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Of course, I will likely need to make other adjustments in the future. I know a number of people who have given up listening to dietary advice. So why should I pay any attention to what they say? It is confusing. It can even be contradictory. We live in a complex world; and our bodies are a marvel of interconnected chemical and biological systems.

It is impossible to isolate variables in a way which will definitively prove that particular foods are beneficial or dangerous. BUT, we can draw probable conclusions about which diets are healthy. Those who are looking for. Some connections, like the health effects of smoking, are understood to a very high degree of probability. The effect of specific compounds in specific foods are not so clearly understood. This is infuriating for some people who are looking for certainty in their lives.

We would all like to have simple, clear information about diet, exercise, cognitive function, and child development. We do know more about these subjects now than we did a few years ago. Nevertheless, we cannot understand many things with certainty; they are too complicated, and we simply do not have enough information. We all would like to be able to avoid ambiguity. When we go to the doctor, we would like to get a clear, unequivocal diagnosis and treatment.

When we ask a question, we would like to get a definitive answer. Some people are very uncomfortable with ambiguity. They like to find and believe in simple fixes and simple answers. I think that has always been the appeal of strict, fundamentalist religions. There is no ambiguity. You will be saved. Not likely. As critical thinkers, we must accept the fact that knowing the absolute truth about many things is not possible.

Yes, we can function by searching for the most reliable information available and base our behavior on this information. But, at the same time, we must understand that our knowledge of the human body and our natural world is continuing to evolve. We must accept a certain degree of ambiguity in many areas of our lives. Our conclusions must be provisional. We must be able to change our minds based on new information. Accepting this truth and embracing it is central to clear thinking. Just as Caitlyn Jenner has revealed her stunning new persona and get that exquisite chassis , I can now reveal my true self.

No more hidden by a scruffy exterior, enclosed in a miasma of nameless mind altering substances. Early this year, friends threw me an uncomfortable party. I was carted off to a spa across the pond in an instant, for cataclysmic changes. Yes, dear ones, rebirth is painful, but take a look at me now! My new squeeze, Roger, my personal trainer at the spa, became so much more to me on a host of levels.

Spa details are classified; sorry. The food was exquisite. I was massaged mentally and physically until my pristine beauty shone through that hideous crustiness build up. A nip here, a tuck there, a bit of exercise, plus some meaningful repartee with other clients; the days flew by. Yes, Dear Reader, I have expanded my vistas. I invite you to join with me. Here is my personal email, portiaojodellago gmail. Ta Ta for now! Transparently Yours, Portia. He wants to propel Russia into a position of world dominance it has never had.

From the time the Empress annexed large parts of Poland and defeated Turkey to claim several of its Balkan possessions in , they were part of Russia. Now Putin has sidled into the Ukraine under cover of denial to take it back. Somehow, he has misread the time clock. The 18th century is radically different from the 21st. But even then, the odds are of a political. Russia was financially exhausted by the Seven Years War. When she came to office, the price of grain was sky-high; corruption and extortion were rampant, and the Russian treasury was drained.

So it was a practical decision to sue for peace in every quarter and make friends with countries whose aid she needed. It was also deep in her psyche as a student of Voltaire and the Enlightenment. She recognized that Russia could be a part of the European alliance and culture. Refresher course needed, Mr. Further, Catherine cleverly aligned with Joseph II of Austria, a powerful partner in her dismemberment and partition of the Ottoman Empire. He has managed to alienate every potential political ally.

The world is smaller, more economically interdependent, and communication is instant, not requiring weeks of travel on horseback. The value of a ruble is at its lowest in years. Instead of reaching out to European nations to end sanctions and to help refinance Russian banks, he brazenly invades a country that is seeking to make its currency the Euro.

Instead of sending his best and brightest intellectuals to other countries as diplomats, he kills them in midnight Al Caponestyle assassinations. Now, he is clamping down ever tighter on the press and free speech. If he would just look over his shoulder, he could see a modern model of what he wants to become: Angela Merkel. She has a picture of Catherine the Great hanging in her office. What Putin has is Dictator Disease. Russia may be larger and have more resources, but like tall, heavily loaded trucks on the highway, its very size may presage a larger fall when it hits the inevitable economic curve thrown by the drop in oil prices.

Narcissistic egocentrism is frustrating to deal with in anyone. In a world leader, it becomes dangerous. Barbara Harwood. You can pay bills directly from your bank account or trade stocks on your smart phone. You can get your boarding pass in the Timbuktu Airport. Neo-Luddites oppose many forms of modern technology and worry about its effect on privacy, families and society. If I lose my cell phone, the thieves will have access to all my financial information. Although I can use a password to lock my cell, that slows things down when calling plus I have to remember it in a time of crisis.

I was forced to use PayPal when buying something. Recently, a very helpful man with an Indian accent cold called and offered to help me fix my Windows problems by sharing my computer. This came just days after Microsoft took over my computer and upgraded to Windows 8. Then Lenovo was forced to admit they had purposely pre-loaded Superfish, a malware that allows hackers access to the operating system. Technology scammers are winning—if not the war, at least the current skirmish, costing us billions. For example, with only your social security number, scammers can submit your tax return, and the IRS will send them a refund.

The resultant mess is your new life. How can a cloud be secure? Just look at one—so fuzzy you can almost see through it. Manufacturers are putting network connectivity into everything from thermostats to toasters, from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners. In the old days, people might kick something like a vending machine to try to make it work. Consumers have discovered that by George Orwell has finally happened. With very little security in the device, they are leaving our home networks vulnerable not only to the government but to hackers who can compromise the entire system. Even clothing is getting into the act.

