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We can keep chatting here, or we can continue via my email dymondstarrillustrations gmail. May 14, PM. Amazing artwork!!!!! May 19, PM. I can offer you book cover designs for very cheap and even free at times. Davenport, Jr. A survivor of that season, who was noted for his wonderful trick house specialties, and is still actively engaged in building novelties on circus equipment, and has published an interesting book on circus life, was Will Delavoye in the "Mysterious House" act; his partner that year was Mauritious, and they did an act of unusual merit.

The Hanlon-Volters in an aerial trapeze and bar act that came to the Forepaugh show with the prestige of a London Crystal Palace engagement, where they had appeared before her Majesty, Queen Victoria. Thirteen events of Hippodrome Track races constituted Display No. The closing number was a performance in a forty foot steel cage, in which five "Forest-bred Lions and the German Boar Hound Saxon" were put through the pedestal acts, see-saw, leaps over banners and hurdles, riding on bicycle and harnessed to chariot. It was unusual to follow the Hippodrome races with a feature act to close the show; but the erection of the mammoth steel cage while the races were given, and the strong announcement, served to hold the audience in anxious anticipation, for an act which well repaid them.

The silk programme was an appropriate introduction for a circus season opening performance, that needed no apologies. Stranger than liction," the life story of the veteran showman, "Pop" Quinnett, written and published by r'Pop" after devoting some fifty-five busy years to the strenuous profession, has stirred the memory of other old circus troupers to a recollection of events coupled with Quinnett's experiences; one that reveals his superstitions, is related by Walter L.

Main; in Mr.

Quinnett was on the payroll of W alter L. Main's 25 horse wagon show; all the performers and musicians were contracted for at hotels by the agent, and on arrival of the show Mr. Main would register the names and assign the people to rooms at the conti act hotels; then hasten to the show lot to direct the erection of the show; on the morning of arrival in Reynoldsville, Pa.

Main oiled the troubled waters by telling him to go back and occupy the room assigned to Walter L. Mam and that he Main would take 13 himself. Reference to the featured aerial trapeze and bar performance of the Hanlons in the Forepaugh programme, justifies t aking the reader of these Reviews back to a 31 years earlier date when the Hanlon Brothers were appearing in "Gymnastic Feats of Equilibrium" billed as "The Juvenile Hanlons" on the programme of Nixon's Royal Equestrian Troupe.

An original programme in my possession, is authority for this list of acts by noted performers whose names were valuable additions to any circus or variety show programme through the last half of the 19th Century. Others on the same programme were equally well known stars in circus and variety performances in that period. De Bach the "Revolving Globes on Horseback. Zoyaros, Herr Charlton, Mons. Duvernie and Signor Quaglieni all did equestrian, athletic and acrobatie specialties.

Joe Pentland was billed as "Court Jester. In "Washburn's Sensation", a variety show exhibited at Robert's Opera House, with Indian dances and bow and arrow shooting as the feature; then in "Buffalo Bill" starred in "Last Scalp for Custer. The first real Wild West under canvas, to exhibit in Hartford, Conn. Carver's Rocky Mountain and Prarie Exhibition. Famous celebrieties with it were Hon.

The exhibition dates in Hartford was July 30 and 31, Incidental to the early day Wild West shows, Hartford has the distinction of enjoying circus performances as early in the history of the United States as any of its sister cities; bef ore there was any bridge spanning the Connecticut River, and only a ferry plied between the two banks, Hartford had a circus to exhibit on the water front; an issue of the Connecticut Courant in August , carried an announcement of its coming, which was headed thus: "Ricketts Equestrian Circus, August 16, 18, 20, The names of J.

Ricketts, F. Taylor, appeared in the description of thirteen events that constituted the circus performance; eleven of the thirteen events were equestrian acts, including some difficult feats of horsemanship. Tickets were on sale at Hudson and Goodwin's Printing Office and the admission was one dollar. In the fifteenth year after the Main name had been added to the list of circus organizations, Walter L. Main had advanced through several stages of wagon show ownership, had changed to railroad transportation in and opened the season of with a well equipped 22 car circus and menagerie.

After five weeks of very satisfactory business, the morning of Memorial Day—May 30, —found the show enroute to Lewistown, Pa. From the Tyrone, Pa. A train containing Walter L. Main's circus and menagerie was derailed and piled in a confused mass, five men killed outright, seven men were seriously injured, and suffered more or less injury, over half a hundred horses with other animals were killed, a few of the animals escaped to the wood, fourteen cars were demolished and twenty-five handsome wagons and most of the other equipment of the circus were destroyed.

