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La Vendedora de Nubes. Los indigenas mexicanos: ubicaciongeografica, organizacion social y politica PDF Kindle. Historia PDF Kindle. Nube negra PDF Online. Milhous was therefore a very religious man, therefore extremely dangerous because these men believe all their sins can be forgiven by God. Atheists think more on the consequences of their acts. Milhous was also an earthquake that devastated America.

North, Center and South, and not just San Francisco where he used to live as governor. That was the end of his career. But he had fun. The electrical chair current passed through the Rosenbergs, but the electrocuted victims were religious and died properly in faith. It was a progress if we compare to Sacco and Vanzetti, who were atheist and could not reach paradise so easily. America was ready for all scandals that followed. All of them unprecedented in US history: assassinations, massacres, genocides, violation of all articles of US Constitution and international treaties like Geneva Convention, use of prohibited weapons, overturning of democratic governments in many countries, illegal wars across the planet, alliance with mafias The same as Capone was condemned for fiscal fraud, Nixon was condemned just for espionage, but inmediately pardoned.

I saw him, around , at some 5 meters distance, in the middle of Gran Via in Madrid. He was hand to hand with another serial killer, his friend General Franco. Serial killers of the world, unite! Vicepresidents have no active role in US politics.

Die lange Welle hinterm Kiel.

But they are in-pectore candidates for the next election Following this rule, Nixon lost against an awful candidate, Kennedy, but only at a very, very tiny margin. The reasons why Kennedy, unexperienced and catholic, won, are explained later. His situation became desperate as Kennedy gained popularity. He had to be assassinated for a second time. Nixon opposed a second rank candidate, Humphrey, but only passed on a tiny margin, I was 12, and my history teacher asked me to report on this election.

I had predicted that Democrats would lose the South but win the East Cost. As usual, you make correct predictions for the wrong reasons. San Francisco, I love every inch of you. As commented later, the policy of the US was at the time driven by foreign policy more than by internal affairs, as happens to all leading nations involved in endemic wars. The Middle East crisis started to play a major role in american politics after the Six-Days war of These conflicts took so much importance, that the true president was not Nixon but his Secretary of State, Kissinger.

Kissinger was much like Nixon, as religious and anti-communist as him, a jew born in Germany as criminal persecutor as he was once persecuted by criminals. The difference: he was an educated professor from Harvard and not a beggar found unshaved in a dirty street close to a cloaque as Nixon. The US constitution prevents somebody born without american nationality to be elected president.

In Vietnam, the world superpower was about to surrender to a yellow-hat and bare-footed armed guerrilla. In Spain, we started to see photographs of very young vietnamese, with hands tied to their back, half-naked, attached in line by a rope, prepared for torture or internment in a concentration camp, and worse I believed him and was scared.

Madrid was only 10 km away from a military US base called Torrejon and was therefore an obvious target for a nuclear attack. Before I ran home, the war was over. I have some excuse for my stupidity. When the Missile Crisis, I was only 5 and unaware of those events. I was learning at school: Do you believe in Almighty God creator of earth and heaven? Do you believe in the Saint Spirit? Do you believe in life after death? And so on. With my powerful protectors, what could I fear? American officers from the military bases in Spain bought all houses near mine.

On july 4th, they ejected all kind of rockets into the nightly sky. I started to work in my garage on my own device propelled by a mixture of sugar and potassium pills that I got in the pharmacy. I ended up in the hospital with burned hands. This was the start of my scientific career. A famous Nobel laureate once said: there is no good experimenter without at least ten electrical shocks in his record. Fortunately, electrical current was limited at the time at Volts and I survived my new experiments.

Then we landed on the Moon. I was totally pro-american. My father brought me to the naval base of Rota to see the american aircraft carriers, and I painted my toy-modelled Phantom F-4 airfighters in white colour to show that they belonged to the US Navy, not the Air Force. The second mandate of Nixon was a via-crucis. After an easy reelection in , the Watergate scandal started. Many brilliant books have been written about the Washington Post reporters who triggered it, the tapes, the impeachment, the paged transcripts.