You can buy a motorcycle jacket with LEDs in the back that will sync with your turn signals or brakes. That could be a life saver. But the shirt that automatically scrunches up its long sleeves when you get warm could be. All these events affect my willingness to get heavily involved in high tech. High tech also provides more things to go wrong. I enjoy my dishwasher, love my microwave and stove.

Even my new washing machine is smarter than me. Being a Neo-phile explains my love of travel and thirst for other new experiences. Having two Neo-isms can create an inner conflict. Neo-Luddites, Unite! D, LMSW. What is the difference between courage and bravery? People use them interchangeably all the time, but they are not the same. Bravery is an inherent quality some people have that enables them to face risk without thinking about it, and bravery needs no cause.

The point is that you choose courage while bravery chooses you, if you are one of the lucky ones. We are vulnerable creatures living in an. Is it because emotional risk is an innate part of the deal? As with everything in life we do the best we can, until we learn better and then we do better. Learning better can be tough when the subjects of vulnerability and emotional risk are rarely part of any dialog.

I can think of nothing that is less talked about yet has more influence over how we experience life. So why is emotional risk so daunting? Vulnerability is defined by Dr. Brown as- uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. To love someone is to be emotionally exposed, vulnerable, and yes, at risk. In Dr. There are many books and resources available to help people learn emotional intelligence and maturity. The learning these give can be the bridge from where you are to where you want to be in your emotional life and your intimacy.

To enjoy the best possible experience of life it is extremely valuable to come to terms with emotional risk and vulnerability. Everything is new. A ship sails to the morning breeze and starts for the ocean. Gone from my sight, that is all; she is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when I saw her, and just as able to bear her load of living freight to its destination. Note: This lovely poem was distributed at the recent memorial service for Marie Dwyer Bullock. Dear Sir: Surely all articles written by Marita Noon and published by the OJO should be prefaced by the fact she is a lobbyist, bought and paid for by the petroleum industry.

Publishing these ar-. Perhaps next month you could get a couple of big tobacco lobbyists to write about the health benefits from smoking.

ForteView Evangelical & Missions Ministries | The love of God for Christians and making Heaven

Ian Greenwood. Mexico is the largest nation in all of Latin America for both import and export. It has over 40 international free-trade agreements, more than even the US. Mexico now produces more autos than the US and Canada. Mexico graduates over , electronic engineers each year that support not only design of auto systems but have made the nation 1 in the world for the manufacture of TVs.

The largest construction company in the world is CEMEX, which is also ranked 3 in the world for cement. One can easily see that Mexico is ranked 2 for Coca Cola, and in turn is 1 in diabetes in the world.

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Todd D. Our Dreams flew high And every song invited us to dance Love was in every glance. But now we know Tomorrow is just a breath away, The world did not change And we are no longer young. How quickly time did fly, Gave us so many reasons to cry, So many things were left undone So many songs left unsung. Then for one moment I looked away Did not know that you could not stay Our hands are no longer entwined You left before you could say good bye, Left me in a world I no longer like. In everything I see I search for you At night I look for a star that is new, Thinking it might be you.

Memories I treasure like a shiny pearl As I think of you in that other world. Note: Mr. A Memorial will be planned at a date in the future by his wife, Gudrun. You can send your email to: loveonaleash prodigy. She goes through the vale orn n. As it is neither the right of man no nor n or state to coerce her into this ordeal, al,, it is her right whether she will enduree it. As a nurse Margaret was aware of the effects of unwanted pregnancies, watching the health of her mother decline after eleven children. In Margaret gave up nursing, dedicating her life to educate people about birth control.

It is a simple fact that no country can prosper if half its citizens are left behind. The same can be applied to poverty; if you have a ruling number of rich but a majority of poor, no society can prosper without a strong middle class. If women do not have the right to choose, they will be kept in the kitchen instead of being part of the work force. Since then, according to Human Rights Watch, in the Supreme Courts ruled, all states must provide emergency contraceptives and access to abortions in the case of rape victims.

However, many women and girls face barriers to abortions after sexual. Margaret Sanger violence, including misinformation and intimidation from officials. Amnesty International Not just basic education but education in the rights of the family unit.

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  8. Teaching empowerment and socioeconomic growth, and gaining the respect of society as a whole. Unless there is respect and equality between adults in the family unit, the children will have no respect for anything. This writer finds it absurd that women are still fighting for their civil rights since Margaret Sanger started in What is the world afraid of?

    Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua. The weekend included talks, guided meditations, The retreat committee, left to right: Marian and question and answer Puentes, Isabel Van Rooy, Liz Sellars, Michael periods. For information on future events, check the website: www. The course included such topics such as ethics and professionalism, infection prevention, hygiene, wound care, ambulation, dementia care, visual and hearing and speech impairments and emergencies.

    Generous community support and donations as well as time volunteered by other nurses made the program successful. Further information: Healthaidemex gmail. Laura Burns was at the door to greet people. For more information about this friendly bunch, email lcs. Benjamin Vallaran, M. Their biggest hits were played by a group of anonymous, and incredibly versatile, studio musicians nicknamed The Wrecking Crew. This documentary has been praised at film festivals all over the world. There are four shows only: Friday, July 17, p. The Jalisco Philharmonic will perform this program in Korea later this year.

    Bus leaves at Note: bus trips are subject to cancellation if not enough people sign up. The show runs July 24, 25 and The e-mail address for future reservations: nakedstagereservations gmail. Reservations guarantee a seat until , after which seats will be sold to those waiting without reservations. Not shown: Sonia Mocnik.