Walter L. Main's circus exhibitedat Houtzdale Monday. The train consisted of ten flat cars, three stock cars, a combination car and three sleepers, placed in the order named. The flat cars contained the wagons, calliope, and other vehicles, with the caged animals; the combination car had a lunch compartment; sleepers were used by the show managers and members. About two o'clock Tuesday morning the loaded circus train left Houtzdale for Lewistown, where an exhibit was to have been made Decoration Day, and the train was in charge of the following crew, with the engine hauling it: Engineer W.

Suddenly there was a terrific crash and the forward cars left the track, those in the rear with their heavy freight, rapidly piling upon and around them. The engine had became detached from the train and did not leave the track. The heavy laden combination car swung around and directly across the track forming a providential barrier against which the sleepers rushed with a heavy thud and then came to a standstill, the occupants 'receiving a sudden severe jolt, but suffering no further in jury.

Not so well, however, did those unfortunates fare, who occupied the flat and stock cars. These cars, wagons, stock, wild animals and men were thrown in all directions. The scene of the wreckage is beyond adequate description. An awful silence momentarily followed the crash, then the cries of the wounded, a rush of the unrestrained animals, the crackling of timbers, and the hurry to the rescue sounded upon the clear morning air.

It required two hours laborious work to extricate Frank Train from under the heavy wagon and timbers where he lay. Brakeman William Heverly was taken from beneath the mass of debris, and three laborers were taken from the wreek dead. Besides a number of others were injured in the catastrophe, and placed in as comfortable a position as possible. The Tyrone wreek crew was early on the scene and on the work of rescue nobly aided by the circus people. The casualties were as follows: Dead William Heverly, brakeman, Tyrone. Frank Train, treasurer of the circus, Indianapolis, Ind. Barney Multaney, laborer, New York.

Eleven persons were injured. The bodies of the five dead men were brought to Tyrone and prepared for burial at the undertaking establishment of Burley and Graham, Tyrone physicians were early on the scene and furnished all possible relief to the wounded who were conveyed on a special train to the Altoona Hospital. With the exception of the engine and three sleeping cars, the loss of rolling stock and freight is almost total. Altogether 25 show wagons, chariots, buggies and other vehicles were wrecked. Sixteen cages containing the animals of the menagerie, were broken open and the imprisoned beasts were killed, maimed or escaped to the fields and woods.

Main had head of horses; and better never traveled with a circus. The mortality among these is very large, no less than fifty-two having been killed in the disaster. Among the unfortunate animals were some of the most valuable in the show. All the horses ridden by Tony Lowanda, the principal rider are dead.

The escape of wild animals from their cages created great consternation and it was in the midst of danger that the friends of the killed and wounded, went to their rescue. The big manslayer, a ferocious ape, was luckily captured and caged before he could do any damage. One elephant was injured about the hip; the elephant safely withstood the shock. The camels, dromedaries and many of the other animals escaped, but the sacred cows were killed. The most ferociously inclined of the escaped animals were the two Bengal tigers.

One of these was safely captured. The second made his way to the farm of Alfred Thomas. Here Mrs. Thomas was milking the cows, when the tiger leaped upon one of the bovines, killing it instantly and beginning to devour its quivering flesh. The terrified woman screamed for Mr. Thomas who appeared on the scene and shot the carnivorous beast Three lions escaped, one of which was shot and the other two were captured. The silver tipped panther was at large nnt. The skins of the animals being valuable, they were removed from the dead lions, tiger and panther next morning.

Most of the animals are either secured or accounted for. Not to mention the small animals reptiles and birds which have escaped to the mountains and will probably not be recaptured, there remain only three of the larger beasts at large. These are an Australian ant-eater, Australian agontis and a black tiger only three of the species in America. Local hunters are assisting in the search for these animals. The body of William Heverly, the brakeman killed in the wreek, was taken to the home of his parents and afterwards buried in Grand View.

Frank Train's body was sent to Logansport, Indiana, for interment. James Strayer's body was sent to Houtzdale for burial. Efforts were made by telegraph to reach the friends of the other two men killed, Lee and Multaney, but without response. The bodies were prepared here for burial and were interred in Tyrone cemetery at 5 o'clock yesterday evening, services conducted by Rev. The news of the big wreek had no sooner reached Tyrone Tuesday morning when streams of people poured from town to the scene of the disaster.

The roads were filled with vehicles and the morning trains were crowded. All day the spectacle was witnessed by eager throngs. The tents have been erected at the scene of the wreek and there a large share of show people are in camp awaiting the next movement of the unfortunate company. Sixty-five of the show people are boarding at the Empire House now the New Garman Hotel and though the sudden rush has taxed that hostelry to the utmost, all are being well and comfortably cared for.

Main is almost heart-broken over the dreadful affair, not so much on account of his personal loss which is very heavy, as on account of the fearful destruction to life. He has not given his own loss study, and does not furnish any estimate of its probable extent. Others near him and long associated with the show, agree that the probable loss to Mr. Colvin, the assistant manager, W. Fred Aymar, the press representative, and J.

