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Hier liegt ihr Mann, der bei einem Arbeiteraufstand erschossene Josef Null I, auf dem Schuldigen Gottesacker begraben, was ihn nicht daran hindert, sich in die laufenden Ereignisse einzumischen. Als er sie auf einem Fest mit dem Unternehmersohn Kurt Schwefel "der Sturmvogel" flirten sieht, dreht er durch. Diese Weitschweifigkeiten! Der nicht, verblutet, von innen her Mein Vater lebt! Das verhindert die Sprache. Zu sein. Ein Mensch" Seite : Auch jenseits der Seiten-Grenze wartete ich vergebens darauf, von dieser Diktion nachhaltig in Bann gezogen zu werden.

Statt dessen wuchs mein Widerwille. Doch auch die Deformationen der Sprache zeigen den Reichtum der Wirklichkeit nicht. Man kann diese Sprache nur total akzeptieren - oder ablehnen. Bei mir stellte sich derselbe Effekt unabwendbar nach etwa Seiten ein. Personen kehrten wieder, die ich aus den Augen verloren hatte. Oder waren sie noch gar nicht aufgetaucht? Why should I want to be in the picture anyway? I have to look at the weather. Its disheveling crosscurrent. All emotions are true. Everyone here came over water. Like them I will feel hunger. Dark, desert. Or droughts in Egypt, the French Revolution.

I came through safe third countries, spores on my shoe. Like continents ripping bit by bit and grinding sight in raining ash. On the green of species of moss. Entries of the brightest finitude. Which is further than Leifur Eriksson, who for some time was her brother-in-law. No survival without navigation. No navigation without turnover of bodies into labor, goods, silence, missions, capital. Botany also calls moss a pioneer plant.

It says pioneers need dozens of years to grow on fresh lava. And another dozen after being uprooted from trampling and grazing. Degrees of degradation.

Was geschah wirklich?

Sense of possibility. To briefly find balances in the pull of need and erosion. Where something gains contours through recess. I mean the kind of fiction that emerges from fact.

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Translating my actions into selection. Dreamt of subjection again. Moments full of inertia. That is empty. Endless vacillation within. Drills me in positioning. Not sensitive enough. Do birds dream of shores? Or of their flight over oceans? Ravens climb from my hand. Their eyes, more than mine, see lands beyond the sea. Translation by Shane Anderson. Wenn ich Leere sage, meine ich mehr als von Menschen leer? Ich muss nach dem Wetter sehen. Seiner zerzausten Gegenbewegung. Was hat die Hekla damit zu tun, die Katla, Laki, der Inselbergegletscher?

Ich meine das nicht monokausal. Ich kam durch sichere Drittstaaten, Sporen am Schuh. Ich rechne mit Konsequenzen. Das ist weiter als Leifur Eriksson, der eine Zeit lang ihr Schwager war. Die Botanik nennt Moose auch Pionierpflanzen. Und wieder Dutzende nach ihrer Entwurzelung durch Trampeln und Grasen. Wo etwas durch Aussparung an Konturen gewinnt. Ich meine das nicht als Metapher. Ich meine die Art Fiktion, die aus Fakten entsteht.

Woher all die Wasser? Die leer ist. Endloses Schwingen darin. Nicht empfindlich genug. Oder von ihrem Ozeanflug? Aus meiner Hand steigen Raben. Seven layers of color on the bedroom door alone. Decades painted in flatness, or button rows. Due of no justice. To stay here further by virtue of labor, spreading.

What one spends in alienation. Can deviation be simulated or avoided, how does something equal itself? Something like food stamps, in the name of the people, gladiola, ravioli. Those set over chasms, more than a fathom deep. As if beauty were but the mistake in a copy. Like a knob airily springs. If I just keep living like this, how close will I come to war? Brightness becomes tempered by emptiness, duty. Is revolt on, sick with rage, when sick is a pigeonhole? Fingering brooches from index strata, binding co-presence through time. Limes, Lindisfarne, Kiev — the Rus rows in cartography.

Where does the Roman Empire end? The Roman Empire never ends. The silence stuttered from crickets, escaped its calling thus? To the crops with tenderness full. Did obstinacy prove to the unyielding? Governs thunder, it darkens. Wrought upon. Is everland still dozing by? Translated by Shane Anderson. Auffahrendes ohne Seele lesen, die kaum mehr erkenntliche Arbeit in einem Ding. Lohn keiner Gerechtigkeit. Was eine aufwendet, an Entfremden.

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Wie leichthin ein Knopf springt. Wenn ich einfach so weiterlebe, wie nahe komme ich Krieg? Liegt Aufstand an, zornkrank, wo krank eine Schublade ist? Fingern aus Leitschichten Fibeln, binden durch Zeiten Mitanwesenheit. Limes, Lindisfarne, Kiew — die Rus rudert in Kartografien. Den Grillen abgestotterte Stille, entginge so ihrer Bestimmung?