    To celebrate this special event, Arileo will have 2-for-1 margaritas. Plan to stay for one of their superior dinners. For further information, email www. The cash bar will serve cocktails, wine, and beer. You might score a bargain at the silent auction. Tickets at pesos include a welcome cocktail, grilled burger or hot dog, side dishes, chocolate chip cookies and brownies for dessert. This event is held in a different Mexican city every year and this year the honor goes to Chapala.

    Train fanciers come from all over the country with their layouts and models and have meetings and workshops at the convention. Here in Chapala there are two model train clubs. The plays are as follows: October Murder by Misadventure. The peso prices includes an annual membership and a reserved seat at each of the six shows. Well, almost. Lakesiders now have the chance to try for stardom through the beginning tap dance classes taught by local dance lights Val Jones and Alexis Hoff. Instructor Val Jones and Students Beginners and experienced tap dancers will enjoy the class, too.

    Classes are on Mondays, , and Thursdays Email thebravotheatre gmail. The layout editor is Marianne Carlson. Through distribution of Roll Call the Legion hopes to build membership and also keep the public posted on events. The Legion sponsors picnics, happy hours, barbecues, memorial services and other events. Monday through Friday and Saturday until noon.

    Writers who want to contribute can call Marianne at or email her at mariannecarlson gmail. The camp is a collaborative project between the Lakeside Little Theatre and the Lake Chapala Society and will be a performance by children enacting the ancient local legend of Queen Xochitl- MichiCiualli.

    Many volunteers have been working to assist Antonio bring his version to life on stage on August 1 and 2, for family, volunteers and friends performances. If you wish to join and become involved with this exciting project or require any additional information, please contact Jennifer Stanley at jenthom. The camp starts on July As part of this production, a pre-Hispanic dance troop from Chiapas will be working with the children, as well as Alberto Paz, a local artisan who creates beautiful pre-Hispanic instruments. I lived in a well-furnished high rise apartment.

    Imagine a parlor that is all white walled contrasted by an all-night black granite tiled ceiling and floor. The room was tastefully furnished with dark red furniture and low fluorescent lighting most of the time. The bedroom was nice too. For me, it was especially gratifying for the painting on the ceiling; depicting the creation of Eve that is ironically inspired by Michelangelo famous creation of Adam. My thoughts of Laureen Risling had me in the best of moods.

    I thought a lot about her captivating brown eyes and attractive smile. I still do in fact. I had it installed during the times she was not home. I knew because I stalked her for a bit. I wanted to know what her daily schedule was like. Bypassing the house security system was relatively easy. I had to do a lot of these for my previous job. The day after our brief interaction together at the market, I followed her home. It was easy as she came to the market on the public bus. I followed the vehicle from a safe distance, until she got off at another bus stop.

    I parked at a distance from her and watched with my powerful binoculars. She then politely greeted the people by the bus stop, and proceeded to take a seat. I felt an ecstatic rush within me as I watched the beautiful and perfectly mature woman gracefully placed her curvy and well-rounded buttocks on the seat. My penis throbbed as she crossed her legs. I found myself imagining what her panties were like. I went with pink. It made me feel good. I prayed for her next bus to have an accident. I wanted it to crash so I could get another moment of those long, beautiful and well shaved legs.

    It tastefully matches her well clear-polished nails. It was all the more pleasurable as the sexy wonder was not even trying. Well, unfortunately, the bus came in as scheduled. I was not unhappy as it made Laureen Risling smile. I felt the butterfly effect in my abdomen as she smiled. To me, it was a different amazing type of smile every single time thus far. She was a beautiful woman. I do not think I would be able to stress enough in this memoir. The way her breast and buttock mix together to emit an orgasmic explosion of the neuro-sensual kind as she walked.

    I followed the bus from two to three cars away, always maintained as much as feet away. Laureen got off, paid her respect and began to walk home. She carried her bread carefully on one side as she began to walk. It was not safe to follow but as I already knew most of her path, I did the rest of the search on the internet. I had also already set my timer so I could make the necessary calculations. It was about twenty minutes away from the market and roughly forty-five to my home.

    Temple of Illusions a Collection of Poems on Love by Tilottama PAL

    Over the weeks when she was out of the house, I managed to get inside and did the necessary adjustment. I found a treasure and I am not about to lose it, you know. Her home was a modernly built beautiful white bungalow with a dark red door which was decorated with variety of flowers. I especially like that hers was well-polished, smoothly and well done ceramic flooring. It went well with her wine colored walls. She has paintings of what I thought was from the local around. It was nice. Her home was spacious and well designed. I was able to place a listening micro device, on the hard black leather chairs as it camouflaged perfectly in it.

    I placed my cameras away from where the lights could reflect. It was easy enough. She was perfect. I tell you. I watched her all night sometimes, but most of the time, it was until she fell asleep. I am unorthodox. I am only demonstrating my undying interest to her. Any girl will appreciate that. As soon as I switched off my TV, I turn on my computer to work on my book. But, I always had a small window open at the top left corner of the computer.

    This allowed me to watch my beautiful Laureen sleep. Regardless, here was a continuation of the story:. Vick did not move an inch from where he sat. He barely heard his doorbell ringing. He had been sitting on the same spot for the last two weeks, getting up only to get food from his freezer and to order from Thai and Chinese restaurants.

    Even ass smells better than you right now man! His ex-words still rang in his head as he walked into his room, then towards his bedroom and, finally into his bathroom. He then looked at himself and noticed his hair receding. Afterwards, Vick had a brief moment of silence with fast angry breathtaking. It was Am that morning on the 23 rd of January. I remembered having slept soundly for about 3 hours. I was getting ready for the day. First, I had to make sure Laureen did not miss her am alarm. Two days ago, she overslept. It almost ruined her whole day.