Harrison, the correspondent of the company, is courteously answering the reporter's questions, aver that no definite plans for recouping or disbanding the circus have yet been made, and pending the inquest and its developments, the company will make 1 yrone their temporary home. Their winter quarters are at Geneva, Ohio, and it is altogether likely they will return there to reorganize and again take the road before the season is much older.

Our people express the deepest sympathy for Mr. Main and his friends. The company throughout is composed of excellent people who endure their misfortune with a commendable cheerfulness, forgetting their own plight in their sympathy for their esteemed employer and sorrow over the untimely end of their fellow travelers". The story of the wreek as quoted, was hurriedly gathered by Tyrone Journal for its first issue following the wreek and was not complete in detail as to the plans for reorganization.

Aikin, to equip cars for transportation to replace those destroyed, wagons, cages, and other equipment, and within ten days the remarkable feat of reorganization had been accomplished, and the show gave a performance at Tj'rone, then resumed its advertised route within two weeks after the wreek. The itinerary for the season was therefore laid out to include the South East, with quite a list of Florida towns to get their first view of the Geneva, Ohio, circus, and incidentally to enable the show to make a long season and record late closing.

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George W. Akin was the traffic manager, Walter Fisher was local contractor, Edwin N. John Lowlow, the famous clown, favorite in the Southern States so many years, and a native of Georgia, was engaged as star of the clown contingent and given special publicity as an added attraction to please patrons of the cotton country. Casualties of the rehearsals and opening day, were a broken leg of a draft horse, and one of the chariot horses badly injured in the races.

From opening day until Decoration Day the show exhibited in five states, viz: Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virgiania, Indiana and Michigan, with pleasant weather almost every day excepting a terrific wind and rain storm at Marion, Ind. Bucyrus, Ohio was the Decoration Day stand; cold drizzling rain with business only fair; June 4th and 5th a two day engagement at Cleveland, Ohio, gave the bank roll a healthy boost, and a handsome Shriner's pin was presented to Mr. Main by his brother members, who attended in a body.

Opties voor uitsnede

Following Cleveland, the show went East on the N. Central railroad, Erie railroad, and their branches; doing a very satisfactory business, with Conneaut, Ohio, Warsaw, Medina, Pennyan and Ithaca, New York, exceptionally good. White Hall, N. Entered Massachusetts at North Adams on July 7th. At Chelsea, Mass. At Haverhill, Mass. Entering Concord, N. Kingston, N. During the first half of September W.

Gardner made a prospecting tour of the South; returned on September 16th, spent a day with the show and left again to complete details for invasion of the south, including Florida. At Tamaqua, Pa. Princton, N.

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The show reached Norfolk, Va. Wilmington, Raleigh, Burlington, Charlotte, Salisbury, and Asheville gave convincing evidence of their appreciation for a good circus by crowds that would please any showman; Charlotte receipts exceeded the Norfolk, Va. Spartanburg was first on the list of South Carolina towns visited; the date was October 26th, weather discouraging, as both rain and hail at night prevented a prospective capacity house. Only eight stops were made in South Carolina, Greenville was the banner stand of the eight; Walhalla the last town in the state, had not had a circus in eight years, and business indicated a rest of about one generation before they would be ready for another one.

November 5t. Main as a good start for Georgia, in the town of Tocoa; but there was better business in Gainesville, Griffln, Newman and Lagrange; the average however was far below the Virginia and Carolina stands. Opelika was the first town played in Alabama; "rotten," was the unanimous decision of everybody connected with the show; Union Springs, Troy and Ozark followed, with gross receipts for the four, less than Asheville's two performances; the farmers had nothing to sell except cotton, and it was selling at four cents a pound.

Bainbridge, Thomasville and Valdosta completed the experiment in Georgia, and the ledger balance for business done in the state, necessitated purchasing a bottle of red ink. Monday, November 19th, Jacksonville, Florida, drove away the "blues" and gave capacity in the four pole big top at both performances, and a days' receipts that earned the record as banner day for the Southern cities; twelve days in Florida following Jacksonville, introduced the Walter L.

Main Circus in St. Evergreen and Greenville, Ala. From Greenville, Ala. April 15th was the opening date for and Louisville, Ky. Seven weeks of as continuous wonderful business as the most optimistic owner could even hope for, greeted Manager Main up to its Decoration Day stand at Renova, Pa. At East Liberty, Pa. Fairbault, Minn. Fargo, North Dakota, on Monday, July 15th, proved the banner day's receipts for the first thirteen weeks. Webb City, Mo. During the season, the business staff of the Main Circus included such well known circus men as W.

