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I was short of breath for the first time in the whole race. I think it was because I was on the verge of tears, and still running. Throughout the whole I race I imagined what it would be like to actually get there. After all, this is one of the most storied track and field stadiums in the world, and the birthplace of Nike. At mile 12, 18 and 23 I again got emotional thinking about it. Its experiences like this that make you realize you can do anything you set your mind to. It was all mental. The first 3 or 4 miles felt great. Strangely enough, it was actually motivating.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Half-Marathon Training

Every few hundred yards people would cheer for you by name. It might have been my ego that got me started running in the first place, but the only thing that carried me from mile 4 to 26 was doing my own thing. Running when I felt like it, and walking when I had to. Everyone is going to have their own goals and are going to be going down their own path. The only way to be successful is to figure out what works for you and pursue that vigorously. I found that keeping my mind occupied was also really important to success. So I made excuses for not doing it. At mile 11 I had the opportunity to turn right for the full marathon or left for the half.

Talk about a wake up call. The next 5 miles I was pretty much completely on my own, I had to pee like none other, and it was about mile 10 the pain started to kick in. Those were the three things that mentally kept me putting one foot in front of another.

In just about anything you want to do in life, the only thing that is stopping you is yourself. If you want something bad enough, go freaking get it. It may be hard. You will go through pain to get there.

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You will have to do stuff that you may not necessarily want to. There was a girl running in front of me in the beginning of the race. The back of her shirt read the following:. Dan haha, thanks man! Benny It was around mile 10 that I started to really feel it, and then by 18 it was really bad. I had no idea why. With each mile my legs got more and more tired. They felt like lead weights. I knew if I walked it would be so hard to want to get started again. The worst part?

At mile 12, I had to run up an overpass. It was pretty steep. I moved my legs and tried to NOT focus on how tired I felt. There were a bunch of people on the top cheering as loud as they could. What I kept thinking too was that pain was temporary but quitting I would regret forever.

I finished the half marathon at and actually improved my time from the first one. I gotta say finishing my first marathon was much more emotional than I expected. I literally waged war with myself mentally and physically, and I know you experienced the same thing out there. With all that going on, I have to thank you. Thanks for the all of the support, and for giving me the balls to attempt it in the first place.

You did such a great job and kept such a great attitude, every time I saw you you had a huge smile on your face! I definitely had to read this when I saw the title in my RSS reader. I ran a marathon last year without training. I signed up for it in January and the race was mid-June Plenty of time to start running, right? Well the months went by and I never ran and then it got to be mid-May. One month to go. I should probably start running. I find it extremely boring. But I ran 8 miles just to see if I could, and found that my foot was hurting pretty bad after that.

Crap again. That 8 miles turned out to be the only bit of running I did in the year prior to my marathon. No smaller training runs, nothing. The day of the marathon came and off I ran. Miles sucked pretty bad, and I was hobbling along. I had to alternate my running hobble with my walking hobble. I ended up finishing in I was in dang good shape. So my advice to someone who wants to run a marathon without actually running would be to pick a sport and attain marathon-level fitness in that.

So maybe for cycling it would be or miles. Or for swimming it would be a few miles. For basketball maybe it would be playing for 5 hours straight. Will the training be as good as if you specifically ran? No, probably not. But at least you can spend the time doing something you enjoy and still make it through the marathon. My buddy Poul did it in with no training and he was definitely hurting.

Congrats on finishing the race! I had the same epiphany years ago when my friends and I decided to hike South Sister Mountain in Oregon. I had attempted to hike Mt. Fuji years before and utterly failed.

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It was great to literally tackle a mountain and feel like I could push myself to the limit like that. Interesting post. As someone who has never been particularly athletic, it was a big accomplishment for me and I really have fallen in love with running. I am always questioning how I might push myself and what I can do next.

This has transferred into other areas of my life because I question what other mental barriers I have created for myself in the non-physical components of my life. I recently resigned from my job to pursue other goals. I really think I got the confidence to move on from realizing what I am capable of through running. You won your race!

