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It became obvious to them that the idea of an international common front against fascism had been an illusion. It mentioned internal issues of Spain and the events taking place on the battlefields only as long as they fitted into this narrative. In their reports, the exile writers were not concerned with the events in Spain as such, nor with the international dimensions of the war, but they saw the Spanish Civil War as an international arena to pursue their national goals: to beat National Socialism in Germany.

They hoped to return home to Germany via Spain and when this route was blocked by the nationalist victories and the international non-intervention, their hope to achieve their main goal was shattered. Nuestra Cultura, , p. Contested meanings of a Basque place , in Political Geography , 19, , p. Research interests are studies of modernism, migration and exile history in an Ibero-American realm. They can be distributed on the condition that you attribute the work to the author and licensor, you do not modify the original contents and you do not use them for commercial purposes.

The quotation of excerpts however is always allowed, in accordance with the law. Diacronie Studi di Storia Contemporanea. Sommario - Documento precedente - Documento successivo. Tra guerra civile spagnola e guerra civile europea. Riassunti Italiano English. Sommario 1. The Outbreak of the War. The Bombing of Civilian Targets.

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The Politics of Non-Intervention. Testo integrale PDF k Condividi questo documento. Zur Erfahrungsperspek Nuestra Cultura, Das von Bombing and Propaganda in the Spanish Civil War Las dimensiones internacionales de la guerra civil esp Inizio pagina. Navigazione Indice Autori Parole chiave. The critical attitude towards consumption was not universally shared.

By far the most successful artist associated with the festivals was Udo Lindenberg.

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His lyrics were characterized by their informal, slang-infused language and addressed everyday concerns: casual flings, ill-fated relationships, evenings spent in bars, the desire to break free and the joys of rock music. At the time of Rock gegen Rechts , Lindenberg was a household name, with several top ten albums under his belt. Lindenberg was a late addition to the festival. While his presence was something of a coup for the organizers, it also attracted criticism.

Yet Lindenberg also had his defenders. Pflasterstrand credited him with ensuring that the event had been a rock festival, rather than a festival of political music. With his avant-garde links, Goebbels was perhaps not the likeliest of Lindenberg supporters. In his own way, Lindenberg was clearly a political artist. Musikant was founded in , focusing on music with social and political overtones. Several bands that performed at the and festivals later released albums on this label. For this development, he partly credited the performance of Dutch band Bots, which he had brought to Frankfurt.

Since the late s, he had performed as a singer-songwriter under the alias of Lerryn, even winning an award at the Essen International Song Days of Early on, Dehm combined his musical work with political engagement. At the festival, he thus aligned with those who sought keep potentially unruly radicals away from the festival stage.

Following the disputes in , he was attacked for being a right-winger and even subject to physical assault. As a politician, Dehm has courted controversy on several occasions. In the context of Rock gegen Rechts , however, his involvement points to an important development in German popular music. The Musikant record label tapped into an audience for bands whose lyrics addressed social and political realities. Throughout the s, the label released commercially successful albums.

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Rock gegen Rechts was neither insignificant nor inconsequential. Inspired by anti-racist activism in Britain, it came to occupy a place in the story of the West German left. Hesse and its largest city Frankfurt became important centres of the new party, with the Hessian Greens becoming the first to enter regional government.

The tensions within Rock gegen Rechts demonstrate the challenges for radical coalition-building in — Conflicting attitudes with regard to political parties and state authority triggered manifold debates and contributed to the eventual demise of the alliance.

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This is hardly surprising, if one considers the heterogeneous base from which the initiative had emerged. As a form of radical cultural politics Rock gegen Rechts nonetheless left a clear legacy. In the context of the Frankfurt festival, the use of music for political purposes was heavily contested, with some parts of the alternative milieu criticizing such instrumentalization. During the s, however, several events took this approach forward.

One example was a large-scale concert in December , held at Frankfurt Festival Hall in protest against the construction of Runway West at Frankfurt Airport. The campaign against airport expansion rallied different forces and further sustained the rise of the Greens during the early s. He has published on a variety of transnational movements and international organizations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, covering phenomena such as pacifism, humanitarianism, socialism, anarchism, freethought and intellectual co-operation.

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Permissions Icon Permissions. View large Download slide. Petra and Dr. See for example Hans Kundnani, Utopia or Auschwitz? Bernd Leukert, Frankfurt, , p. Kundnani, Utopia or Auschwitz? Uta G. Leukert, pp.

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Leukert, p. Andreas Pretzel and Volker Weiss, Hamburg, , pp. David Robb, Rochester, , pp. Renton, When We Touched the Sky , p. Heinrich v. Floh de Cologne, p. Philipp Meinert and Martin Seeliger, Bielefeld, , p. Germany's largest island is also one of the places with the most hours of sunshine in Germany. What are you waiting for? Let's go! The ships between the piers, the meter-wide sandy beach and the promenade with the venerable lighthouse have long since made the former fishing village on the Warnow a popular holiday resort on the Baltic coast.

At any time of the year. Twelve lakes extend into the center of Schwerin. One of the most beautiful castles in Mecklenburg, the Schwerin City Palace, rises picturesquely on an island. The Grand Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin had it built in the 19th century in the style of a historic French moated castle. It's the largest lake in the Mecklenburg lake district, much of which is a nature protection area, and the largest that lies entirely within Germany. Are you looking for recommendations for your visit to Germany? No other German state has as much water as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

From the waves and islands of the Baltic Sea to the rivers and lakes further inland. As if it was made for holiday fun! Hundreds of firefighters are battling one of the biggest blazes in the region's history. Officials fear the fire could engulf a munitions warehouse that contains World War II-era explosives. July 6th is the International Kissing Day. In many cultures a kiss is an expression of love.

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