    I had to take that day off to follow her. I needed to make sure everything was all right with her. Things I did for her you know? I love exercising, but I had chosen to do it in the morning before but towards 10 a. It was as easy installing a downloadable program on her main computer. I had to make her think she accidentally downloaded it. Since, she had a tendency to forget things like that.

    Once that part was taking care of, all I had to do was control her computer from mine to make sure the alarm goes worked. The whole process of installing cameras and getting access to her electronics took me about a week. It was between the 10 th and 15 th of January. I strictly went an hour before noon and spent two hours, every day that week in her apartment. Luckily for me, I am able to work around my schedule for that. Twenty-ninth of January was a big day for me because of two reasons.

    It was a day closer to a chance at running into Miss Risling again at the same market. I knew she might have plans for going to the market that month. She had downloaded coupons for the event. Second reason, was I had a special self-delivery planned for my favorite woman that morning. Chapter 2. I am going to tell you about that 29 th of January, when she got my gift. It would be easier for me to narrate that day in the third person character.

    So here it goes, enjoy. It was in the morning and Miss Risling had gotten up from her bed, after a series of putting her alarm on repeat. After series of washing her face and rinsing her mouth, the long legged twenty-nine year-old decided to get an early morning walk in with Riggs. As Laureen stepped out of her house, she notices a red envelope with a white rose flower on top of it. She could perceive the scented rose and envelope as she picked up the unusual mail. After she had read the poem, it is in my opinion that Laureen got a mixed feeling of euphoria and an unexplainable feeling of pleasant dysphoria.

    She loved it. I figured she was impressed with me that day at the market. I like to think she enjoyed the way I looked, and presented myself. The first time was about a week, from the next market day. I tried to replace one of her inconspicuous items with replicas.

    That way, I would get better audibility and the satisfaction in knowing I got it for her. Bily Richards decided he was going to drop off an item due for the next day that night. I almost got caught. It was 11 p. He stood by the door and looked around. He came close to looking behind the door. If Billy had seen me, he would have gone missing for a while.

    The last time I tried, to get in her office so I can install my cameras, he decided to come in early. I had to get out of there without Billy knowing. His randomness makes me sick. However, I enjoyed the fact Billy was the only person she socialized with.

    God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

    Well, back to my other story. Afterwards, I would tell you more about her reaction to the poem. Vick screamed as he punched the mirror angrily and repetitively. Eric rushed into the room and tried to calm him down. After several minutes of episodic freak outs, Eric relaxed. Eric shrugged in disgust and continued. But what I do know right now, is you have got to pull your shit together and move the fuck on. You feel me bro? In the process of taking a shower and getting dressed up, Vick thought of Barbra and his used to be best friend, Leroy.

    As much as he tried to not think about it, he kept seeing the images of Barbra and Leroy having sex. That made his anger and sadness grow stronger. Vick joined Eric outside. At the first glance from Eric, Vick could tell that he did not like his outfit. Laureen had to have read the poem about five times standing on the same spot. She was excited about the poem. She Ran towards the front door in an attempt to what I assume was to find me. I remember happily laughing at her actions. I watched her from my phone, at a coffee shop which was about a mile down the street from her home.

    Unfortunately, I ran into a colleague of mine. I killed him later that day. He saw me. That was enough reason. That was the second action that would lead to his eradication. Is she an actress? I secretly set it up so, I can watch her move. The stubby man was confused enough to let his mind think I was joking, so he laughed. I laughed with him. I switched off the video to turn my full attention to man, in which I have already thought about three ways to kill him.

    His social life however, consisted of visiting his mother. He also enjoys watching excessive pornographic movies, in which he pleasures himself while it plays. I took it upon myself. That is to say he was more than happy to help me. I almost felt bad that I had to kill him. He just simply knows too much. Believe me, my previous line of work has taught me to be always cautious. After another series of painful jokes from Tabji, we set out to leave.

    He made it easy. I decided I would be doing nature a favor by ridding her of the pestilence called Tabji. It is a sort of coping mechanism for me to rationalize my actions in a somewhat humane manner. Luckily for me, the surrounding was quiet with no surveillance whatsoever. Tabji and I reached his car, while he continued about a movie he saw some years back. He was happy that I was interested, in what he has to say.

    I honestly have never seen the depth of joyful expression he showed that day. A month might not seem like a lot but, I promise you this; you know a lot more about someone when they think they are alone. You will be able to clearly see how differences in life choices be it by choice or serendipity, makes the stereotypical idea of normal quite idiotic. I let Mr. Tabji Luas finish his words. I laughed as genuinely possible. He entered his car. I took my gloves that I always carried due to a previous job habit from my pocket, and wore it. Relaxed Tabji sat comfortably in his black SUV.

    As he was about to closed the doors, I playfully moved forward. Dear Portia, I am so angry that we keep having to change the time!! My beauty sleep is disturbed, and my social life suffers as the darkness closes in. Dreading Darkness Dear Dread, While many believe that the time change has to do with a long forgotten war effort, or the energy crisis, Portia knows the truth! There is a Committee of Crones, working with the Major Conspirators, who carefully guard the darkness.

    Early on they realized that their aging beauty fared better in candle light. Never mind the increase in pedestrian deaths and a slowing of workplace productivity, all agreed that extending the half-life of aging faces in restaurants, bars and other social venues was well worth the price.

    So, either move to the equator, or count your blessings! It pleased my mother and grandfather that I appeared to be e a healthy, normal baby boy myy father was in Italy fighting the Naa-zis and would not meet me until SepS tember of He, too, seemed very ve proud of me when we met. You were discovered in the late l s, Mr. Around the age of 30, I discovered I had trouble swallowing certain foods. So what, no big thing, I could muscle myself through it.

