government are taken over by private technological ventures. This should not come as a surprise. The practice of writing in ancient palace-temples gave birth to government as a separate entity. Alphabet and paper allowed the emergence of merchant city-states and the expansion of literate empires. The printing press, industrial economy, motorized transportation and electronic media sustained nation-states. The digital revolution will foster new forms of government. Today, we discuss political problems in a global public space taking advantage of the web and social media and the majority of humans live in interconnected cities and metropoles.

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    Each urban node wants to be an accelerator of collective intelligence , a smart city. We need to think about public services in a new way. Schools, universities, public health institutions, mail services, archives, public libraries and museums should take full advantage of the internet and de-silo their datasets. But we should go further. Are current platforms doing their best to enhance collective intelligence and human development?

    How about giving back to the general population the data produced in social media and other cloud services, instead of just monetizing it for marketing purposes? How about giving to the people access to cognitive powers unleashed by an ubiquitous algorithmic medium? We need a new kind of public sphere: a platform in the cloud where data and metadata would be our common good, dedicated to the recording and collaborative exploitation of memory in the service of our collective intelligence.

    The core values orienting the construction of this new public sphere should be: openness, transparency and commonality. Firstly openness has already been experimented in the scientific community, the free software movement, the creative commons licensing, Wikipedia and many more endeavors. It has been adopted by several big industries and governments. Openness is on the rise because it maximizes the improvement of goods and services, fosters trust and supports collaborative engagement.

    It can be applied to data formats, operating systems, abstract models, algorithms and even hardware. Openness applies also to taxonomies, ontologies, search architectures, etc. A new open public space should encourage all participants to create, comment, categorize, assess and analyze its content. Then, transparency is the very ground for trust and the precondition of an authentic dialogue. Data and people including the administrators of a platform , should be traceable and audit-able.

    Transparency should be reciprocal, without distinction between the rulers and the ruled. Such transparency will ultimately be the basis for reflexive collective intelligence, allowing teams and communities of any size to observe and compare their cognitive activity. Commonality means that people will not have to pay to get access to this new public sphere: all will be free and public property. Commonality means also transversality: de-silo and cross-pollination. Smart communities will interconnect and recombine all kind of useful information: open archives of libraries and museums, free academic publications, shared learning resources, knowledge management repositories, open-source intelligence datasets, news, public legal databases….

    This new public platform will be based on the web and its open standards like http, URL, html, etc. Finally, to be completely up to date, the next public platform will enable blockchain-based payments, transactions, contracts and secure records. If a public platform offers the same technologies as the big tech cloud, deep learning, blockchain , with the sole difference of openness, transparency and commonality, it may prove insufficient to foster a swift adoption, as is demonstrated by the relative failures of Diaspora open Facebook and Mastodon open Twitter.

    Such a project may only succeed if it comes up with some technical advantage compared to the existing commercial platforms.