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Habermas signed appeal to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for the release of Dr. Discussion on the book "Das Amt und die Vergangenheit. English: A Postsecular World Society? Revised version in Carl Friedrich Gethmann ed. Conference on "Auslaufmodell Demokratie? Quelle mondialisation pour demain? Kleine politische Schriften XI , p. The Faltering Project Also in Zur Verfassung Europas Lecture on "The Resurgence of Religion.

Also in F.

Demokratie in der europäischen Krise

Online: www. Also Politiken , June 21, Frankfurter Hefte , March , pp. Lecture on "The Post-Secular Society. What Does it Mean? Lecture on "Revitalisierung der Weltreligionen. Lecture on Post-secular Society, Rome, September 13, Statement Protesting the Detention of Dr. Also in Habermas - Ach Europa Also "How to save the quality press?

Legitimation in Der Demokratietheorie Von Jurgen Habermas (German, Paperback)

Parts of the text are reprinted in Habermas - Philosophische Texte vol. Also in Habermas - Philosophische Texte vol.

Polity Press, Reprinted in Jostein Gripsrup et. Geburtstag", Kritische Justiz vol. Also in Habermas — Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion Seminar on "Political Liberalism, models of democracy, and visions of a new world order". And seminar on "Naturalism". Langthaler and H.

Jürgen Habermas

Nagl-Docekal Eds. Schmidt, Lotz University, Poland, April 19, Also in Habermas - Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion Kleine politische Schriften X Suhrkamp Verlag, Philosophische Grenzfragen der Neurobiologie Akademie Verlag, Habermas received the Kyoto Prize , Kyoto, November 12, Does It Still Have a Chance?

  1. Jürgen Habermas: our European Hegel? | openDemocracy.
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  3. Full text of "Jurgen Habermas Legitimation Crisis".

Chancen und Grenzen Campus Verlag, , pp. Also in Habermas - Ach Europa pp. Also in Rue Descartes no. Seminar on "International Foundations of International Law". Essays for Richard J. Bernstein MIT Press, , pp. Sullivan Eds. French: "Pluralisme et morale", Esprit July Also in Habermas - Der gespaltene Westen Also in Amy L. Buzby ed.

John Rawls

Lecture at Oviedo University, Spain, October 23, Der Philosoph Theodor W. English: "Dual Layered Time", Logos vol. Reflexion und Verantwortung. Also in Daniel Levy et. Also in: Giovanna Borradori ed. Danish: "Vor fornyelse", Kritik nr. Zagury-Orly eds. Lecture on Theodor W.

Adorno in Menaggio, Italy, April , Tel Aviv University, Israel, January 15, Seminar on "Multiculturalism and Its Constitutional Limits". Universalpragmatik - Die Rekonstruktion der Vernunftpotentiale der Moderne 3.

FROM ENGLISH TO GERMAN = deliberative democracy

Gesellschafttheorie als Gesellschaftskritik 4. Die Bedeutung des Rechts in der Moderne 5. Die soziologische Perspektive auf den demokratischen Rechtsstaat 8. He is a member of the German Ethics Council. Among his books is " Partizipation. Das Prinzip der Politik " C. Beck, See links to other reviews of Axel Honneth's book here. Nach dem Bankrott.

SocioSite: Famous Sociologists - Jürgen Habermas

Ein Interview 4. German: " Die Zeit ", November 6, English: "Lessons of the Financial Crisis" in J. German: " Die Zeit ", May 20, European Council on Foreign Relations, , pp. Update: See reviews of Habermas's book here. He clears the way for thinking the transnationalisation of democracy by placing the unification process within the context of the longer-term codification and civilisation of state power.

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Tuesday, October 11, Essays on the Philosophy of T. Reasons and Recognition Essays on the Philosophy of T. Scanlon ed. Scanlon has been one of the most important contributors to moral and political philosophy in the Anglo-American world. Through both his writing and his teaching, he has played a central role in shaping the questions with which research in moral and political philosophy now grapples. Reasons and Recognition brings together fourteen new papers on an array of topics from the many areas to which Scanlon has made path-breaking contributions, each of which develops a distinctive and independent position while critically engaging with central themes from Scanlon's own work in the area.

Content [ Preview ] I. Reason, Value, and Desire 1. Christine M. Korsgaard - The Activity of Reason [pdf] 2. Samuel Scheffler - Valuing 3. Niko Kolodny - Aims as Reasons [pdf] 4. Rahul Kumar - Contractualism on the Shoal of Aggregation 7. Angela M. For the first time in its history, capitalism did not thwart fulfilment of the republican promise to include all citizens as equals before the law; it made it possible.

For the democratic constitutional state also guarantees equality before the law, in the sense that all citizens are to have an equal opportunity to exercise their rights. If we read our constitutions in this material sense, as texts about achieving social justice, then the idea of citizens prescribing laws for themselves—according to which those subject to the law should regard themselves as the ones who make the law—takes on a political dimension : that of a society which deliberately acts upon itself. In constructing the welfare state in post-war Europe, politicians of all stripes were guided by this dynamic conception of the democratic process.

Today, we are coming to an awareness that this idea has so far been realized only in the framework of the nation-state. But if the nation-state is reaching the limits of its capacities in the changed context defined by global society and the global economy, then two things stand and fall with this form of social organization: the political domestication of a capitalism unleashed on a planetary scale, and the unique example of a broad democracy that works at least reasonably well. Can this form of the democratic self-transformation of modern societies be extended beyond national borders?