    In , I turned 48 when blessed with a stroke! So, with limited fine motor control, reduced surface sensitivity on the right and aphasia I was still able to see joy in my future. I concentrated on shifting my senses to the right hemisphere on the brain that you in your infinite wisdom designed to be separate but equally qualified to guide me. All was not always bad. I released my misguided feelings of control over my life and the lives of others. Actually, the post-stroke life has been, for the most part, exciting, adventurous, and loving. Although improved, the sphincter still sphinct will show me who is boss from time to time, especially with acidic meals.

    However, over the course of the journey, you decided for me, Mr. DNA for the survival genes you offered because for more than twenty years the universe has treated me kindly. If it was a lesson you intended, I got it. Mission Accomplished. You have humbled me. However: With the kindness of others, many of them strangers I will enjoy this place, day, person, and animal for as long as I can.

    I still appreciate the world and I smile, Mr. Slightly unaligned. The Constitution set askew. Liberty maligned. Some of the well-heeled citizens think that this is fine. They cannot see that everything is slightly out of line. All the pretty Philistines queue up at their tees while their flunky lawyers determine what to seize. Contracts with the Russians. Schemes to sell off national land. Cronies helping cronies. Off-shore drilling by demand. Rivers being sullied and oceans compromised while insuring rights to bear arms are exercised.

    Certain pious preachers line up behind the svelte, proclaiming to the masses that they know what Jesus felt. Indeed, the smallest sparrow no longer matters much so long as all the mighty increase their greedy clutch—— all the moneychangers, corrupt to the core, filling all their pockets with the money of the poor. People, take off your blinders. Consider what is real. One nation, under God, was not set up for them to steal!

    Do you remember each thing you did the last time you drove from your home to the store? Most negative feelings are easily attributed to subconscious fear. What you believe you want can be opposed to your core needs causing self conflict issues. The most in-. Negative self stories compel stress. Through innate neuroplasticity you can retrain facets of your subconscious mind to make better use of its expansive energy, so you can make the most of your finite life.

    Lovism . Music . Freethought

    No other human quality is more potent in directing us, defining us, fulfilling us, or wrecking us than our beliefs. The subconscious mind is the reason you and your loved ones are still breathing. You can learn skills to attend to. However, more than education or skills, what determines how much success you have in your life and how good those experiences are, is how worthy you believe you are of them.

    The power to improve your life is yours, believing it is the key. Anna Elena Berlin. The side effect of polluted wells are many, but the major one is kidney failure in the young and middle aged. Of course, kidney failure in children has many factors, fi first being what they ingest. When a Barrio Mother has a choice between tap water, bottled water, milk or cola, she will choose cola, because it is cheaper than milk or bottled water Especially as it is a proven fact that boiling alone will not solve the problem Even that does not remove arsenic should it be in the water,.

    Arsenic is not in the Lake water, which if filtered is good to drink, only the wells are suspect. One could say the disease is called corruption, because maintenance on wells cost money local Governments are not about to spend on little people. The Tepehua Community Center is putting a band aid on the situation, we are starting. If kidney disease is caught in its first stages it can be reversed Nutritional education is needed. To start the mammoth task of testing, H. Zayra Patricia Valencia was on hand to do the diagnosis on the spot.

    Maskaras Pharmacy C. This is an intervention operation People should not have to buy water to drink in this 20th century. In January a tax was put on all sugary drinks to try and abate obesity. The writer cannot see that, as Coca Cola came to Mexico in and began sales in , replacing the traditional lunch fresh fruit flavored water.

    The consequences of this, as stated in the Guardian, written by Rosenberg in , showed in when a Health Survey of Mexico, revealed Mexico as the most obese country in the world with diabetes as its leading cause of death. No other country in the world experienced such a rapid rise of that magnitude. Whilst the Industry promotes many health programs and sporting events, it is because they will face a future battle with Health Authorities, with all eyes on Mexico. The school buildings are being demolished and rebuilt starting April The Mexico City and Guadalajara Foundation Groups are raising money for this project as the buildings are 50 yrs.

    This means we will be looking for other venues and exploring ideas and options to keep working for the benefit of the students. The Open House in January had the best attendance ever. Chef Augustine also provides a Practical Work time placement for the students. Cheli Pinto Santana graduated in August When younger she was unable to study because she was always working to help her parents. When she arrived at Jaltepec she was very shy. She has always been studious and responsible and with her new self-confidence she is now happily working at the Jaltepec Bakery in Guadalajara.

    He is also wellknown as an important literary figure. He is one of the classic writers in the English language, and his works are both original and elegant. Newman was 64 years old at the time. The Dream of Gerontius is precisely that, a dream. Its title refers to advancing age and impending death. We are all mortal, but Gerontius represents Newman himself.

    The topic of death is seen from a religious perspective. It is not annihilation, but rather a passage to another state. Gerontius, the protagonist, once he has undergone death, is replaced by his soul, who converses with his Angel and debates against temptation. The Dream of Gerontius is a timeless masterpiece of English literature and a literary monument to hope. There is a bilingual English-Spanish version published by Ediciones Encuentro in The authors, Henry and Erica Holzer, argue that Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason for her activities during a visit to North Vietnam.

    Her hands are clenched together and on her face is a look of ecstasy that seems almost orgiastic. Like most liberals— and some conservatives—I came to oppose our involvement in that unwinnable war. But principled dissent does not take the form of actively aiding the enemy. They committed offenses that deserved punishment. But talk about overkill. A confused and pathetic young man converted to Muslim fanaticism gets a stiff twenty-year sentence. In the case of Ethel Rosenberg, due to a deficiency in the electric current her execution amounted to a torture slaying.