Can anybody read this? Don Quijote is only paged long and it took me 30 years to complete the reading. But my main question is: if you are a serial killer, why do you want to record on tape all your crimes? I have found nothing that looks like an explanation after scanning the first 1 million. The resignation of Nixon was, according to a biographer, a masterpiece. He was the first american president to serve without being elected. He was totally unprepared to face the most complex problems: Watergate scandal, economical crisis, Vietnam War, Middle East crisis, and so on.

Not surprisingly any of these ended up in catastrophy. He was defeated by the cacahuet farmer from the South Jimmy Carter. I switched myself from being totally pro-american to totally anti-american, until I visited a cousin of mine at MIT, where he was studying electrical engeneering. There, I changed my mind again. May I have another one to say: I saw a free world for the first time in my life.

I returned to Spain decided to kill Franco. He died 3 months later. Quotations attributed to Nixon: People have to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I deserve everything I got. I screwed it up. Mea culpa. They should be punished. Hoy can they evaluate such an idiotic president, so religious and morally lacking. I am full of jews and most jews are disloyal. You cant trust these bastards. Dont trust me. If anybody who has been in this chair ever had reasons to be anti-semitic, I did You know what I mean?

I was never the President. Why do the americans love Kennedy so much and hate me so much, I am as religious as he was. The domestic policy of the US in the period has been completely dominated by external crisis. Carter was defeated by Iran more than by Reagan, and Bush by the fear of another Irak war rather than by his stupid economy. The contrary may well happen: a president is elected after removing some external danger rather than by his economical ideas.

In , the French Revolution went wrong after declaring war to this unexisting king. It resulted in all other european countries forming a coalition against France and the war lasted 30 years. Victories and defeats in distant places provoked the fall or reinforcement of internal governments. Power in France shifted from enlighted to foolish revolutionaries that responded to external dangers by internal terror. The US did the same after , when the Vietnam war started, and even earlier, after the Korea war, that triggered enraged anti-communism, witch-hunting, un-american expulsions, struggle against civil rights, massive murderings and other illegal activities, all comparable to terror in revolutionary France in the period In those situations, police takes control of power.

This is Central-America. Cuba is discussed elsewhere. It became a hotspot for US foreign policy since Central America was considered by the US as his rear garden and dangerous liberation ideas started to grow there, watered by tropical rains. Gardening action to extirpate these evils was necessary in at least four parcels: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The US under Killinger and Reagan applied usual massive murdering techniques. They achieved a record at 1 million assassinations.

United Fruits retook power in Central America. This is South-America. Operation Condor was a campaign of political repression and terror involving assassinations and intelligence operations officially implemented in by US-driven dictators of South America. The number of deaths is in dispute, possibly 1 assassinations, but the total number of affected people by torture, emprisonement or exile may go up to a few millions. This is the beginning. In Mossadegh was elected prime minister of Iran by parlamentary vote. He nationalised petroleum industries, a fatal decision for him.

Eisenhower and Churchill arrested him with support of Sha Reza Palevi. The opposition leader became the Ayatollah Khomeini, in exile in France, but returning in to impose a theocratic regime. Many people did not understand the true nature of this regime and welcomed it. They trusted in God like many other nations. The US and allies had a brilliant idea: to invade Iran by Irak, resulting in a 10 years war with 1 million dead.

Worse, Irak became a heavily armed country. The US by that time specialised in creating artificially conflits were none existed, then suffocated them by creating others and so on. All this could only end up in Apocalypsis. Americans only realised what was going on in the world when they saw the fall of the New York towers in , something that outside the US was expected since long. This is the Middle-East, the story of some 15 wars in the period The real issue, still unsolved, is how to share the territory called Palestine between jews and palestinians.

The conflits were: war, operations, Suez Crisis, Six-days war in , wars, and Yom Kippur in In negotiations finally started under Carter and a partial agreement was obtained at Camp David. But the thing went wrong again when Lebanon wars started in and is still going on nowadays. I was a fool not to realize that this wars would end up in a massacre. Peace attempts were made in Oslo in , pushed by Clinton. I thought naively the conflict was over, and then Rabin was assassinated in First Intifada in , second one in , Lebanon war in , Gaza uprising in , and so on.