Franklin, who was General Agent, Ralph Peckham doing opposition. Boyd, and other special agcnts of the "old school". Ravenna, Ohio, on June 15th was perhaps the most eventful day of the season from the standpoint of business transactions; all wintering expenses had been paid, and at Ravenna Mr. Main bought what interest had been owned in the show by other parties, and again assumed full ownership and control.

The above awe inspiring announcement was one of the prominent catch lines in the advertising of Sells Brothers for their circus, during the season. In the field of competition for circus business during the seventies, eighties, and nineties, there were plenty of openings for the profession to find employment; a constant demand for new circus cars, wagons, tents and all manner of equipment; and the printing houses that specialized in circus posters had business twelve months in the year, as it required full time operation of print shops in the winter months to be ready for the numerous advance cars and box brigades that began their tours in early spring.

The modern erop of circus historians, in a well edited medley of repititions from the several volumes of the life of Barnum, the Buffalo Bill Wild West literature, and from the carefully compiled route books of the Barnum and Bailey show published by Uncle Charley Andress, when he retired from active circus work, have helpecT to eternize the famous men whose names and records of achievement in the amusement business has been given publicity for many years; but the dozens of circuses and hundreds of experienced owners, department managers, and stars of the profession who did their full quota in creating circus history during the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, are given very limited mention in the stories of today.

The reason is obvious; the data is not in history form in the public or private libraries; the custom of keeping detailed memorandums, diaries and publishing route books was not so prevalent as among our modern day troupers; men who did keep diaries, account books, photos, programmes, etc. The only reliable data available now, of most of the circuses of that period, especially the medium sized and small shows, is stored in the memory of the veteran circus men who are still enjoying life, and but few of them indulge in writing history, or exploiting their experiences to syndicate journalists.

A number of shows that are seldom ever mentioned by contributors to amusement publications, or by the magazine story writers, were in business continuously for a period of years; established reputations as reputable amusement caterers, and were popular in the sections of the country they were accustomed to exhibit on their annual tours. Butte, Montana, was long the home of Uncle Dick Sutton, and his circus and Uncle Tom's Cabin shows were known throughout the Rocky Mountain and Middle West States through a score or more of years; he died October 2nd, , on the Pacific Coast, and was carried back to Butte, which he loved so well, for his final resting place.

Mat Wixom's wagon show made its home in Bancroft, Michigan, from to Sun Brothers' Circus, although wintering in Georgia, invaded Michigan with such regularity, season af ter season, that they were considered as "Home Folks" in the small towns of the Wolverine State. Canada also had some small shows with well established routes and reputations; the Sam Cole Circus of St. Thomas, Ontario, to , and the Chas. Burch shows, also an Ontario show toured the Provinces from to In the early seventies Montgomery Queen became an outstanding contender for honors among the prominent circus owners of the United States, and continued catering to the show going public up through the late seventies and eighties; his aggressive methods of advertising and ability to battle in opposition, gave Barnum, Forepaugh, Sells Brothers, W.

Cole and lesser lights in the circus firmament food for thought when routing their respective shows. An original souvenir program issued April 20th, , shows that Montgomery Queen's Circus and Menagerie on that date closed a continuous engagement of 42 performances at the corner of Jackson Street and Montgomery Avenue, San Francisco, California. Extraordinary information is gleaned from this fifty-two year old souvenir programme; it gives Montgomery Queen, sole proprietor and director.

Emidy's British Cornet Band was prominently featured, and the official staff was as follows: Mr. Colvin, Manager; Mr. S Cole Treasurer; Mr. Peil, and Mr. Myers, General A. Xathen Austin, Equestrian Director; Mr. Sam Graham, Master of Whip;Prof. Forepaugh, Animal Superintendent; Mr. Erastus Mead, Master of Canvas. Fish given special announcement as "Europe's Favorite English Boundmg Jockey"; the 24th and 25th numbers on the programme were made the big feature acts of the entire performance, given special advertising in advance, and ring announcement detailing each act as a contest unparalleled in bareback riding by the recognized two champion bareback riders of the world.

Fish and James Robinson were the champions announced respectively as the "unapproachable and indescribable and the world vanquishing"; Fish appeared in the 24th number on the programme with Tom Miaco clowning in the ring; then came Robinson with his advertised "Infant Wonder" Master Eugene, who assisted in statuesque riding and the clowning was by Billy Burke.

Memory of these eventful engagements was revived some time ago, when one of my good "Old Timer" pais favored me with a clipping from that unique Southwestern publication that flourished some years ago as "Ka Lamity's Harpoon. When the man cried loud in silk arrayed, "Hold the horses for the grand parade! His pants, and boots, with spurs adorned, Made out his soldier's uniform.

One scarce could think as on they lead, That warrior was as dumb as steed. The elephants followed in their track, With scarlet covers on their back. Each wore a Hindoo on his head, WThose form kept sway with clumsy tread. Their ears oblivious to all sound, Their small eyes fixed upon the ground.