    By contrast, consider the case of the fascist traitor Ezra Pound. During the Second World War, he went on the Rome radio and made vituperatively anti-Semitic broadcasts in which he urged U. Best and Chandler received life sentences and both died in Leavenworth. And Pound? Thanks to the efforts of powerful establishment figures who admired his poetry, Pound was allowed to plead insanity.

    During his twelve-year confinement, he played tennis, presided over a salon of visiting admirers, and enjoyed conjugal visits from both his wife and his mistress. Fonda got off with no penalty whatsoever. Where Pound was at least indicted for treason, no charge of any kind was ever brought against Fonda. However, there is a precedent if we wish to correct this longstanding case of justice delayed. In a guilty verdict was handed down on a woman named Mildred Gillars.

    Axis Sally received a year sentence, of which she served 13 years. This seems a pretty fair sentence. Treason, like murder, has no statute of limitations. Jim Tuck. It was about, of all things, a piglet I had befriended down by the lake that later was sent to slaughter. Often, these days here in Nevada, I am asked to write remembrances of friends who have passed but every so often the tale of my little pig who grew too fast and too fat comes to mind.

    I miss you ❤️ love poem, short, beautiful and romantic ❤️

    I enjoy mostly writing about the whimsical side of life and I credit living in Mexico for that. My typewriter was running night and day as I recorded the happenings all around me. If it walked, talked, mooed or hissed I wrote about it. The cobblestones were always a good subject as they claimed another victim. Now the competition has heated up as many wonderful writers have joined me in my paradise but. The inspirations are limitless. My first cover story sent me over the moon. It was about a mangy dog that decided to follow me around all day. I guess you had to have been there.

    One day our esteemed editor asked me to write a piece about shopping in the local super markets. My mind went blank. Shopping, that should have been an easy subject for me but nothing came to mind as my fingers sat poised over the keys. On the other hand, put me on an autobus or take a stroll down by the lake and my creative juices begin to flow. Mexico as I see it—sometimes silly sometimes poignant but ever changing. As I continue my extended visit with the kids north of the border my computer and memories of Mexico call to me.

    Surely there is a dog or a piglet out there that needs me to tell its story. Margie Harrell. When death finally comes can she be in the form of that woman wearing the black bikini walking toward me on the beach at Guayabitos. One can only hope she wore a black bikini to escort him to the next chapter of existence. The poem, among other things, evokes his great love for women as the embodiment of beauty. Born in in Ohio of Quaker ancestry, Jeemie, as he was fondly known by his Mexican friends and neighbors, did not speak for the first three years of his life.

    Once he understood the power of words, he became captivated. During his thirteen years of teaching, he was able to take sabbaticals and travel to increase the depth of his understanding of people and literature. He often quoted Rumi, who wrote about life, death, and women. On a trip to Peru, he read Paula, a memoir by Chilean writer Isabel Allende, about the darkest experience of her life, the death of her daughter. Immensely touched by the tragedy, Jim began writing to Isabel and sending her poems and stories.

    They became good friends through the correspondence. They met several times and Isabel wrote the introduction to his collection of poems, Letters to a Stranger. He left teaching after several years to pursue full time his passion for beekeeping. He moved to the small town in Colorado, and then to a cedar cabin in the high desert of Western Colorado.

    For thirteen years, from , he lived in solitude with no neighbors for miles around. Here he met a young Mexican woman, Marta Alcantar, who had a three-year-old daughter. Jim fell in love with Marta, they married, and he became fa-. He was also included in an anthology, Aphrodite, by his friend, Isabel Allende, which includes poems and stories from ancient medieval literature, tidbits on the sensual art of food and its effect on amorous performance, tips on reviving flagging virility and beautiful, evocative writing about ordinary, everyday subjects.

    Jim was a gentle man. We have all observed his caring touch when members of our community suffered loss, pain, or distress. Love for his friends, an unthreatening and protective love for women, and an exuberant love for life. These are luminous healing poems to be read over and over. They are both on summer vacation from college. One night they are staying alone in a cabin on the beach. They decide it would be interesting and fun if they tried making love…Julie is already taking birth control pills, but Mark uses a condom too, just to be safe.

    They both enjoy it but decide not to do it again. They keep that night as a special secret between them… So what do you think about this? Was it wrong for them to have sex? The research is outlined in his book, The Righteous Mind. Most people, of. But when the researchers asked if the behavior was immoral there was a distinct difference of opinion. Those who considered themselves conservative overwhelmingly thought it was immoral. The liberals, on the other hand, thought it was a bad idea, but not necessarily immoral. There appears to be no harm in their behavior.

    It was not. But it could be seen as violating the sanctity of the family or of longstanding sexual mores. Haidt has suggested that, for liberal thinkers, the two most important values on which morality rests are avoiding harm and promoting fairness. Conservatives, on the other hand, value all five values when making a moral decision.

    Conservatives were quick to label it as immoral, a violation of the value of sanctity. If we consider many contemporary questions on which liberals and conservatives disagree, many come down to the values which conservatives value more than liberals: abortion sanctity , patriotism loyalty , immigration loyalty , value of military experience authority , and homosexuality sanctity. I am abbreviating these drastically because of my word limit, but if we consider the differences, most liberal positions focus on the harm and fairness values, while the conservative positions have a broader justification.

    Haidt makes the point that in most of the rest of the world exception: Western Europe , moral values strongly use all five of the values, often focusing more strongly on loyalty, authority, and sanctity than on fairness and harm. Is this why we have so much trouble understanding each other? Do we just fail to see how the other side can think about the big issues of the day? Of course Haidt is using a broad brush to draw these distinctions. This runs the risk of oversimplifying, of course. For example, some liberal positions focus, to a degree, on sanctity opposition to NGO foods, environmental protection.