This stupid war has become a dangerous international conflict. This is the end. By , Nixon and Killinger decided to bomb Cambodia for unknown reasons, but the anti-war movement was gaining momentum in the US. Scandals were outing like the My Lai massacre. Operation Lam Saon was also launched against Laos. All possible wrong decisions were taken, with the exception of starting secret peace negociations.

But when the agreement was finally reached, there was nothing to negotiate any more, because the war was lost. The apocalyptic end of Vietnam war was the offensive resulting in the fall of Saigon and the US embassy, shown to the whole world by TV on april 29, Brilliant end. But the nightmare continued in Cambodia. There were terrible massacres that ended only by The balance of Nixon-Killinger was several million dead, many countries in ruins, US prestige lost. The plagues of Egypt. Fall of the Wall. Arabs say: if you dont want to fight your enemy, seat at the door of your house until his corps passes by.

The corps of communism passed by the Berlin Wall on november 10, Many people claimed success: Reagan, Thatcher, Walesa, and even the Pope. But remember that Marx himself predicted the deperichment of communist states resulting in chaos. Bye bye wall, hello hapiness, american jeans, cars, supermarkets. Fall of the Gods. Without blood. After the rapid deaths of Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko, he was appointed in and stayed in power until the august coup. I dont think economy played a major role in the fall of URSS, although I know Thatcher and Reagan invoked this reason to claim success.

The Afghanistan war, on the contrary, was a major issue. This 10 years conflict, , is comparable to the Vietnam war for the US, or to the Algerian conflict in for the french. Fall of the Center. Yihadilla started in reality in The coup of september 11, in NY was the attack number 11 of the series. It was followed by some more until , where my statistics stops.

The reasons were not understood at the beginning by the US and the response of invading Afghanistan was a mistake. Al Quaeda guerrilla was orignally trained by the americans to fight the russians and turned out to be another example of pompier-pyromaniac action. America started to pay for his blind support to Israel. Arabs were pushed to suicidical attentats to claim for justice. Irak wars and Guantanamo prison were more mistakes in the treatment of this conflit, and now we see all arab countries falling one after the other in the hands of radical islamism.

Is it so difficult to understand that a key to solve this problem is an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? Victory after victory. We therefore have to examine 20 years of republican reign, when the US defeated, besides communism, the lybian bedouins, the terrifying army of Nicaragua, the over-powerful army of Irak, twice, and the Talibans in Afghanistan, among other dangerous enemies.

The US went from victory to victory until its final defeat by the Talibans. How can we explain that some arabs armed with spears and arrows shaked the best army in the world, equipped with laser-guided guns and computers? Victory in Iran. In Iran, revolution, attack to the US embassy, the hostages and bla, bla, bla. On april 24, , operation Eagle Clow turned to complete failure and Carter lost pitously the presidential election against the Reagan-Bush ticket, vice and crime hand to hand in famous sentence by Talleyrand. By the way, Bush was director of CIA until All possible things that could go wrong in this operation went wrong.

The probability of this to happen is null. By the way Eagle Claw means George W. On march 30, , Reagan was shot while Bush was at Dallas. The name of the assassin was Hinkley Jr that means, also by reordering letters, J. Just little coincidences. Victory in Lybia. A discotheque exploded in Berlin and Gaddafi was guilty, God knows why. The Holy trinity, Bush father and son, decided to attack Lybia on april 15, , killing a few children, one of them a daughter of 36 Gaddafi. This brilliant military operation was condemned by the UN assembly by 78 votes against 28, and 33 abstentions.

The attack started using UK military bases, since Spain and Italy refused the give use of theirs. Victory in Granada. Rufufu operation was launched in to expulse 18 cuban workers constructing an airport in Granada the island in caribbean sea, not the spanish town. The US marine corps landed government issues and brilliantly completed the operation. Victory in Nicaragua. In a scandal shaked the Reagan administration. All possible illegalities were committed. Victory in Irak part 1. This brilliant victory is well known and I will pass quickly over it.