Their great trunks swung from side to side, Their broad flanks wrinkled with each stride. Their huge hind legs it seemed they bore, Much farther forward than their fore. The awkward camel followed near, Led by an Arab with a spear. He chewed his cud with careless zest, That well befit the Arab's dress.

The hump that rose behind the gap, Seemed model for the Arab's cap. With neck drawn in and eyes half closed And noiseless tread he forward goes, While in his silent wake there kept, A motley group that quicker stepped. Each led or ridden by a man, As far as he from native land. Next came a hundred ladies gay, In silver lace on horses gray. Their riding hats revealed their hair, That gleamed with jewels everywhere. While glistening dress disclosed a form Of beauty rare and female charm. With coquettish glance from side to side, They met admiring look with pride, Or tossed their heads disdainfully, At pointed praise or flattery.

Each lady had a consort bold, Arrayed in lace of shining gold. Their horses pranced and champed the bit, And bolt upright the rider sat, With studied poise. Then came a mile of cages strong, Whose ponderous weight was drawn along, By horses proud, whose harness shown, In autumn sun like brilliant stones. They bore the bane of savage men, Their horror, more than battle's din, But now as helpless and as weak, As broken reeds 'neath oxen's feet. The tiger walked his ceaseless trail, And lashed his huge sides with his tail, His muzzle ever sought again.

Each crack for exit from his den. He, alone, in this menagerie, Held desparate hope of liberty, Oh, Royal Beast how like the mind Of man that seeks for things divine!

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  6. How can man lead thee captive brought, And bewail the bonds that bound his thought? The king of beasts with serious mein, Surveyed the ever changing scene, At ease reclined upon the floor, His countenance bespoke his power. He was, of all in the parade, By captor's numbers undismayed.

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    That careless glance he gave to men, As giant would on pigmy bend. His condensation ne'er so small, As to regard his prison wall. The hyena grinned from out his cage, The monkey chattered mirth or rage. The parrot screamed at ot. The empty cages gently glide, With dragons painted on the side, Or other monsters such as ne'er Inhabited this earthly sphere, But unsuspecting ones presage; "They represent what's in the cage. Obama also promised an open-handed approach if harsh governments would unclench their fists.

    So far, fists remain clenched in regions around the world, including parts of Africa, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. Human rights activists say that speaking publicly about specific. Hong told former President George W. Bush, at the very least the White House spokesman would condemn it. Under the Obama administration—nothing. In a July speech in the U. House, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va. Adrian Hong—a Chinese activist imprisoned in for helping North Koreans escape the country—spoke at an April conference for dissidents at the Bush Institute in Texas.

    Back in China, Yu—the dissident writer—is concerned about his future, but determined to continue speaking out against communism and to advocate for religious freedom. A former lawmaker pleads guilty to illegally lobbying on behalf of a charity with terrorism ties—and sweeps up the Fellowship in the controversy by Emily Belz in Washington. On July 7, , Siljander pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and operating as an unregistered foreign agent. Lobbyists have to register with the Justice Department. No sentencing date will be set, according to the Justice Department, until it has completely finished investigating the case.

    But the Siljander case is not just about crime; it is also about religion. Part of how Siljander ended up lobbying for an Islamic group may have been his desire to build bridges to powerful Muslim leaders in foreign countries. In this, Siljander found common cause with the Fellowship, a shadowy Washington religious group that funds various nonprofits and builds relationships among politicians worldwide.

    That book was at the center of the case against Siljander. The Fellowship board member who oversaw the transactions, Eric Fellman, denied that the money had been funneled as a lobbying payment. According to the Justice Department, he delivered the checks made out to the various nonprofits directly to Siljander in Washington. Attorney John F. Siddig and Siljander have visited Khartoum together. Siljander has strong convictions about reaching out to Muslims—a view the Fellowship shares. The Fellowship, which sponsors the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington each year, excited controversy when the breakfast included readings from the Quran a decision Siljander himself originally opposed.

    No such c 3 appears in IRS records. In the eyes of God, as near as I could understand it, he was just another human being, with frailties and failings like the rest of us. In , at a time when the United States had broken off relations with the Islamic government, Siljander made his first of many trips to Khartoum to meet with the Sudanese head of state, accompanied by the head of the Fellowship, Doug Coe.

    In it. Both Siljander and Coe flew to Benin, surrendered their passports, and took a middle-of-thenight flight aboard an unmarked Libyan jet in order to evade prevailing sanctions against travel to Libya. In the end Qaddafi denied them an audience. Siddig is also a close friend of Ali Karti, a long-. Siddig and Siljander traveled to Khartoum together in And Karti at the same time was fingered by the Bush administration as a key player in orchestrating attacks on villages in Darfur.

