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Photos, Stories, and Letters Page 1 , 2. Adoption Requirements Adoption Application. Go to Navigation Center. Go to Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions. Tibetan Mastiffs.

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She has beautiful gold hair and is as sweet as can be. She is seeking the best home on earth where she will be happy and safe for life! About Tibetan Mastiffs. Great Danes. Great Pyrenees.

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Saint Bernards. English Mastiffs. American Mastiffs. Neapolitan Mastiffs. Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiffs.

South African Boerboel Mastiffs. Her new mom is a vet tech which means she will receive nothing but the best of medical care and is in great hands.

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Tibetan Mastiff. Read more.

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His new furry siblings include Otis the Saint Bernard mix who will show him the ropes, Sky the Newfy mix puppy who will give him a run for his money, and Meg the cat who will watch the action from afar. Kodi's new family has him signed up for obedience classes already and are committed to continuing to work with him on positive socialization.

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His new dad recently lost his Malamute to cancer and has owned a Great Pyrenees previously so he has lots of big dog experience. Our Available Dogs. Gentle Giants Dog Food. Working With Animal Shelters.

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