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Whether they're the leaders who created the place or just collaborators willing to go along, the show is full of people willing to watch others suffer every day — and even inflict that suffering.

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Warning: Spoilers within! Nick Max Minghella Nick's not a "bad guy," and he's trapped in Gilead like a lot of people, but he's still a cog in the machine. At most, he uses his position to help June where he can. He's mostly still standing by and letting everything happen to her, though, and as far as their relationship is concerned, she's the one taking all the risks.

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Nick's a guy who went in for authoritarianism and regrets it, but that doesn't erase the mistakes he's made. And she gets to smack June while she's there. The Boat Driver Marvin Kaye When people were fleeing Gilead, this guy was willing to take them across the border in his boat. He was also willing to profit by the situation as much as possible, gouging Luke for whatever he could pay for his passage. He might not be a part of the government, but he's bad enough to take advantage of its rise.

Jezebel's Martha Elena Khan Informing for the government is a good way to take care of yourself at the expense of everyone else. Nick's Martha friend is willing to sell out the people around her -- and people like her are essential to keeping the oppressive system working. Ambassador Castillo Zabryna Guevara The Mexican ambassador who meets with the Commander isn't responsible for the way Gilead treats women, but she's obviously willing to look the other way when it comes to its policies. Even when June tells her how bad things are, she's unwilling to do much -- and if Mexico is entering into trade with Gilead for handmaids, she's not only ignoring slavery, she's about to facilitate it.

The former economist who apparently invented the idea of the Colonies seems trapped in the leadership of Gilead, a position he's in mostly because it keeps him alive. He's the kind of person who actually tries to make lives better -- and risks his life to help people like Emily -- making him more a guy trapped in a bad situation than someone fully evil.

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  7. Burke Jim Cummings The interrogator who questions June about Ofglen likes to start his discussions a certain way: with a cattle prod. A government lackey, a brutal interrogator and someone who persecutes women, Burke is an "investigator" whose clearly relishes his job and the power it gives him. Naomi Putnam Ever Carradine Mrs.

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    Putnam is the "wife" whose handmaid, Janine, actually has a baby, a somewhat rare occurrence. Like with June, Putnam is nice to her handmaid right up until the baby is born. After that, Naomi can't wait to get rid of the other women and go back to treating her and the other handmaids like property. The Doctor Kristian Brunn The gynecologist June visits early in Season 1 propositions June, making it clear he's regularly taking advantage of handmaids for sex, under the pretense of helping them avoid punishment for failing to be impregnated by their commanders.

    That makes him a guy who manages to take the extremely awful world he lives in and make it even more gross. The Judge Thomas Hauff When June's friend Ofglen is discovered for being a lesbian with another woman, this guy sentences Ofglen's lover to death and Ofglen to mutilation. Not only is he perfectly comfortable with those sentences and not even giving the women a chance to defend themselves, but it's a look into the way Gilead systematizes women as lesser people. Commander Monroe Matthew Olver Monroe might be considered a "nice" commander, but he's still a leader of the regime and must have played a part in both its coming to power and in its continuing terrible ways.

    Plus, like his wife, he's instantly ready to treat Janine like someone who's less than human. Commander Pryce Robert Curtis Brown Pryce seemed like a paranoid commander, and other than Commander Waterford, he came off as the most devout. But he was still in the car with the others in Season 1, coming up with the best way to brand the idea of all the commanders taking on concubines and making it sound biblical.

    The former wife that Emily meets in the Colonies turns out to be pretty awful. Nos avise.

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