    In September of that year U. Homeland Security officers detained Karti for four hours on the tarmac of Dulles International airport outside Washington after his name appeared on a suspected terrorist watch list. The suspicions stemmed from his support for janjaweed militias then attacking African tribal villages in the western Sudan region of Darfur. Experts estimate that between September and December in the conflict , died and over 2 million were displaced as Arab militias backed by Khartoum overran African villages and African militias.

    Spencer believes in global warming. Climate debate can be hazardous, but this former NASA scientist is preeminently qualified to weigh in: In Spencer and colleague John Christy pioneered a method of measuring global atmosphere temperature using satellite microwave sensors, an achievement that earned awards from NASA and the American Meteorological Society.

    Today Spencer oversees a research team for an Earth-monitoring satellite from his office at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In his spare time he writes books throwing cold water on the idea that global warming is mostly caused by people. Spencer became particularly interested in clouds when he learned about a key assumption climate modelers make when predicting future global warming: Warmer average temperatures will result in reduced cloud cover.

    What if that assumption had it backwards? By only looking at the effect temperature has on clouds, the models can overlook the effect clouds have on temperature. Research outcomes are important because battling the wrong causes of global warming—with things like taxes and research into alternative fuels—gets expensive. If, as Spencer believes, the climate responds to global warming by attempting to reverse the trend a negative feedback rather than amplify it positive feedback , it would imply that the warming of the last 30 to 50 years has been caused by mostly natural forces.

    It would also imply that future man-made global warming. Even if human activity has played a role in 20th-century warming, Spencer believes factors besides carbon dioxide emissions are leading the change. One is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, an ocean and wind system that appears to change course every 30 years or so.


    Spencer thinks it could account for 75 percent of the observed warming of the last century. First, everyone wants The mainstream model. They were building the case for man-made global warming so that certain policy. This is a belief that has no scientific basis. Yet those beliefs on the part of a research scientist can alter the direction that they go. And Spencer plans to continue propounding his unconventional global warming ideas—and research—to whoever will listen. After five placid years of marriage, he was shocked and willing to do whatever it took to keep her. We enjoyed the mundane things about life—going grocery.

    She came back a few months later. They sat down and divided their finances. Then she was gone. As New York completes the no-fault divorce revolution, both conservatives and feminists voice concerns about the effects on women, children, and the institution of marriage by Alisa Harris. As the last state to pass no-fault divorce, New York should be a good place to look to see if fault-based divorce actually prevents divorce.

    But statistics show a complicated picture. Ideologues have spun the state divorce rate to buttress a host of political causes. Pollster Nate Silver analyzed divorce rates and showed that rates were lower in states that had not passed constitutional bans on gay marriage. Others have noted that liberal states like Massachusetts have lower divorce rates than Bible Belt states like Arkansas. But Alan J. States that have low divorce rates also tend to have low marriage rates. Arkansas, for instance, has the second-highest divorce rate 5. Juries are not sympathetic to fault-finding in divorce cases, even when states divide assets based on who is at fault.

    Arizona and Louisiana allow couples to enter a covenant marriage, which is more difficult to leave. Other proposals give financial Email: aharris worldmag. Hawkins finds little momentum to make divorce law tougher—not even among conservatives and Republicans, he said. Some of the anti-divorce measures have proved inadequate. For instance, covenant marriage has shown negligible success in Arizona and Louisiana, where only a fraction of couples choose covenant marriages and most of them are at low risk for divorce anyway.

    Still, divorce laws are powerfully symbolic because they tell us what a marriage should be, said Robin Wilson, professor of law at Washington and Lee University. Taking adultery and abuse into account during a divorce tells society that marriages should be faithful and loving. And sometimes it should matter to the rest of us, too.

    Fault-based divorce also protects lower-earning spouses. In a memo opposing the bill, the NOW said no-fault divorce favors the monied spouse usually the husband over the other. She could literally change her life overnight. Kathy Rodarme says she might never have tried online dating were it not for the example of a friend. She talked me into doing it and helped me get my profile ready because I would have been way too scared to do it otherwise. Then just before the month was up a police sergeant named Rob contacted her and said her personality profile had registered a percent match with his.

    She decided to give the site one more try, and after several email exchanges and phone calls the pair discovered that not only did they live within two miles of each other, they attended the same church, though at different services. By the end of the week they agreed to meet for coffee at a nearby Starbucks.

    Seven years and two kids later, both the Rodarmes are happy to sing the praises of online dating. According to a nationally representative survey out of Stanford, one in four people who started a serious relationship in the last two years met their significant other online. The internet is now the second most popular way for couples to meet, right behind being introduced by friends. And that only counts the millions of people who have found success with online matchmaking, not the millions more who would like to.