    Conservatives are obviously concerned about harm and fairness, just not to the exclusion of other values. I have conservative friends who are good people. Every living thing seemed to be in slow-motion. I flopped into the metal seat and closed my eyes to keep out the salty drops that trickled down my forehead. The empty square baked in the intense afternoon sun as rat-race toxins and stressors melted away one bead of perspiration at a time. The 18th Century Hotel Posada del Hidalgo provided a historical spot to prepare our minds for the stupendous vistas waiting for us on the train journey through the Copper.

    Ah, the joys of a colonial setting blended with modern amenities. In , well-known Mexican hotelier Roberto Balderrama Gomez, bought this mansion that follows the slope up seven levels to Fort Montesclaros. Founded in by Spaniard Francisco de Ibarra, El Fuerte has acted as a gateway to adventure for years. Originally called San Juan Bautista de Carapoa, this town provided access to Spanish-ruled Arizona and California before the fierce Zuaque and Tehueco tribes destroyed it.

    In Jesuit missionaries took over the colonization, subdued the indigenous warriors using an evangelical approach and renamed it after the Spanish Fort, El Fuerte Montesclaros. Since , when the mile route officially opened, El Fuerte has been recognized as a western access to the Copper Canyon. The railroad remains the life line of this city of 30, people. It would shrivel in the heat without commercial hotels, restaurants, and tour agencies to service travelers venturing into the canyon. We soaked up history while the sun robbed our energy.

    Following the inviting, clean Rio El Fuerte that zig-zagged through town, I wondered if any heatstroked tourists had ever jumped into the river for relief. The swift rapids and 30 ft. I had read that the river draws rafting enthusiasts from around the world. Fresh water black bass and langostino fishing prevails and wild float rides after the rainy season provide an exciting zip down the channel.

    The central Plaza de Armas offered shade under colossal palms, beckoning benches and a blistering breeze. A few cowboys, donning gallon hats and damp leather chaps, clip-clopped their horses through the dusty streets, kicking up billowing swirls as they passed. Once we reached el Centro, a handsome Mexican, curling his drooping handle-bar moustache, sweltered outside a colonial restaurant on the square. Ven al dentro. We slurped on huge plates of bright red, fresh-water langostinos, called cauques, smothered in garlic butter and downed ice cold Pacifico beers.

    We had crossed from Hell over into Heaven. Tables covered with old newspapers absorbed the pungent oil that slithered down our hands while we peeled those succulent beauties. I remember the sensual pleasure I felt when the young, dark-eyed waiter gently wiped away the greasy evidence dripping down my chin. A meal, a subtle gesture—a moment that I can still feel, see, and taste.

    Back at the hotel, while we sipped margaritas by the pool, a surprise visit by Zorro added a hokey, but historical flare. Wearing a half-mask, bolero hat and an alluring smile, the bandit rode a jet-black horse with silver studded saddle and pranced through the gardens.

    Zorro and Tornado took me back to , when at 11 years old, I sat glued in front of the rabbit-eared TV set, fascinated by my first introduction to Mexican culture. Three miles outside of town, a deserted wooden structure emerged from the dust. We kissed our pre-paid vouchers when we saw the ticket window deserted as well. The rickety building offered no services, two dilapidated benches and two semi-functional bathroom units. When the train finally steamed into the station, the conductor announced the stop would only be for five-minutes.

    We grabbed our luggage, boarded quickly, and found a right-hand seat for best views. Leaving from Los Mochis, on the Sea of Cortez coast, the train pulls out at 6AM, not reaching the center of the canyon for nine hours. A more palatable and less exhausting route begins in the steamy, colonial city of El Fuerte at 9AM, 75 kilometers north of Los Mochis. Spending a few days in the charming environs of this Pueblo Magico gets the trip off to a historical start. Go to www. Try cchewing on he h hew ew wiing g o n a clove of garlic.

    Laid Laid d low low w with a bacterial Garlic rial infection? G arlic just might provide relief. Bothered by hypertension, high cholesterol, or coronary problems? Even modern scientists conclude that garlic can be beneficial. And although most of it will find its way into flavorful stews, soups and other culinary delights, a goodly amount will be channeled into other uses. While its popularity here as an aphrodisiac, a purifying agent and a talisman is widespread, the medicinal properties of garlic are gaining perhaps an even greater recognition, not only in Mexico, but throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the prowess of garlic as a potent medicine is legendary.

    In fact, it has been utilized for this purpose as late as World War I. Pliney, the Roman scholar, listed 61 garlic remedies for maladies ranging from madness to coughs to impotence. And the Chinese use of garlic as preventive medicine dates back to before B. Indeed, a growing. Garlic compounds have been found to reduce blood clotting tendencies by reducing the stickiness of blood platelets.

    Scientists at the New York Medical College recently concluded that ingesting a clove of garlic a day could reduce blood cholesterol levels by as much as nine percent. Other studies have identified compounds in garlic that block the formation of several types of carcinogens.

    And French researchers reported in that in experiments with rats, a garlic extract was successful in slowing the development of an Alzheimer-like disease. Garlic is rich in sulphur-containing compounds that have a variety of beneficial properties. It is generally agreed that a compound called allicin is the antibacterial component in garlic and it is suspected that it may contribute to the ability of the herb to help lower cholesterol and protect against cancer. But many other compounds are formed when garlic is cut, smashed or bruised. Scientists have had a difficult time trying to single out which of the over seventy constituents of garlic produce which beneficial effect.