So cool to hear that you made it. I always feel like I accomplished someting, and that was multiplied to the nth degree with the marathon. Lou Great quote, and so true! Feels good to know I won, especially after all of the doubt I had beforehand. Sean: I hiked South Sister in July , just a few months before you! You are absolutely right about it being all mental. I am getting myself in shape for my upcoming road trip starting in August of this year.

Which would be a great training for my ultimate goal of summiting Mt Everest. There is a story that Ranulph Fiennes, the oldest man to climb Everest, failed the first 8 times he tried. His wife is a horse trainer. Just ask yourself if you can take one more step, if the answer is yes, take another step…. He successfully scaled Everest at 71 years old.

But running a marathon without proper training? You rule. Thanks so much for sharing this. You just told the truth…. Will you shave off your beard — at least here in Germany soccer player do this when they reached a big goal like championship. Hope my English is not that bad. In my opinion, a real achievement would to actually do the training! It requires months of commitment and mental focus. I finished a marathon with very little training once also.

It was rough but I finished. The best part is that now I am no longer afraid of running that far. I think our fears are always much worse than reality. After completing that marathon and knowing that I can do it with very little training, all the marathons I have finished afterwards have been much easier. The running part is still difficult :- , but the fears I imagine before the race are all completely gone.

I guess it is like than when we challenge ourselves in all areas of our lives. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Your mental stamina is inspiring.

How Hard Can It Be to run a half-marathon without any training?

I am really happy to see that you were able to make this happen. Great work Sean! Actually, I agree with Tee. Tee and Ashley Yeah, I totally agree I think that over the longer term doing the training is even more of an accomplishment than the run itself. But for me personally the mental goals I had to get past to do the marathon were a really big accomplishment. Appreciate your thoughts though as you guys bring up a good point, I certainly could have done something more impressive by finishing the training.

Danny Appreciate the thoughts, I kind of surprised myself with the stamina as well — although as pointed out by few others it would have been more had I trained.. John I could totally see how that works. Gerhard Glad you enjoyed the video! It was certainly more fun to edit than it was to star in it haha. Absolutely loved that post — funny but also motivating. As a running addictee three things sprung to mind: 1. Go on, I dare you!

Keep us posted if you do! Great blog, thank you. Before she started competing in the Illinois Marathon, Hardimon played an active role during the weekend. Among all female runners, she was th out of 1, and in her age group she was 14 th out of finishers. Joseph resident said. Unlike in and , when she followed up the first day 5-kilometer race with a half-marathon on the second day, she moved from the 5K to the 10K this year on consecutive days.

News | Shakespeare Marathon

She ran her career-best in the 5-kilometer distance and turned in a time of in the 10K, which placed her th out of the 1, overall finishers. In both of her weekend races, she achieved her pre-race goals of breaking 25 minutes in the 5K and 55 minutes in the 10K. And yet, here she is, competing in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon once again. The St. Her journey started nine years ago. The process was slow.

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The decision was easier to make than to execute. She was determined to keep going. The jaunt around the block soon expanded. Joseph 5-kilometer race. She had a good idea that her training had her on pace for her top time. He accompanied her for a few miles, starting around Mile 9. Her warmup for the half-marathon came a day earlier. Jones ran the Illinois Marathon that year, her first time running After the first year, she felt she had no choice.

I use that time to clear my head and to pray.

Saturday was the 10 th birthday for her son, Waylon. Her oldest daughter is also involved with the middle school track and field program. Sometimes, there is a family participation day. On Saturday, she was one of the Post Prom workers until midnight at the high school.

However, her competitive distance days may be numbered. Hardimon also feels a camaraderie while running. She entered two races this weekend in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. It was her second time ever running a 10K. Entering the weekend, Schluter feared that she might not be able to do both races. Schluter plans to be a part of the Illinois Marathon. Show More. Fred Kroner. With Product You Purchase Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur. Enter your Email address. Related Articles. July 3,