The US army had casualties by self-fire and affected by the so-called Gulf syndrom, caused by a mixture of uranium powder, chemical gases and anthrax vaccins. Victory in Irak part 2. This illegal attack against Irak is also well known. No single country is common. With 9 countries you have 84 possible combinations of 3 countries, leading to as many wars. Why Irak was selected on march 20, ? I dont know. The result was at least Irak civilians killed some believe the number went up to , the country was destroyed completely and it has not recovered to date.

Victory in Afghanistan. Then Guantanamo and illegal assassination of Bin Laden. Talibans and radical islamists are slowly taking power everywhere in in arab world. Godfather II John Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK, was born in at Brookline Mass , the second son of Joseph Kennedy, a wealthy cotholic businessman with irish origins, who served as ambassador in London during the Roosevelt administration despite his conservative political views.

He served in the Pacific theater as lieutenant in command of a patrol torpedo boat. He was involved in action with heroic conduct and was awarded a Navy medal. In , he won a seat also in Mass. He was a young and brilliant politician, so it was no surprise when he was elected Democrat candidate for the presidential election of at the age of just He asked Lyndon Johnson to be his vicepresident to attract the vote of the South, traditionally democrat but more conservative.

He opposed Nixon, current vice-president under Eisenhower, and was given null chance to defeat him for his unexperience and catholic faith. In other words, he was not a WASP. He won. It was not difficult to explain. His opponent was so confident, that he forgot to shave in a famous TV debate that resulted in a desaster for him. If you have to choose between James Dean and Dracula, you select the first, as simple as that. He did a lot of things for America and was killed.

He was anomalous in a country shifting into the hands of military and financial lobbies. Both tried to trap him in foreign policy affairs: Cuba and Vietnam. The military disasters in Cuba 39 and Vietnam deserve separate attention. This was a trigger for more ambitious future accords. JFK was also successful in domestic policies and gave a big boost to Civil Rights: abolition in practice of death penalty, suppresion of black people discrimination. He also pushed the space program. He was not in office, as many other US presidents, to make war, enrich the lobbies and reinforce secret illegal police actions.

He cared for minorities: negroes, hispanic and sexually discriminated. He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, at pm on november 22, His assassin was Oswald, who was in turn assassinated by X. All are of course fake names. His successor, Johnson, named a commission chaired by X, that concluded that Oswald was the one guilty and no more.

But, who killed the killer and why? Then, who is X? A person who has power enough to conspire and kill a president of the US, then his assassin and mislead the investigation. There are only 2 or 3 candidates, all inside the US administration, but they were not under close scrutiny. The discussions instead were on the number of bullets, the angles and velocities of them, the spead of sound, and so on.

X was a very clever person, acting in the dark. This reduces the number of candidates from 3 to 1. They were segregated even inside a bus, in seats reserved for them at the back. He was critized for this choice, but it was an excellent one. He restablished Civil Rights by force. He searched not just the new frontier, but another world more fair than this one. In other words, he was more dangerous than his brother for the established lobbies. He was killed in troubled 68, with Vietnam war in its climax, riots at universities, Guevara killing, Luther King killing.

I did not understand, since he was already dead. They have a problem at Houston to defeat the russian Gagarine flying in empty space. NASA was the solution and von Braun its director. He offered to the Soviets cooperation but Khrushev declined since he had the lead. He was wrong. The US landed on the moon in , before the end of the decade.

As predicted by Kennedy. Was it an adventure comparable to the discovery of America by Columbus? The missile crisis has been misunderstood because logic has not been applied in its analysis. It was the Kennedys against X. This time X was defeated. This crisis was like Pearl Harbour with a few merchant ships againt the US, instead of the powerful japonese fleet.

A comedy. Yes, there was no military russian naval forces involved. Tell me where the drama was. It was only a subjet for Hollywood, and for a book to praise RFK before its campaign. This is how historians explained the start of a war that ended in officially, in reality much later, in I remember only how it ended.

The spanish TV showed clouds of desperate vietnamese trying to catch helicopters at the roof of the american embassy in Saigon. Then these helicopters landing on the platform of an aircraft carrier at a sea nearby. There was no time for removing the helicopters out of the landing deck and they were pushed down to the sea as soon as refugees were out. Later, there was not even time to land on the deck, they simply crashed on the sea, full of desperate refugees. This reminded me the crossing of the Berezina River by Napoleon troops. A chaotic retreat. Historians dont care much about how and why Napoleon entered Russia.