    In spite of all the studies conducted, none have proved conclusively that garlic alone was the single factor producing the specific positive result. Yet, studies indicate that garlic may serve as an adjunct that helps enhance the immune system, curb coronary risk factors and block the action of carcinogens. Yet another favorable aspect is the lack of side effects-if one discounts breath and body odor and perhaps a bit of indigestion. And what modern miracle drug will ward off evil, fight disease and add flavor to your favorite recipes—all for a pittance?

    While still seen as vandalism, street art has become an open forum unrestrained by commercial requirements placed on institutional arts enslaved within capitalism - an art form where the limits of creativity are nightly tested by waves of young artists seeking proactive change in rigid cultures and societies that eschews basic needs of humanity. Motivated by their lack of access to wealth, power, and voice from within disenfranchised communities, street artists reach out with their painted messages to alter social structures, liberate marginalized communities, preserve the environment, and gain benefits that will enable humans to live with dignity and meaningful presence.

    Street artists frequently work in small groups and hide their identity with anonyms which enable profound change in how they perceive themselves. Swoxe, for example, is the street tag for the young Chapala artist this article focuses on - a young man who, in community with other artists, has gained self-respect, companionship, and peer approval, qualities once denied to him by society.

    While calligraphy remains central, his use of harmonized colors which move through and into and out of the picture plane, coupled with his variable use of line and dot patterns, create an emotionally explosive artwork. Shot at night, his work glows with beauty and spiritual life. Photo 2. Street art painted on private and public property as both spontaneous gift and challenge to existing.

    Rob Mohr. Not everything I learn makes sense to the American in me, but then I have to remember that I only am making conclusions based on what I observe. Of course, the Mexicans are doing the same. But then I watched the woman in line in front of me. I wondered why she was dealing with the problem with the cashier instead of the customer service representative.

    I was caught between shame and laughter. Then as I paid the bill, I asked why the drive through was closed. He indicated it was for security reasons. Guess that is a good of a reason as anything. But what did the two Mexican clerks learn about our culture? When I first came to Mexico, it was difficult to learn the procedures of getting a landline, Internet, etc. As a clerk in a business, I expect them to speak their native language. Their reaction is usually to tell me my error and help me through it.

    And I find they often ask me about something English--a business transaction with a cultural learning curve to boot. They were noisy, were always going off, and scaring her dogs! The other customers, mostly Americans who have been in Mexico for a while exchanged glances at each other and laughed at the audacity of her remark. Someone suggested that she move further out into the country, or, perhaps, return to America. One thing I do think could be done a little better, is electricity. I have seen CFE make many positive changes since we moved here. A minor inconvenience, storm or weather related.

    But when I look up at the electrical poles, it simply boggles my mind that the electric wires and wonder how they even work at all. My experience here has taught me to have flashlights, lanterns and candles available especially during, the rainy season which is officially here a little early this year.

    Victoria Vi i SSchmidt h id. As I recall, sex is supposed to involve passion. I feel passionate about many things, i. None of which, has anything to do with sex. Consequently, you can anticipate that my ideas on this subject are a bit askew. How horrifying for male chil-. They are expected to just go along with this process on blind faith? Adolescents look to their parents for guidance and explanations about body changes and sex. Who told us anything? Through coercion, you get your love interest on a boat, then you stalk them around the ship, hope they panic and give in.

    Some bargain! They do what every generation has done; they experiment. Oral sex could be a bit painful if your partner has a pierced tongue, nose and lips. The posts on those earrings could leave some serious scratches. Having an acne-pocked, spiked haired, body pierced adolescent. Kids today have it tough; people ask them what sex they are and laugh hysterically when they answer. We can accept that some things will never change. Nature does that for us. It is cruel to continue passing along inaccurate information or lies.

    Grandchildren are computer literate. They can check out the crap you tell them. The final pearl of wisdom you can offer your grandchildren is when someone hassles them, it takes 42 facial muscles to frown, but it only takes four muscles to extend their middle finger. Gail Nott. He was notorious for enmeshing the Windy City in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder. Eddie was very good! In fact, his skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. To show his appreciation, Capone paid him very well. Not only was the money big, but Eddie got special dividends, as well.

    For instance, he and his family occupied a fenced-in mansion with live-in help and all the convenienc-. The estate was so large that it filled an entire Chicago City block. Eddie lived the high life of the Chicago mob and gave little consideration to the atrocity that went on around him. Eddie did have one soft spot, however. He had a son whom he loved dearly. Eddie saw to it that his young son had the best clothes, cars, and a good education. Nothing was withheld. Money was no object. And, despite his involvement with organized crime, Eddie even tried to teach him right from wrong. Eddie wanted his son to be better than he was.

    One day, Easy Eddie reached a difficult decision. He wanted to rectify wrongs he had done. To do this, he would have to testify against The Mob, and he knew that the cost would be great. He had given his son the greatest gift he had to offer at the greatest price he could ever pay. Police removed from his pockets a rosary, a crucifix, and a clipping from a magazine. Now is the only time you own.

    Live, love, toil with a will. Place no faith in time. For the clock may soon be still. And now the rest of the story: World War II produced many heroes. One day his squadron was sent on a mission. After he was airborne, he looked at his fuel gauge and realized that someone had neglected to top off his fuel tank. He would not have enough fuel to complete his mission and get back to his ship. Reluctantly, he dropped out of formation and headed back to the fleet. As he was returning to the ship, he saw something that turned his blood cold; a formation of Japanese aircraft was speeding its way toward the American fleet.

    The American fighters were out of communication range, and the fleet was all but defenseless. Nor could he warn them of the approaching danger. There was only one thing to do. He must divert them from his fleet. The wing-mounted 50 caliber blazed as he charged in, attacking one surprised enemy plane and then another.

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    Butch wove in and out of the now broken formation and fired at as many planes as he could until all his ammunition was spent.