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My heart ached for Charlotte to be there, but I tried as hard as I could to embrace the normal moments we were having. I found Joy silently gazing at the stars, trying to remember the formations I learned in high school, wondering if Charlotte could see the beauty I was experiencing, wishing I could be pointing out stars to her and Sophie, but knowing that the beauty she is experiencing is far greater than I could even fathom. My point is, what Charlotte's legacy has always been, that there is always Joy - even in the darkness, and you really do have to force yourself to sometimes to find it.

When you do, that is when the ordinary moments, the ordinary things, the ordinary experiences become extraordinary. Joy makes all things simple and ordinary greater and extraordinary. This does not replace the darkness nor take away the pain, or acute grief we are still working through, which is hard for me to comprehend.

I have been searching for Joy to take away that pain, to fill the hole and void, to make me feel alive again. Joy in reality is moments intermixed in life whether that life is a life of pain and sadness, or ordinarily boring.

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Joy is not an overarching experience that takes away these life moments. A life filled with Joy is a life fulfilled even with the mountains we must climb, the highs and the lows we have to experience, and for some with the pain and suffering - Joy fills in the gap between these moments and fills us with life, and helps us live life to the fullest by doing the things we have always wanted to do but have been to scared to do, by taking chances on things, but being true to yourself, and by taking the time to witness the Joy that appears in the ordinary moments.

If you make a conscious decision to find Joy each day you are living a life fulfilled and for you it doesn't matter when you die. It matters to the people that are left behind because we miss your physical presence, the impact that you had on our lives, but only you can be in charge of fulfilling your life, and living life to the fullest, and living it with Joy. And just like that Charlotte's two and half years don't seem so short in terms of living life to the fullest as best as she could. This is hard work to make this conscious decision, and in my grief I many times am lost and fumbling just to make it through the day, but I don't want her fundamental message, her legacy of Joy to be lost because I am missing her physical presence.

It is something that I have to work very hard at because when you lose a child part of you dies with them. If I can do it, you can do it too, I promise you! Much the same that you would have been able to embrace the life we have been given if it was yours. It is what you do when you love unconditionally, and know nothing but love for someone. And now for my shameless plug for our non-profit. The funds raised will go towards creating Joy Bags for people who are facing illness or hospitalizations and will provide things that will help them feel more like a person than a patient, including sheets, blankets, nail polish, age appropriate toys, hair pretties for the girls etc.

We will also want to in the future help to provide tools to help create simple ordinary Joys for families such as family art projects, picnic lunches, shaving cream baths, giant bubbles, anything you can imagine or that they have imagined for their child that may bring Joy to a child. We cannot do this without your help!! I am attaching the link to get your tickets below. We are also launching two apparel boosters. One with the traditional logo with new options in colors and styles, and one coming in the next couple of days with a twist on design I think you guys will love both of the options!

We really hope to see you at the fundraiser, to have you apart of Charlotte's mission, to celebrate our non-profit status, and to overall just thank you for the love and support you have given us the past three years. Charlotte's legacy of Joy is no ordinary Joy, she has and always will be extraordinary and so will her legacy of Joy she left behind. We don't need or want our fairytale ending we imagined so long ago, because our story is playing out just as it is supposed to be, and I don't think we would have experienced true Joy in life had it been a different story Purchase your Fulton Fundraiser tickets here:.

Get your Seize Your Joy gear there:. Traditional with new styles and colors booster. Living abnormally normal, and finding extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Follow Us. Challenges and setbacks no longer steal our peace and joy because they are only temporary stumbling blocks. The spirit can work through them.

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Source Image We can get sidetracked when we develop mistaken ideas about what constitutes an outstanding life. Can I sustain this momentum? The applause and adulation are receding. How can I recapture them? Yet we have spiritual power available to us.

Is my spirit nudging me to do something differently? Is there someone I need to forgive?

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Have I been dishonest or negligent, either with myself or someone else? Have I been prideful or ambitious at the expense of other people? Is there a negative habit or attitude I need to relinquish?

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