Only how he managed to escape. Dont waist your time trying to understand how the Vietnam war started. In fact it started in rather than in JFK married in , at age 35, Jaqueline Bouvier. The Kennedy fam41 ily has produced 1 president, 3 senators and multiple other representatives. And assassinations and scandals. It took time to know what. He had 3 sons, but the last, Patrick Kennedy, died at birth.

The elder, John, in a plane crash. Besides that, his brothers Joseph and Robert died in action. Edward K almost died in a car accident. His father Joseph was a gifted businessman, and had at least 3 sons with enough prestige to run for US presidency: John, Robert and Edward. They were wealthy people, but defended social justice and civil rights. All great men have mental disorders. What about private life? All great people have headaches. No neurology manual that I have consulted claims that migraine is cured by sex.

And the other pains? He had a mental disorder that triggered all kind of strange deceases, such that he was initially disqualified to serve in the Army. He had lower back problems, underwent several spinal operatons, and was ill most of the time! Like Napoleon, Ceasar or Alexander. He suffered hypothyroidism, autoinmune polendocrinic syndrom of type II, a non-existing syndrom by the way, and doctors recommended a combination of hormones, animal organ cells, steroid vitamins, enzyms and amphetamines, which resulted in hyperactivity sometimes or hypoactivity in other occasions like the failed Vienna summit.

But in fact JFK neglected all those cures and applied only his own therapy: sex. His disorder of type II was only in his head. He had in reality no links to Boston but rather to Bronx, NY. He was 8 years younger than John, but more clever. He was able to digest thousands of documents and ciffers. He was a maniac. He used his marvellous brain to organize the electoral campaings of his brother and combat organize fraud 42 and crime.

Both brothers were unseparable, but unlike his elder, Robert married very young and had many children.

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NY Times called him unexperienced and unqualified to serve as Attorney General. RFK combined roles such as campaign director, attorney general, organizor, chief advisor of the president, and protector of his brother. He only failed on the last. JFK said about him: If I want something done, I ask him, he is the doer in this administration and his organizational gift has rarely been surpassed.

His record is spectacular, but he disregarded the real criminal. Hoover took action by other means, you know what aiming. RFK was busy at protecting civil rights as discussed before. When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the sun. He was close to breaking down but recovered. As senator, RFK cared about afro-americans, a newly coined name for negroes, and indians, and hispanic minorities.

He opposed war escalation in Vietnam. I note in passing that many US casualties in Vietnam were afro-americans. But in the game of who? Last campaign of Robert Kennedy. Johnson got low support in a New Hampshire primary for the election. JFK declared his candidacy on march 16, I dont oppose a man but a policy, said he. Johnson dropped out the race, he knew only too well that he could not defeat a Kennedy, the same as Nixon. On may 7, RFK won the primary election of Indiana, lost in Oregon on may 28, and was due to win in California but the unexpected happened.

On june 5, , at the ballroom of Ambassador Hotel, he went to the kitchen after some hand pushed him into this direction. As you know, kitchen is normally the exit in any house, especially if you leave as smoke. There waited Sirhan Sirhan and A simple coincidence. The last one was born after his assassination. His biographer, Schlesinger Jr, said that he could be both ruthless and diligent. He had profound catholic faith. He had rapid changes of mood, many children, no extraconjugal adventures like his brother, and a strange faith in social justice. He was also a maniac and a fetichist of white objets.

He changed several times a day his white shirt and always appeared in public in shirt unlike his brother, always in impecable blue suit. How can we put all this together? In our sleep, pain that we cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart and in despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of Gods.

The last politician that I know to quote greek literature was Julius Caesar. Unlike his brother, he was not ill, physically. No migraine, no strange symptoms, no lovers except his wife, nothing. The only strange thing: too many children. Another example of a great man with many children is the writer Thomas Mann.