    If, as Pat Benatar once sang, love is a battlefield, almost 40 percent of singles now include dating sites in their romantic arsenal. What has caused the explosion in online love connections? Never mind that a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that these so-called success rates are based at best on questionable statistical tweaking and at worst on nothing at all, the marketing seems to be working.

    For one thing, those who meet online tend to rush down the. It connects you on enough of the basic things— like being of the same faith, having the same values—that it at least makes the introductions worthwhile. Only 28 percent disagree. Christians, in particular, seem to find the idea of targeted, marriage-minded web dating appealing. Part of the appeal, they say, is the compatibility questionnaires that identify the spiritually like-minded.

    But is the positive buzz surrounding web-based romance based on good results or good advertising? Unmarried in his early 30s, he decided to give dating sites a try. He opened accounts at both eHarmony and Match. After dating matches from both sites, he believed he found love with a woman he met on eHarmony. Within six months, the two married. Within a year, they were divorced, even though, J says, he did everything in his power to prevent the split. The biggest problem, from his point of view, was that his wife was nothing like the person she presented online, though it took him till after the wedding to realize this.

    He believed based on the website matching them up and their early. A study conducted by sociologists at Iowa State University found that internet couples go from meeting to matrimony in less than half the time of those who meet via more traditional methods. J believes it was the promise of a scientifically approved partner that caused him to marry more quickly than he otherwise would have. Details like height, hair color, and profession that may not be a big deal to two people who meet by chance often become the basis of rejection. Kathy Rodarme admits she almost fell victim to such bias.

    It connects you on enough of the basic things—like being of the same faith, having the same values—that it at least makes the introductions worthwhile. Earlier this year, ComScore showed double-digit, year-over-year declines for Yahoo Personals and Match. Single people like Kim Bloss of Magnolia, Ark. A professor of Counselor Education at Southern. And that, say critics, is the problem with paid dating sites: They sell a product that is impossible to deliver.

    There is none to very little effectiveness in the matching process. Arkansas University, she fits to a T the profile of those who use paid dating sites—educated, white, in a high-income bracket, and a regular internet user. However, her brief trial with the website PerfectMatch. I saw a special on Oprah about online dating and took the test at PerfectMatch. When I saw my matches, it seemed like they were based more on geography than personality. Sifting through dozens of profiles and continually being drawn to the same type—men who worked with their hands—helped her discover what was really missing in her life.

    This is scarcely the modern view, where for science the unknown is merely the waiting-to-be-known. Still, the paradox of this most impressive of recent intellectual achievements is that it forcefully brings to our attention what we can never know—what preceded the birth of the universe, the origin of matter and the laws that govern it. So too for the phenomena of life.

    For the best part of 60 years, ever since the discovery in by James Watson and Francis Crick of the double helix, the elegant simplicity of that structure has seduced us. We see the genetic instructions strung out along its two intertwining strands, and we suppose that the biological complexities of life might be made knowable. From the mids onwards, the massive onslaught of modern genetics has promised to do just that, culminating in the very recent past with the ability to spell out the full sequence of genes the genome of man and mouse, chimp, worm, fly, and many others.

    But paradoxically, as we now know, the composition of those genomes has turned out to be virtually the reverse of that anticipated— with a near equivalence of a modest 20, genes across the entire range of the complexities of life all the way from the millimeter-long worm C. There is, in short, nothing in the genomes of fly and man to account for why a fly has wings, six legs, and a dot-sized brain and we should have two arms, two legs, and a mind capable of comprehending the origins of the universe.

    The genetic instructions must be there, of course, for otherwise flies, humans, and the tens of millions of species with which we share this planet would not reproduce themselves with such fidelity from generation to generation. And that obligation to be simple requires the double helix to condense within the one-dimensional sequence of chemical genes along its intertwined strands, those billionfold complexities that determine the unique three-dimensional form and attributes that so readily distinguish one form of life from another.

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    Worried about having your football viewing pleasure ruined by those World Cup vuvuzelas? Be of good cheer: Both the Big Ten and the SEC have declared themselves vuvuzela-free zones for football, and others may follow. They are also quieter: Older cheap plastic vuvuzelas emit sounds up to decibels, but new versions of the licensed ones emit just dbs.

    What did you say? Did anyone get rich on the vuvuzela craze? Not the Chinese manufacturers. They reportedly sold the molded plastic horns for an export price of 30 cents. Vuvuzelas are currently available at Amazon. Earplug manufacturers benefited, according to ESPN. Ear Plugs Online said its sales had jumped percent, and Sheppard Medical the largest ear plug supplier in Africa sold , pairs during the World Cup.

    Hollywood Tom Thomas Edison is most known for his invention of the light bulb, but he was instrumental in inventing early motion picture cameras and projectors. His Edison Manufacturing Co. Edison, Inc. The films, shot at the turn of the 20th century, feature New York street scenes, immigrant arrivals at Ellis Island, panoramas from tall buildings, bridge openings, and a few comedies, including one that shows a woman in a long dress standing over a street grate so that a gust from it blows her skirts up to her knees.

