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Asleep In The Chapel

General Comment Geoff said on their website that the song was about being at home all alone with no power and wondering if perhaps there really was no god. He was hesitant to give up his faith altogether because he knew he could never get it back. Just before he abandoned everything, the power came back on and the clock was blinking.

He said that at this point he stopped truly believing in god but will never stop hoping that there is something in the world beyond chemical reactions and pheremones. General Comment Awesome lyrics, neither promoting or speaking out against religion, but just being able to get the point where you can question your own beliefs. General Comment this is song means to me that at a certain point. The glass that embodies ur religious beliefs are shattered.

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Life begins to make less sense when religion is not the reason for life. This is how i felt for a long time, and when i heard this song, and Before rupture and rapture, i didnt feel so alone anymore in my pain. General Comment I think this song is more about how people aren't willing to invest any real devotion in their religion.

They put blind faith in it and expect God to save them no matter what they do. Nobody takes the time to question why they believe what they do, they just take ot for granted. I think this is especially clear in the lines about the choir girls asking Lord to save us. Side note, is it supposed to be a sky with no erring, or a sky with no air in it? The CD insert doesn't say and I can't tell for sure.

General Comment their latest album is all abot war General Comment you're an idiot. Can you save us?

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Music by: Thursday. Lyrics by: Geoff Rickly. Nominate as Song of the Day.

THURSDAY lyrics : "Asleep In The Chapel"

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Wake up! Wake up in an outline And try to speak with the shattered voice of the lives we lead Have we slept too long Between the bullet holes in a stained-glass window state? When we repent We fall on the page Read, in the margins We are the symptoms of letting go of all our hope When we repent We fall on the page Read, in the margins We are the symptoms of letting go of all our hope Someday we'll be complete like modern saints Baptize our kids in gasoline And hang our doubts up in cathedrals So that they turn to faith in the colored sunlight "Red rain, Red Rain" We'll make as we're blacking out in the center lane Do you hear the church bells ringing?