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Much speculation has been made as to his whereabouts, including the unlikely scenario that he has indeed gone missing altogether! TJ13 has been given some gossip from a television engineer to publish however, the source is from the TV equipment suppliers Gearhouse Broadcast , a supplier for Sky TV. TJ13 was told that Ted has fallen out of favour with the new Sky F1 boss Scott Young and has not had his contract renewed. The addition of Karun Chandhok from Channel 4 would suggest that this could be the case.

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The Indian ex-F1 driver turned pit lane reporter for the UK terrestrial channel would be a direct clash with Ted as his role has been more or less the same as the Sky veteran. Kravitz worked with ITV since the beginning of their F1 coverage in , initially as a producer, and then as a pit-lane reporter from , alongside Louise Goodman. He replaced James Allen who was promoted to the post of race commentator, following the retirement of Murray Walker. For the season, he was joined by co-presenter Georgie Thompson. Kravitz is also present for the Formula 1 winter testing.

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This could be a storm in a Twitter teacup so to speak, if suddenly Ted turns up next week at Barcelona, he maybe on holiday! The Twitter storm even brought about an online petition where around four thousand people signed up at change.

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After Sky F1 did confirm the absent Kravitz would be featuring in the F1 broadcast, the new Sky motorsport director Scott Young said this of his presenter lineup…. Last weekend saw a huge surge of protests on social media against Sky Sports F1 and unfortunately Karun Chandhok his alleged replacement , when it was speculated that popular pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz was thought to have been sacked by the new Sky motorsports boss Scott Young.

Yesterday Sky announced that their pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz was confirmed to join in their full lineup of presenters for the season. Much speculation and even some g ossip had been emailed to TJ13 by an industry insider claiming that Ted had fallen out of favour with the new boss Scott Young. So what happened…? I was at Silverstone last summer, after the race we waited around to see Ted doing his Notebook show…. The other Sky crew were miffed he was getting the attention and not them.

Removing conscious control can liberate the imagination; imposing strictures gives it something to bash against, building up muscle by enlarging the effort. But the Surrealists had mostly failed to find literary forms to match. Much more promising were the procedures employed by the eccentric Raymond Roussel, a wealthy rentier who financed his own extravagant publications, which failed to sell until they were discovered by the Surrealists whom he regarded with lofty contempt. I chose two almost identical words. For example, billard [billiard table] and pillard [plunderer].

To these I added similar words capable of two different meanings, thus obtaining two almost identical phrases. Les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du vieux billard [The white letters on the cushions of the old billiard table] 2. Now it was from the resolution of this problem that I derived all my materials.

By , anyway, the Surrealists were fishing in the murky waters of occultism, and the scientifically minded Oulipians had more than one reason to want to distance themselves. Their researches led them not just to the blackboard and the calculator, but into the past.

If there is any single procedure most associated with the group, it is the lipogram, a constraint that involves leaving out words containing one or more specified letters; the earliest known example, by the Greek poet Lasus of Hermione, dates to the sixth century bc. Perec subsequently wrote Les revenentes, published in , in which the only vowel admitted is e.

There is a diagram, composed of letters, some with superscripts, arrayed in squares, which looks vaguely or alarmingly logarithmic, and then it is explained in something like verse:. The story of their relationship is interrupted at intervals by the beginnings of ten novels—varied in style and genre—which all break off at a climactic moment but somehow bleed into the main narrative.

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For one thing, it is arranged in alphabetical order, elaborately cross-referenced, introducing concepts and methods along with authors, and including contributions from notable, like-minded non-Oulipians such as John Ashbery and Gilbert Sorrentino. Monk and Levin Becker are most concerned with bringing the Oulipo into the present, and have included works by every member, living and dead, all forty-one of them. These works vary greatly. Blavier went to school with my father and served as librarian of our mutual hometown in Belgium for forty-five years.

This is in any case an extremely assorted collection, as befits a crew of variegated weirdos, each with a diagram pulsating above his or her head. In those minutes, Le Lionnais is quoted as distinguishing the Oulipian notion of structure from that of. Structure must be understood simultaneously 1 in the mathematical sense of the word; 2 as any constraint we may choose to impose; and 3 likewise, as any algorithm we may choose to set for ourselves.

Which states plainly that the Oulipo is a group that forswears ideology. Anything goes as long as it somehow involves chance. Thus there is very nearly a separate Oulipo for each member, especially as time rolls on and the focus shifts from describing operations to carrying them out, and from tightly controlled mechanical procedures to ever looser and more subjective elaborations. Ed, I beg, am I not ever a venom? The genesis of the Oulipo was sparked by the mathematical nature of poetic form. Dear to Oulipians in particular are venerable, tight forms like the sestina a poem of six stanzas of six lines apiece, with a concluding tercet, in which the end words of the first stanza recur as end words in the later ones, in a determined shifting order and the pantoum a poem of any length, arranged in four-line stanzas, in which the second and fourth lines of a stanza become the first and third of the next.

She opens the door, walks into the room, turns on the overhead light, sees the bodies. Immediately after kissing her, he runs to the washbasin to wash his mouth. But if poetry is the fundament of the Oulipo, prose has brought it its greatest triumphs, a fact that is reflected in this anthology only somewhat. Coeditor Daniel Levin Becker writes an essay entirely in the form of questions, which is not bad but pales in comparison to the more sustained use of that operation by Padgett Powell in his novel The Interrogative Mood One of them composed elaborate critical exegeses for thirty imaginary microfictions; based on these, the other wrote the stories themselves.

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The pleasure, alas, resides more in the premise than in its execution. By contrast, Anne F. But the resulting work, chronicling events in a Parisian nocturnal demimonde of the recent past from the point of view of a club deejay, is vivid and discomfiting:. The bartender from the Kat calls me one morning, late, drunk. She reads me her poems over the phone.

They do not mention her mother, impregnated by a Nazi soldier and publicly shaved in the purge after the war, nor her blue-collar youth spent gutting cats in a catgut factory. She talks to me. Shuts up. Her eyes lock on me. I can see her shoot up through the pocket of her pants. The Oulipo also comprises a number of subordinate units devoted to other pursuits: Oumupo for music, Oupeinpo for painting, Ougrapo for graphic design, Oupopo for crime fiction, Outrapo for staged tragicomedy, and Oubapo for comics. It consists of a series of fifty-two drawings based on family photographs, each succeeding panel employing one fewer line than the previous; they are thus progressively simplified until the last panel, which is empty: the void.

The marriage of form and content is deep, unforced, and emotionally acute. Seemingly no Oulipo anthology can fail to include strictly internal matters: grousing, panegyric, procedural detail. The procedures it has explored are neutral; they can expand the imagination or constrict it, depending on who employs them and how.

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The thing too often overlooked in work of this kind—and this may be the unintentional lesson of the book—is emotional investment. You are currently viewing this article as a guest. If you are a subscriber, please sign in. Sign in here.