Zeugte Verstocken von Unbeugsamkeit? Unter Ordnungen Donner, es dunkelt. Everyone will remember differently.

Forming sequences, speak openly, please: domesticating. What I am unable to shake inverts. Like splitting kindling becomes routine. Like pine sap smells when it catches fire, burns. Tree-high trim and panniers, a wooden frame full of pears, connected by cables, generating charges. Intervals of greenish light. Should someone be shot, for security reasons?

How do you feel? For the longest time I thought wolfs only exist in films still, or in the zoo. As if history imagined became erosion, that is loss instead of editing. Initially the protocol differentiates between amplitudes according to type and weight. Tthey appear to be montaged together. Their echo allows for details to separate.

Der Auslöser: In Budapest stellt Mohammad Zatareih Flüchtlinge in Fünferreihen auf.

As if one drew halos, courts to capture the heights of their unlikelihood, counterintuitive. And then fed them back in, in variants and knots. Like with dough, you only have to knead long enough, to take the air out, the tears. Hindering impulses before they manifest. Always more complex, the layers, or developments through silence. As if I could invent operations, by inhibiting them. Melting into the floor and back out again, hips gyrating, carving the air with the hands, off the cuff into the stomach.

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For desire for lard, for loading foam cushioned drawers, glasses full of fly cadavers that I collect underneath closed windows. When you came in, did you feel the need to leave your shoes at the entrance. For protection, or to reward your presence with comfort. That I want routines creates no duration, a single butterfly can perforate the line perfectly. Like axe swings, sawing, their howling and cooing, in fog. One of these days, we went for a walk. Ran along a forest path, in thought, coniferous forest, boreal, while I inside the studio sat. Recording the sounds directly from the floor, with my feet.

Cluster of consonants, transmitted through vibration. All the way to Chugach, Alaska. I only had to tie knots so that they became mobiles, journeys of the greatest possible non-simultaneity. We are able to identify trustworthy translations with the aid of automated processes. The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. In addition, we have included websites of international organizations such as the European Union. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

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Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. Show more. Show less. The river shapes the life of his family and his village. Nach kurzer Zeit trifft der Haupeschbach auf das Hallerbachtal 4. He tells of encounters with people along the river banks , of musical colleagues from a dozen different countries, of joint concerts, of the longing for freedom and distance and of a vision: unity in variety. Specifically designed for those large Continental rivers and lakes, the Sky Pod is so flexible that it is still at home on the banks of a traditional English carp lake.

Available in either a 3 or 4 rod set up, the Sky Pod can be adjusted from a horizontal plane to literally pointing skywards allowing you to get over any snags often found on big European waters. They return to the heart-shaped topography of Brussels, to the banks of Lake Michigan, to the sprawling road network of the centre of Paris, to the North Sea, to the polar circle, to the vineyards of Western Australia, the blue July sky of Lisbon, and to almost everywhere in Switzerland. A presentation of pedestrian knowledge, subjective geographies, wet feet, throat-ache and warm hearts.

Foto: www. Scientific research on other rivers was able to demonstrate that young fish could become stranded on the bank under certain conditions or could be influenced in their behaviour. Photo: www. The art nouveau house is a national monument of culture and was built in in the historic centre of Prague on the bank of the river Vltava between the National Theatre and High Castle Vysehrad. Where else can one enjoy such an impressive view of the Bernese Alps, while the boat slowly glides past the romantic shore with its rushing waterfalls, proud castles, old churches and cosy spas?

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Followed by a visit to the stalactite caves along good, well-illuminated paths, which lead down to a depth of around meters. Diese Erweiterung ist angebracht, denn bei Westasien handel es sich um eine Region, die im Laufe der Geschichte als die Austauschpassage von Ost- und Zentralasien bis zu den Grenzen Europas funktionierte.

This expansion is appropriate, since West Asia is a region that has throughout history performed as the passage for exchange from East and Central Asia across to the borders of Europe. After a slight slope towards the east there is a small hill with about 50 altimeters. Direkt vor dem Haus - man geht nur 50 m um das Haus einen Sandweg hinunter Achtung: www. Directly in front of the house - it is only 50 meters to the house down a sand road Warning: www.

Matthias Jarke of RWTH Aachen, one of three directors of B-IT, welcomed the audience with a speech about their departure to new shores - here in Bonn, the birthplace of Beethoven, which he himself had left to head for Vienna to further his own development. Spannung in der A1 Arena: www. Excitement in the A1 Arena: www. Stockfoto - de. Heart with arrow, as love sign, drawn on the beach shore , with the see and sky in the background. Stock Photo - de. Even more incredible, the winnings at that time were generally doled out in the form of drinks, since most of those machines were found in bars located on the Brooklyn waterfront.

In , Charlie Fey, whom many consider the "Father of the Slot Machine", improved the invention of Sittman and Penn by creating a poker machine that had a "hold" feature. Lindow www. On the waterfront of the Ruppin lake you get to witness an elaborated production on a swimming theatre stage. ARCAM was established in with the aim of bringing architecture t … www.