    NeighborGoods neighborgoods. The idea is simple. The website allows groups to register, so this could be a convenient way for a church or neighborhood group to organize its members to share. Why should everyone own an extension ladder? The movement has its radical elements.

    And what about baseball? Surely the vuvuzela has no place in this most traditionbound sport. The Florida Marlins offered free minivuvuzelas at one game to try to boost attendance. The crowd was bigger than usual, but some people blame the noisy vuvuzelas for messing up a line-up change in the 9th inning that cost the Marlins a victory. YouTube hopes grants will spur the making of high-quality movies for its site By alissa wilkinson.

    Movie-making—once the sole purview of big-budget film studios, or at least a couple of guys with an expensive camera—is now fully democratized, with HD-quality recording available on tiny Flip cameras and even some cell phones. Through this program, YouTube hopes to attract more professional content to its site—along with larger audiences and mainstream advertisers. Illegal file distributors still pay hefty fines when caught, but the price of piracy just declined.

    Divide conquered? Rates of laptop ownership are also rising in these populations. Lawyers fight back after police bar students from quietly praying on the Supreme Court steps By Lauren Sneed. This year, on the eve of National Prayer Day, she led 15 students and seven adults on a class trip to Washington, D.

    After taking pictures on the steps of the Oval Plaza, the group gathered to the side of the steps where Rigo led it in quiet prayer. A Supreme Court police officer told the group it had to stop. Praying in that place was against the law, he said, citing Section. The school district said Adriel could either wear a single braid tucked into the back of his shirt or roll his braids into a bun. Since , Massachusetts has recognized more than 15, same-sex marriages—but the national Defense of Marriage Act DOMA denies such couples federal benefits afforded to heterosexual couples.

    Tauro compared the same-sex marriage issue to the tumultuous debate surrounding interracial marriages more than four decades ago, drawing no distinction between the two. Implications of this decision for other states will be seen on appeal—if the federal government decides to appeal. Even though the group was praying quietly and not in a way meant to attract attention, the officer said the law applied. The group moved to the sidewalk, forcing most of the students to stand in a gutter to finish their prayer.

    The Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter to Supreme Court officials insisting that conversational level prayers be permitted on court grounds, arguing that to find otherwise would be a clear violation of the First Amendment. The Chapel of the Holy Dove, originally built of Ponderosa pine logs and other local materials and situated north of Flagstaff, Ariz.

    The former agnostic envisioned the chapel as a way station for hikers and travelers to rest and worship. It burned in but was rebuilt with volunteer labor and donations on the same stone foundation, with a wall of glass overlooking the San Francisco Peaks. Role change It will be a terrible blow to many people if it turns out that cycling great Lance Armstrong was a doper, but there could be a silver lining By mark bergin.

    But the higher the standing, the longer the fall. The all-time career hits leader was issued a lifetime ban from the game, a punishment that has barred him from entrance to the Hall of Fame and embroiled him in bitter controversy. But the six-time NBA title winner weathered the bad press and never lost his rosy public image. His reputation has never recovered. Authorities later dropped the charges, and Bryant regained much of his popularity, if not his good-guy appeal. If doping allegations against seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong prove true, what will become of the thousands of cancer patients who draw strength from his story?

    Twelve years a slave by Solomon Northup - Part 3

    He recently completed what may prove his final Tour ride and has now secured legal counsel to guide him through a forthcoming investigation. Whether guilty or innocent,. Much global good could well result if officials clear Armstrong of the charges levied by his former teammate Floyd Landis, a convicted doper himself. On the heels of two sparkling sports megastars suffering public image collapses—namely, swimmer Michael Phelps and golfer Tiger Woods—a third such scandal could awaken people to the folly of elevating athletes to angelic status. An Armstrong fall from grace would carry more weight in that regard than those of Phelps or Woods, neither of whom ever claimed moral superiority.

    For Armstrong, the moral high ground is central to his appeal, his brand, his identity. In the minds of millions of fans, Armstrong is more than great. He is good, and now intent on employing that reputation to avoid undue scrutiny. Bank shot The Dodd-Frank bill brings a massive transfer of power from the private sector to the government By Joseph Slife.

    Dodd-Frank, named for co-sponsors Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. Barney Frank, D-Mass. This financial-services reform is nothing more than a permanent bailout of Wall Street that will restrict credit, kill jobs, raise taxes, and expand government control of the private sector. Critics characterized Dodd-Frank itself as a mistake. Mike Pence, the No. Home foreclosures hit a record high in the second quarter to ,—up 38 percent over the same period last year, according to the research firm Realty Trac.

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