Mann was bisexual but had no known love adventures except in his novels. The love of RFK was his other. He had no physical disorders, just a mental one. John Edgar Hoover was the first director of FBI in and remained its director until death in He is credited to building a large and efficient police, able to kill hundreds of american citizens without leaving any trace.

He actually ruled the US without being elected by suppressing his opponents in a rough way. It is a mistery why some FBI director can be in office so long. Nothing material, nada de inte- resante. What is the matter with you? What do you mean? A well meaning man, un hombre bien intencionado. In a great measure, erf gran parte. To meet one full in the face, enca- rarse con. Might and main, suma fuerza. A friend of mine, un amigo mio.

Ready money, dinero contante; to advance — , adelantar dinero, monkey. Step-mother, madrastra; — in- law, suegra; grand — , abuela, motion. Mouth of a river, embocadero; down in the — , cabizbajo, much. For as much as, por cuanto; — ado about nothing, ganas de quejarse; too — , demasiado. To pass muster, valer algo. To hit on the nail, dar en el clavo, name. If need be, si fuese necesario, neither. Neither the one nor the other, ni uno ni otro. The next life, la otra vida, nick.

In the nick of time, por un pelo; old — , el diablo. To-night, esta noche, no. To lead by the nose, arrastrar como por fuerza; to thrust the — into, entreme- terse. Good for nothing, para nada sir- ve; to come to — , hacer en vano, notice.

Full text of "Laird & Lee's vest-pocket standard English-Spanish, Spanish-English dictionary"

Take no notice of it, no hagas caso de ello. To set to ndbght, menospreciar, now. Now and then, de vez en cuando; just — , ahora mismo. I have no objection, no tenge inconveniente en ello. Oblige Passion oblige. To have occasion, ofrecerse, odd. Three hundred and odd pounds, tre- cientas y tantas iibras.

How far off is it? How often? Not—, rara vez. How old are you? In ordinary, en servicio actual, out. To be at the pains of, tomarse al trabajo de. The pangs of death, las ansias de la muerte. To pant for, suspirar por. To parcel out, hacer particiones, part. In particular, particularmente, pass.

To put into a passion, encolerizar. Past Pray past. To be out of patience, perder la paciencia. I have not a penny, no teng-o un cuarto. To perish with hung-er, perecer de hambre. To g-et in a pet, atufarse, phrase. As the phrase goes, como suelen decir.

A piece of wit, una ag-udeza; a — , cada uno. He finds himself in a pinch, se halla en un apuro; on a — , cuando fuere menester. The pith of life, lo mejor de la vida, pity. In the first place, en primer lugar, plain. Do as you please, haga Vd. What is your pleasure, madam?

Poached eggs, huevos embarcados, point. Poor thing! To take pot-luck, hacer peniten- cia. Pray, what is your name? Redeem Prayer U4 prayer. Pretty well, medianamente ; — near, bastante cerca. To puff with pride, llenarse de vani- dad. To pull a sound, arrancar; to — to pieces, hacer pedazos. To pick a quarrel, armar penden- cia. From all quarters, de todas par- tes. To put to the rack, dar tormento, raise. A rallying word, voz de batalla, random.

Raw silk, seda en rama, ready. Ready money, dinero, contante; — payment, paga pronta; to make — , prepa- rar. Dead reckoning, rumbo esti- mado. Past recovery, no tiene remedio, redeem. Regard Scum regard. A cunning rogue ; un picaro tai- mado. To roll in money, nadar en riquezas; French — , panecillo. To root up, or out, arrancar de raiz. Rough diamond, diamanteen bruto, round.

My head turns round, se me va la cabeza; all the year — , todo el ano; to go — , andar al rededor. It is not worth a rush, no vale un bledo. Safe and sound, sano y salvo, sail. Sallies of wit, agudezas, save. God save the king, viva el Rey. Money is scarce, el dinero anda escaso. Upon what score? The scum of the people, la canalla. Sea Since sea. The main sea, alta mar; narrow — estrecho de mar; heavy — , oleada; high- swelling-—, mar de leva; half-seas over, medio borracho. Country-seat, casa de campo, second. A man of sense, hombre de juicio, serious.

