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It was so cool. What was your favorite moment from the event? Taylor took a few pictures with her and was so sweet. We didn't know what to expect and she didn't give us any other clues about the big secret, but she was just genuinely excited that all of us had gotten wind of this clue and were there to support.

Apparently the girl who painted the new mural had no idea what it was for.

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She was given instructions and she followed them. I thought that was super cool, too. What are some of the clues you've picked up on? I guess it is all of these posts she has been doing over the past couple of weeks. The word 'ME! I can't wait to see what she does with this one.

I'm sure whatever it is I will listen to it beginning to end a million times. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Derry Girls: How the series tells the true story of a city where laughter conquers all

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That's especially true if you're. It seems perverse to find a panel illustrating the baptism of a king that never came to Manchester but not of the Peterloo Massacre. These are amongst the greatest art treasures not just of Manchester but of Victorian painting.

Read on, below the pic, to discover more. This is taster of what we tell you about just this one painting, that shows the depth of our research. John Wycliffe was the leading religious scholar in England in the late 14 th century.

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But during the s Wycliffe began to fear that the church had lost its way — that it had become corrupted by money. He denounced clerical corruption and began preaching the simple message of Jesus by preaching peripatetically barefoot. They wanted to bring the word of God to people directly, verbally, which was their only option in the days before the printing press was invented. As part of this campaign he began to translate the Bible from Latin into English, the first major figure to do so.

Prior to , there were no rules on the books concerning murals in Los Angeles. This relative freedom enabled a boom of murals in the city, especially during the late '60s and early '70s, led by a wave of Chicano artists. It's not unlike Florence or Paris, you look around and you have all this art all over," says Isabel Rojas-Williams, executive director of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles.

High school could erase 1936 mural of George Washington because of 'traumatizing' pictures

But around this same time, those loose rules were also creatively interpreted by advertisers, who were using hand-painted signage to promote various products. The city, seeking to stop advertisers from taking advantage of the system, tried to make new rules to govern where "signs" could be placed in the city, with an exemption for the murals that had been included in that umbrella term. In the late s, the city was sued by the outdoor advertising industry, which argued that the city was unconstitutionally privileging one type of protected speech — murals — over another — advertising.

As a result, the city enacted a ban on signage — including murals — in The rules were then adjusted, creating "sign districts" where signs and murals and billboards would be allowed. But what tended to happen in these districts is that large developments included space for signs, and that space tended to be allocated to paying advertisers rather than non-paying artists. As a result, large ads and billboards started popping up all over these areas, prompting outrage from many residents. Since then, the city's signage drama has continued.

Even with the introduction of brash new electronic billboards and building-sized "supergraphics," the city council still hasn't passed a new sign ordinance to clear the line between ads and murals. But in an effort to end the confusion, the Department of City Planning has undertaken an effort to amend the zoning code to make it easier to legally paint murals once again.

Two Italian Artists Who Painted Mural of Ahed Tamimi Barred From Israel for 10 Years, Lawyer Says

Tanner Blackman of the city's planning department has been leading the effort to rewrite the rules. The goal, he says, is to allow residents and business owners to have murals painted on their own property. But given the city's history of dealing with signs and ads and murals and lawsuits, re-crafting those rules hasn't been as simple as it would seem.

To do that, the rule change lays out a new definition of "original art murals" and requires, among other stipulations, that a piece remains in place for at least five years — a time limit intended to prevent advertisers from repainting murals again and again with new commercial messages. Some residents say they worry that the definition of an "original art mural" can still be interpreted in a way that allows commercial enterprises to sneak in ad-like murals.

As one noted at the recent public hearing, some artists, like Fairey, have built successful businesses out of their street art, and murals by these artists, with familiar iconography or branding, could be interpreted as advertisements. In his own defense, Fairey argued that his art shouldn't be distilled as a commercial enterprise just because he's been able to build a successful business out of it.

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