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Are you serious? Habla Vd. A — business, asunto de gravedad, service. To settle disputes, zanjar las dispu- tas; to — accounts, ajustar cuentas, shake. To shake for fear, temblar de miedo; to — with laughter, caerse de risa, shift. To shoot through, atraversar; to — oft', llevarse. Shouts of applause, vivas, show. To make a show of anger, aparentar enfado; to make a fine — , hacer gran papel. To shut up, cerrar completamente, sicken. The fever slakens, afloja la ca- lentura. To slide into an error, caer en error, slight. Slig-ht of hand, jueg-o de manos, slip.

Mv watch g-oes too slow, mi reloj se atrasa. To make small, achicar, smell. To sneak along-, andar cabizbajo, so. Which way soever, por donde quie- ra. This is something- like, esto si que me g-usta soon. How soon will you be back? I am sorry for it, lo siento, soul. Not a soul in the house, nadie en casa; upon my — , en mi alma, sound. Sound asleep, sueno profundo, spare. Spare hours, horas de recreo; — money, dinero que dar; — of speech, escaso de palabras. To be in g-ood spirits, estar alegre; to have a high — , ser altivo, split. To split with laughing, reventar de risa. Spoiled child, nino mimado, spot.

On the spot, incontinente, spread. Spring-lock, cerradura de golpe, square. To put all at stake, aventurarlo todo. Stark Tea stark. Stark naked, completamente des- nudo. To fie in state, estar de cuerpo pre- sente. Main-stay, estay mayor; to — away, estar ausente. To steal away from, quitar del medio, stiff. Stiff gale, viento fuerte, stir. To stir the fire, atizar la lumbre, stone. To leave no stone unturned, no dejar piedra por mover, stop. A house three stories high, casa de tres pisos. Do not strain yourself, no se canse Vd.

In the stream, en franquicia, stress. Stretched in bed, tendido en la cama. Stroke of wit, chiste; on the — of eight, al dar las ocho. This garment does not suit me, no me sienta esta prenda, sum. To sum up, en suma, sure. To be sure, seguramente, sway. To turn the sway of battle, cambiar la suerte de una batalla, sweets. The sweets of fife, las delicias de la vida. Turn Tell tell. To be on tenter-hooks, verse entre la espada y la pared, terms. Upon what terms? To put to the test, poner a prueba; to stand the — , ser de prueba, then.

Now and then, de cuando en cuando; and what —? To go through thick and thin, atro- pellar por todo. To grow thin, enflaquecer, thrill. To thrill with pleasure, temblar de gusto. To cut the throat, degollar, through. It thunders, truena, thus. The tide ebbs, la marea mengua; the — flows, la marea crece; full- — , plenamar, time. Uet us go together, vamos jun- tos; six weeks — , seis semanas seguidas, tongue. A fortified town, una plaza fuerte; a trading — , ciudad mercantil, trade. Que oficio tiene? Trodden path, camino trillado, trespass. To trifle with one, burlarse de uno.

Do not trouble yourself, no se moleste Vd. Ear trumpet, trompetilla, trust. To give on trust, dar fiado, try. We shall try it out, veremos en que para. Things have taken a different turn las cosas han tomado otro semblante. Under Year Under. To come to an under- standing-, convenirse. Ups and downs, altibajos. To do your utmost, haga Vd. To labor in vain, trabajar en balde, vent.

To be vexed, picarse, view. To wag- the tail, colear; to play the — , andarse en chanzas, warning:. To g-ive warning, prevenir, watch. To be upon the watch, estar en quien vive. To swim under water, nadar entre dos aguas. To make way, atraversar; make —! To wear well, durar largo tiempo, well. Well and good, enhorabuena, while. Between whiles , de cuando en cuando. Wide open, abierto de par en par. To wink at a thing, hacerse el de- sentendido. Within there! To be hard at work, estar muy afa- nado.

Worse and worse, de mal en peor, wrap.

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She is wrapped up in herself, ella es muy presumida. Cotton yarn, hilo de torzal, year. Natural, aproximated pronunciation in English of the Spanish letters, with their respective names. A ah , pronounced as in fad , part, viz. B bai , pronounced as in block , boom , viz. C thai , before a, o and u is pronounced as in cat , cord , cushion , viz. When before e and i, it has the sound of the English th in theatre , th ck , viz. D dai , as in the English dark , debt, dim , viz. E ai , always pronounced as in bed , tele- graph , viz.

G hai , before a, o and u is pronounced the same as the English g in gave, golf, gush, viz. When before e and i, it has the aspirated sound of h in English hat, hill, viz. I ee , has the same sound as the English ee, viz. J hot-tah , has the aspired sound of the English h in hart, heap, viz.

P pai , pronounced as in English, viz. Q koo , in Spanish is always followed by u which is silent and is pro- nounced like the English k, viz. R ai-ray , pronounced as in rabbit, rare, livery , viz. RR air- has the same rolling sound as the ray , English r in rah! Never soft as in advertise. T tay , always pronounced as in the English tap, atrocity, Viz. U oo , pronounced as the oo in English tool, roof, viz. W doh- like k, it does not belong to the blai-vai , Spanish language, but it is re- tained in imported words, pre- serving its own sound, viz.

Exception to this rule: y, at the end of a word, in which case it is pronounced as ee, viz. The following rules should be always remembered : 1. In w r ords of two or more syllables end- ing with a vowel the stress is on the syllable before last, viz. In words ending with a consonant the stress Is on the last syllable, viz. In words where a vowel is marked with an accent ' the above rules are set aside and the inflection laid on the vowel so accented, viz. Some words change their meaning by as- suming an accent or by shifting the accent, t viz.

The following rules should be remembered in forming the plural, viz. Words ending with a vowel form their plural by adding an s, viz. Words ending with a consonant form their plural by adding es, viz. Exceptions — Words ending in s where the inflection or accent is not on the last syl- lable, do not change at all in their plural, viz.

Words ending in z change this letter into c and add es for their plural, viz. The gender of a word is known by its termination, as following: 1. Nouns ending in o are masculine, with the exception of mano hand which is fem- inine. Nouns ending in a, cion and tion, tad and dad, are feminine. Note — A few nouns in a are masculine, viz.

These three genders are manifested by the articles: el mas. These three articles are equivalent tc the English the. Abedul abarcador ah-bar-cah. Abra Acaecedero. Chief cities: Lima capital , ,; Callao chief port , 35,; Orequipa, 35,; Cuzco, 22, Principal exports: sugar, silver and silver pres, cotton, wool. Peruvian minister at Washington. Money unit: silver. Ciudades principales : Lima ca- pital , , ; Callao puerto principal , 35, ; Arequipa, 35,; Cuzco, 22, Ministro americano en Lima. Ministro peruana en Washington. Principal cities: La Paz 40,, Cochambamba.

Immense mineral and timber resources. Large producers of coffee, salpetre, nitrate, etc. Minister of Bolivia at Wash- ington. Bolivian consul at Boston. Ciudades prin- cipales: La Paz Inmensas rique- zas minerales y forestales. Ministro americano en Sucre. Ministro boliviano en Washington. Airullador Asema jar i. Puerto Rico. Situated be- ' tween lat. Lengthy 95 miles, width, 35 miles. Area, 3, sq. Population, in , about , The island is very mountainous. The principal range of mountains extends from the Capes of San 1 Juan, in the N. The highest peaks are El Yunque, 5, feet, and La Torre- cilla, 3, feet.

Of the sixty rivers we may enumerate Loiza. Lignite is fc and at Utuado and Moca, and also yellow amber. A large variety of marbles, lime- stones and other building stones are deposited on the island, but these resources are very undevel- oped. There are saltworks at Guaniea and Sali- nas on the south coast, and at Cape Rojo on the west. The climate is more wholesome than is usual in the tropical zone, owing to the mountainous character of the land and the continuous breezes from the East.

San Juan, the capital, is situated on a small island on the north coast. Other important cities are Bayampn. Situada entre lat. Area, 3, millas cuadradas.

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De los sesenta rios, mencionaremos el Loiza, La Plata. Otras ciudades importantes son Bayamon, Los puertos prin- cipales son, San Juan, Ponce. C cabal ca-bahl , just, exact. Caballico Cadente caballico ca-bah- i.